Destinations, Karma and Ooga Chackas

I missed Random Five Friday because I was away on business so I’ll start today with some thoughts from this week.

1.  I attended a town hall meeting Thursday night. No big deal as I my job requires I do this from time to time.  I know my business and tend to over-prepare.  But it’s always daunting to walk through the doors of a place you’ve never been and feel a sea of eyes turn your way.   I met the folks who’d invited me, shook hands, passed out business cards and took a moment to steady myself.  As the meeting was called to order, the council did something I hadn’t experienced before.  Ahead of the “Pledge of Allegiance,”  the leader said an invocation.  The invocation was a prayer, and the person leading it asked for guidance and wisdom as they conducted the community’s business. He asked everyone to remember that while they’re community servants, they’re His servants first.   A steadying presence was with me and any worries I had just melted away.

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go for it!

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go for it!

2.   I was also asked to attend a Friday breakfast meeting with an influential Congressman.  Of course I said yes.  Up long before the 5:00 a.m. alarm, I couldn’t contain my excitement.  You see, we’ve met before, and we have a nice, easy rapport.   Walking into the meeting, I ran into a fellow I’ve been helping for some time now.  He and I had never met and while his circumstances are complicated, he’s pleased with the help I’ve provided and that experience changed his opinion of our company.  I beamed as he relayed that story to the Congressman.

Chance meetings?  They’re never chance and Karma is only bad if you are.

3. Driving to these new-to-me places,  I had the addresses printed out and the GPS tuned in.   But I still turned the radio down as I got closer … do you do that?  Funny.

I always do this.. you?


4.  At yesterday’s meeting, a lovely lady in charge of registering commented that she “loved my makeup.” I smiled and thanked her.  I couldn’t help but think that complimenting someone’s makeup is kinda like telling the cook she has a wonderful stove.  Well intentioned … but a bit of a misfire.   People are fascinating.

5. Youngest kid went to see the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” recently.  He’s a music lover like me and oftentimes finds the soundtrack of a movie as appealing as the show itself. I was prepping dinner when I heard a distinctive sound that took me back to 1974.   “Oooga Chacka Oooga Chacka” will do that to you.


And how was your week?  Do you believe in Karma?  Do you turn down the radio so you can “see”better, too?  Does that song make you think of dreamy B.J. Thomas?


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22 thoughts on “Destinations, Karma and Ooga Chackas

  1. Roxanne

    Yup, M, I turn down the radio like that too, or any time I feel the need to focus more than usual. My brain makes enough noise when it’s working, I don’t need background music! YES TO KARMA! Taking Connor to work this morning, we had a talk about that very subject, and I interjected some of my favorite sayings: “You reap what you sow”, “Be kind to everyone, because you don’t know their troubles….”, The Golden Rule, Karma. Not the first time we’ve had this kind of talk, but sometimes 17 yr olds need remindin’, you know?
    Have a wonderful day! Love, Rox

  2. Turning the radio down operates on the same premise of putting on my glasses so that I can hear better ! 😀

  3. Not only do I turn it down to see better but to think better too. I rarely have it loud except for a favorite song that I can belt out so it makes no sense whatsoever! The song doesn’t remind me of BJ Thomas but of fun with my friends, like driving in a car and singing it as loud as we possibly can. Oh youth! It is indeed wasted on the young! Congrats on your meeting. Doing good stuff always has it’s return. Sometimes it takes a while to notice it.

  4. Marsha

    Spot on, Marilyn! Yes, I turn down the radio to “see” better, and I agree with Candy S about the glasses/contacts for hearing! I’m also on board with Karma. I think most of us interpret it as a “revenge” thing for bad behavior, but it IS also a reward for good. 🙂

  5. Yes, B.J. Thomas! Our SIL saw that movie for the fourth time when a buddy was in town. I like the quote about waiting to be ready. Ha! Liked your simile of complimenting the cook’s stove. I still refer to Karma with the biblical concept of reaping what one sows. Sometimes I even turn the radio off (gasp!) to hear directions.

    • “We reap what we sow” – amen to that! I turned the radio down looking for a restaurant recently – on a road I travel all the time – and I still went past it 🙂 MJ

  6. I don’t know if its Karma or destiny….but it seems that people usually get what they deserve, doesn’t it?

    The funny thing about your song comment is I remember slowing down as I drove if my favorite song was on if I was getting close to running out of that particular radio stations “area” and the song would start to fade in and out. In on hills, out in valleys. ZZ Tops Sharp Dressed Man and Diesel’s Sausalito Summer night.

    • Oh boy do I remember that – slowing down to make the song “last.” The AM radio still blares in Mom’s kitchen and while she can get FM now, she doesn’t choose to 🙂

  7. I totally do #3!!! I totally believe in Karma. I’ve had many really cool things happen over the years and I like to believe it’s good Karma 😉

  8. Oh that song sends me back to age 21 when I’d go back home from school or my travels to the local night spot with a friend from home. We weren’t serious, but I could always count on him to take me out and dance into the night! We weren’t steady but always “hooked up” when I was home.

  9. If only it were all the world’s habit to ask for guidance and wisdom before taking any action, we’d live in a much better place.

    So exciting that you got to meet with that particular congressman, AND that there was another person present who wanted to sing your praises. Those are the kinds of things that make all the hard work and any frustrations so worth it.

    That song makes me think of my aunt and uncle, both of whom were quite young when my siblings and I were born. While I was growing up, they were in their late teens and early twenties and I was fascinated with their enormous collections of 45 records. They’d pass on to us kids any of the songs they’d grown tired of.

    • I loved the invocation, it steadied my heart rate and my soul 🙂 And you’re right – it was satisfying to have someone sing my praises before that particular gentleman. But it would have been just as wonderful had he not been standing there, too 🙂

      I’m the youngest of 5 so my older sisters & brothers grooved to that song and the radio was cranked up when the “Ooga Chackas” started 🙂 MJ

  10. Loved reading about the invocation. And I also tend to turn down the radio as I approach a stop sign/stoplight/accident…. Odd, isn’t it? Yes, I remember Blue Swede’s Hooked On A Feeling – AND BJ’s version before that!

    • It must be human nature to do so – everyone has responded affirmatively to that question 🙂

      I thought BJ Thomas was pretty darn cute, MJ

  11. Busy week. Sounds like fun and fascination with the unknown.

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