R5F ~ September

It’s Friday! It’s Random! Here we go 🙂

1. Buttons.  What is it with buttons now-a-days?  Between Hubbs and youngest kid they break/pop/lose more buttons than anyone I’ve ever known.  Between you and me? It’s the buttons.  They’re cheaply made.  They splinter and crack on a regular basis.  Neither one has a big belly or wears their clothes tight … I blame it on the modern-day button.   Mom kept a button jar – chock full of industrial strength buttons. Some looked like jewelry, others like they were from a uniform, but all were sturdy and long-lasting.  I need a button jar like that!

Yes some of hers were this ornate!

Yes some of hers were this ornate!

2.   Our office has become pet-friendly.  A few employees have stopped by with their puppy or dog on a day off and before/after a vet visit.  Dogs are good buffers ~ they can transform the quietest employee into the most popular one, just like that!   I will be working in my office when the tone of the office changes and voices go from professional-normal to squeaky high pet lover.  The same thing happened when an itsy-bitsy kitten visited.  Grown men in suits were reduced to mere puddles.  Pets are a great common denominator.



3.  Morning announcers say there’s only 111 days till Christmas.  I know, I thought the same thing.  Why rush my Fall?  It’s my favorite!

It won't be long before my back yard looks like this! An Emjayandthem (C) photo

It won’t be long before my back yard looks like this! An Emjayandthem (C) photo

4. Road Trips ~ I’m traveling next week so I won’t be blogging.  I’m sure I’ll have stories to share .. there’s no end to observations  and “ahas” when traveling.  But in the meantime I’m thinking ahead ~~ what comfy shoes can I build an outfit around?  All that airport walking means shoes first, cute & stylish second.  Plus I always wear shoes that require socks .. no barefoot security jaunts for me – gross!

March on!

March on!

5.  And I can’t think of September without Earth, Wind and Fire!  Groove on, peeps. 🙂

Was there a button box in your home?  If pets visited your office what would happen?  Do you wear socks for airport travel?


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19 thoughts on “R5F ~ September

  1. Button jar, yes. I have one too. No office for me! 😉 Socks, always socks, even before “security checks”!

  2. Be safe in your travels, my friend.

  3. You’ve got me thinking “Button, button who’s got the button?” now. Did you ever play that game?
    Safe travels next week. Yes, socks!

  4. Yep I have a button can. Learned that from Mom. It’s where you put all those “extra” buttons that come with clothes. I worked at a place where the owner brought her German shepherd. Love dogs but this one always was lying on the floor next to me with the most terrible gas I have ever smelled. Changed my attitude about pets at work or at least hers. You are right thought about it changing the atmosphere. At my last place (where I was head of HR and had to address things), there was a cluster of employees just outside the door. I was asked by an exec to investigate and disband the group. An employee brought in her pup with her litter. What a dose of “awwww.” After being reduced to a softy for at least 15 minutes I disbanded the group. No one was more bummed than me. I did allow an employee who picked up some baby chicks at lunchtime to keep them in my office with a heat lamp until the end of the day. I had so many visitors I had to close my door to get work done. (It was really hard from me to work without checking them out every few minutes! Nothing was happening to them on my watch!) Hope your travels are good and I never travel without socks. Yuk and double yuk and besides, airplanes are always cold.

    • So far there’s not been any iguanas or snakes, which is good. The occasional dog or kitty – that’s it. Loved your story about breaking up the group hovering around the pup & her litter — aww is right!

      Socks on a plane are as necessary as a light jacket or sweater ~ planes are almost always cold, I find 🙂 MJ

  5. I still have a button jar! (I sometimes use small ones on the cards I make.) And most of mine belonged to my mom.
    Well, since we have a kitty IN our office, we’re obviously okay with it. It makes me smile to see that 99% of the people who come in want to pet Gypsy – even the big ol’ gruff guys…
    Sorry I didn’t make R5F this week; we’d slipped away at the last minute to the beach yesterday, and I just couldn’t fight that tablet to write a post!
    Happy weekend, MJ!

    • I would love to see the big ol’ gruff guys petting and fawning over Gypsy 🙂

      I have a small button collection but Mom’s is legendary!! Hope you had a great weekend, technology & all 🙂 MJ

  6. Yes, there was a button box when I was growing up, and I have one too. 🙂 A lot of my buttons are the extras that come with shirts and sweaters, etc., but I just throw them in one big basket. There’s something homey about looking through them when I have to replace one. I’ve had one break now and then but hadn’t thought that maybe buttons aren’t what they used to be! Happy trails next week! Be safe and adventurous! ~ Sheila

    • Yeah today’s buttons are plastic so they break easily ~ and I have to dig into my small button collection to find a suitable replacement. I also find that, at least on the guy’s clothes, they aren’t sewn on very well so the thread unravels easily. When I repair them I use a polyfiber string and it’s pretty tough to break – yay!

      Thanks for the kind wishes 🙂 MJ

  7. Office = Pet Friendly. Nice!

  8. My mom had 3-pound coffee cans full of buttons. Everyone got some as an inheritance. You’re right about animals and people. Enjoy your travels, can’t wait to read of your encounters and experiences. Your backyard view is lovely in your photo. I’m not ready for fall, though. (Much less, Christmas!)

  9. My mom had a button box. Wonder where that is or if it’s even still around? The only buttons I have are the extras that seem to come along with new blouses, shirts and dress pants. They are boring, simple old buttons, not the fun, flashy kind!

    I just heard that song on the radio while driving to work and it totally got me grooving in the car! Love it!

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