Random Five Friday ~ Home again

It’s Random – It’s Friday – Let’s go!

1. Home. I’m home again. 1458 miles, 3 hotels, and 2 time zones and  it’s confirmed ~ I love to go but I love to come home even more :).

2. Sitting in the Detroit airport and bored with my smartphone I ventured into a  bookstore where this gem was discovered:

by Susan Cain

“Quiet” by Susan Cain

With an hour to spare and an hour’s flight, too, I tore through “Quiet” – and found myself nodding in agreement, bookmarking pages, and wishing I had a highlighter with me for all the “aha” quotes found within.    Like an earlier post about  lessons learned with personality types – it reinforced what I already know.   I’m a “situational extrovert” – I can chat it up with family or be on “stage” at a meeting, etc. but I cannot do so without a price. This was a lovely reminder why I crave my quiet Sundays or time in my hotel room after a full day of meetings. Ding! Ding! Ding!

3.   My travels took me to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where two of my employees live and work.  Forested and friendly – that’s how I describe the “U.P.” :).  Hours in the car gave us meandering conversations, interesting comments and laughter. Lots of laughter.  I am so fortunate to have them and told them so.

The leaves are turning up north ~ image from

The leaves are turning up north ~ image from

4.  When I woke in my Ironwood hotel, I smiled at the massive luxury coach parked out front.  Located  in central time meant I was up “with the birds” so I headed on down to the breakfast area. There I found a sea of Minnesota seniors giggling over brunch.  My Dad came to mind, and the joy he had meeting new people and hearing their stories.

“So tell me the best part of your trip so far?” I asked.  And a flood of delighted answers came my way.  I’ve never been on a “Circle Tour” but hearing about their adventures makes me think I ought to.

5.   This week saw temps in the 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s and back up to 60s again.  It’s official =  Fall is here.  I found this picture on my phone recently and it made me smile – oh how old dog he loved a nice fall walk!  And oh how I miss that sweet old soul.

Frankie-bear resting during a walk; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

Frankie-bear resting during a walk; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

So – how was your week?  Are you an introvert?  Do you love coming home as much as you like going?


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14 thoughts on “Random Five Friday ~ Home again

  1. absolutely love to come home after a trip. I haven’t taken that personality test yet, but I would suspect I am also a situational extrovert. I can rise to the challenge of facilitating a large group, love opportunities to occasionally teach, but love love love my down time/ quiet time,.,.and lucky for me I am married to another introvert. Week has been productive. thanks for asking.;-) Been re-roofing a 160 ft long cattle shed, Tomorrow we are playing host to something called “The Farm Crawl” in conjunction with our apple orchard, a 5 farm tour from 1 till 5. I will give tours/ presentations on the hour. so today I am getting organized for that gig. It’s raining this morning,…putting me in the mood for some hot chocolate. Glad you had a good trip. DM

    • What’s fascinating and reassuring about the book is the explanation of what an introvert is — it doesn’t equal shy, it equals being fine in the outside world but needing quiet/down time to think, process and restore. Some of the most intuitive leaders have been introverts ~ and I really needed to hear that. Some Sr. leaders around me are extroverts and often blurt out half-baked ideas ~ I get it now. I don’t. It’s not who I am.

      I hope your farm crawl is enjoyable for you and I know you’ll have some quiet time with coffee afterwards to reflect on observations of the day!

  2. So glad you’re home! I know the feeling: going away is exciting, but I usually can’t wait to get back home. I’m sure you still miss your sweet pup….

  3. I am definitely a situational extrovert. People think otherwise but they are wrong. They just need to ask my husband. We just spend the week on a vacation with siblings — his and mine and now I really need alone time to regenerate. Just me and the cats. A good friend told me to read that book when I came out and perhaps I will do that. Coming home is the best part even if the trip was fabulous! You have the memories and time to recoup.

    • You said it so well “Coming home is the best part even if the trip was fabulous!”

      Get the book, seriously recommended. It’s a bit “textbook” like in places but there are enough “real” stories woven in to keep it interesting. I had an “aha” nearly every chapter and I’m not quite finished it!!

      You are brave to spend a vacation week with both sides of siblings ~ wow! MJ

  4. I can relate to your introvert ways. I’m not even necessarily a situational extrovert. I have to work hard to find a comfort zone when I’m in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar people. I love a good, busy, social weekend here and there. But seven days later, I welcome a no plans, hang around the house and get stuff done kind of weekend.

    Aww, your Frankie Boy! I know how much you miss him.

    • You and me both; I now really understand why I crave my quiet Sundays with no particular place to be AND a respite in my hotel room when I’m on the road. Case in point: landed in Detroit at 6:40 Wed evening, jumped in a car and was at a business dinner by 7:30 .. by the time I finally was checked into my room it was 10:45 ~ yes I was exhausted but I stayed up till midnight just thinking and reflecting on the day’s events. Up at 5:30 the next morning for a full day of meetings …… taxing for sure but I paced myself and enjoyed it.

      We all miss Frankie here and he comes up in conversation often; thank you for understanding. MJ

  5. I went to college in the U.P. This is U.P’s time of year!

  6. I love the UP! So beautiful, the trees are amazing!

    I am the same as you regarding personality type, at least in the introvert/extrovert categories. I enjoy the company of people, but can be very content in my online world, safe in my nest. Nothing so peaceful as time spent puttering around my house and restoring myself with the simple pleasures of life! ~ Sheila

  7. Introvert here. I loved the writers conference this past 2.5 days, but I was wiped out today. I’ve always heard how beautiful the U.P. is. Love the shot of Frankie.

    • I thought of you at that writers conf and wondered if I attend it – now I know – introvert also – I’d go but be bushed afterwards.
      Yes the U.P. is beautiful but so is the rest of Michigan 🙂 And my Frankie bear … so loved & missed to this day, MJ

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