Random Five Friday ~ September’s end, just like that

It’s Friday! It’s Random! Let’s go.

1. Got a flu shot yesterday. It hurt. It still does.  The end.

2. A co-worker recently moved back from a stint out East. Great guy, experienced, kind, and funny as what.  He’s a big guy, about 6’4″ with an equally big voice. His office is next to mine and he has a tendency to land in my doorway, all Kramer-like, and startle me .. at least once a day. But I love it.  We laugh, we talk and we share stories about our lives, our families and our frustrations.  It goes kinda like this:

3. Remember last week when I bought the Honey crisp apples?  Well .. sorry to say but these were picked on the green side.  Now this is a deliciously sweet and crispy apple.  But these … weren’t sweet at all.  So I had no choice, really. It was destiny that they find their way into an Apple crisp.  My office-mates sure were happy yesterday :).

You know I brought Iced Cream, too :)

You know I brought Iced Cream, too 🙂

4. I took today off.   It’s going to be 76F and sunny, and we all know what’s coming.  Sometimes, in the face of deadlines, conference calls and project updates, you just have to go for it.

5.  Arriving home last night, I heard a dog barking. Not a bark I know.  You see, when you live in a place for a while you get to know the barks of the neighborhood There’s the yippity-yappity dog 2 doors down who we’ve have come to ignore because she’s the kind of dog who barks …to bark. Then there’s the big hearty husky with a mournful howl who always makes me a bit sad when I hear him.

But this was different.

I looked outside and saw him…. right across the street. The neighbor’s dog .. the one who is never out on his own. Never. Not in the 10 years they’ve had him. And there he was .. pacing, barking, kind-of wagging and then – wait – and there he was out in the road looking hopefully to each passing car …

“Oh no,” I thought, grabbing Frankie’s leash.

We don’t know these people well .. he’s a bit .. off.   The kids go from this house to their Mom’s house and back again. But I remembered the last name from mailbox mix ups and Googled a phone number for the grandparents who live nearby.

He barked hard at me … and when I set some water down, he promptly followed me back to my doorstep where he sat as I dialed.

“It’s o.k.” I said.  “You’ll be all right,” I said.

Thankfully the Grandma answered. (That’s the thing about older people, they still have land lines and they still answer the phone!) Quickly the daughters were dispatched from where-ever they’d been back to the old guy leaning against me. His tail wagged and tears fell,  including my own.

And once again I found myself thinking that life has a way of putting us right where we were meant to be.

The poor old boy gave me a full-body lean while we waited.  An Emjayandthem (C) photo

He trembled as he waited.  An Emjayandthem (C) photo

And how was your week?  Any “Kramers” in your world?  Do you get a flu shot? Have you made any furry friends lately?


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16 thoughts on “Random Five Friday ~ September’s end, just like that

  1. Aw……bless you for making sure the pooch found his way back to his family…. Haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, but will…soon. My son is a HUGE Seinfeld fan – I think he knows every word to every episode! Happy weekend, MJ!

    • Just so glad we were home. I asked Hubbs last night what he’d done if I hadn’t have acted. His response, “I didn’t need to do a thing. I knew the moment you saw him you were on it.” And he was right 🙂 But he would have brought him into the garage and they would have enjoyed the baseball game together!

      Love Kramer and Seinfeld – still watch the reruns – so funny 🙂

      Get that flu shot soon ~ happy weekend, MJ

  2. Tried to get a flu shot but they were out of the recommended one for over 60. Poor pooch! Must have been scary. Right after I moved here a dog showed up. She had a collar so I called the number. Turns out the guy lived one street over and she was visiting. I never saw her again so I don’t think she’s allowed to run loose. Today was a perfect day to take off! I love fall days like today.

    • I noticed a # of people getting flu shots at the pharmacy I shopped at yesterday ( I got mine at the Doc’s office ) … Glad you could reunite your furry friend with her owner! 🙂

      I love fall days like this, too ~ 75 and sunny today and I have the house to myself — ahh!!

  3. After last week of having my son home sick for the entire week, this past week was spent doing a lot of homework with him. However, when he was in school, I managed to have some quiet time- finally- to myself. As I recently turned 50, I did the big-girl responsible thing and got my first colonoscopy. Good to get it done. The other thing I did this week was to spend a day shopping with my bestie. We reserve a day a month to get together.

    Glad to hear you were able to reunite your neighbor’s dog with its owner. I can’t believe September is almost over!

    • Good for you for taking time for yourself – both medically and emotionally – that time with your friend is much needed therapy 🙂 Hope little man is feeling better now.

      I can’t believe next week is October 1 – where did summer go? MJ

  4. Everyone needs a Kramer buddy in the office. Cool that he moved back. Apple crisp with ice cream? My lips are puckering from the tartness.
    Glad you had your antennae up and were well…there and aware for your pooch neighbor.
    Good you got your flu shot…I tell my daughters what my mother told me…your #1 job is to stay well.

    • He is hilarious and I enjoy his company very much; he’s also well connected and a shrewd businessman. 🙂
      The apple crisp didn’t exist past 11:00 a.m.!
      The flu shot spot still aches a bit but I’ll get over it and yes .. I was happy to have been home for our pooch neighbor. That story could have had a much different ending and I shudder to think of it.

      Cheers! MJ

  5. It must be nice to have a Kramer in the office to shine a little light in the days!

    I’m sure your coworkers were thrilled with the apple crisp. I’m always impressed with the people who bring desserts and goodies to work. My “boys” would not be happy if I went to the effort of baking something yummy and then took it away for others to enjoy.

    Lucky for your neighbor dog that you were alert to his strange circumstances. I’m glad he trusted you and sat with you while you set things right again. And I’m sure his owners were very grateful. Nice job!

    • It’s great – and he is lots of fun although I had to ask him to start knocking so he doesn’t startle me so much – not sure if it will “take.”

      This is one dessert I can take and they don’t mind – oldest boy is my “pie guy” so if he lived here the crisp would not have left without some of it missing 🙂 I could never get out the door with brownies or cookies though.

      I’m so grateful to have been home and noticed – and that he came to me and didn’t run away. My biggest fear was that he’d be hit. The grandparents called and thanked me, as did the girls. The Dad never said a thing – not a surprise. He’s weird. Whatever 🙂


  6. That dog will never forget you and I will never forget you either for that wonderful story! You are truly a Good Samaritan.

    • I am so thankful we were home and I could do something 🙂 I shudder to think what would have happened had he been out all night, running in and out of the road like that 😦

      Thanks Doran!

  7. Oh yay, flu shot season is upon us yet again! Seems like I just had one yesterday. I’m in between jobs at the moment, so I plan on really enjoying this gorgeous fall weather by going for extra long walks an eating extra slices of homemade apple pie.

    • My arm still hurts! I get the flu every year, not sure if the shots help or not, but I figure that, as sick as I get WITH a flu shot, at least I’m alive afterwards to complain about the flu season!

      The weather has been fabulous here as well — and yes — out for a walk later today 🙂 Happy pie day!

  8. I will get a flu shot, probably this week. My brother recommended HoneyCrisp apples, too. I got some last year, but they weren’t as good as I remembered. Maybe this is a good year for them. Apple Crisp is a great Plan B, I know you made the day for your coworkers. Hope you enjoyed that warm day to the max! I’m glad you were able to reunite the dog with its family.

    • They are delicious but don’t buy them green – lesson learned from my end. On the flip side tart apples make a yummy apple crisp 🙂

      Thanks for popping in, and for all your kind thoughts, MJ

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