Two for Tuesday ~ Resemblances

So there we were Sunday, oldest boy, grands and I, out shopping for Halloween costumes.  I know Halloween is weeks away but this happened to be a weekend where 1) he had the kids and 2) I didn’t have plans – whoop!

We started out slow but smart – at a Chinese buffet – Yum! The kids love that because they can each dish up whatever they like.  Later, an elderly couple stopped by to compliment them on their “nice” restaurant manners.  Apparently the kids they’d been seated to the night before were “beasts,” per the Grandmother. Yikes, glad that wasn’t the case for us.

Care to play along?  On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

Care to play along? On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

We arrived at the store and found our way to the Halloween display.  Now if you’re going shopping with me you need to know we try everything – all the displays, the sounds, the costumes, you name it.  We weren’t in a hurry and I think that’s what the kids like the most – we “moseyed” and they had time to point, laugh and be silly.

MJ ran right past the Princesses (yay!) and declared her choice: Supergirl.  AB hand-picked a white Ninja costume with, ahem, built in muscles.  Of course he had to get the $2.00 sword and she couldn’t resist the $4.00 bejeweled mask.    They stayed in costume the rest of the day :).

An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Kids spell love “T-I-M-E” ~ An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Talking over their Halloween plans, I mentioned growing up on a farm and how we couldn’t go “trick or treating” door to door – our nearest neighbor was a 1/2 mile away.  Instead, I told them that my Mom and Aunt would load us up in the Pontiac (with the heat on high) and we’d visit 4 or 5 farms (mostly relatives) where we’d sing a song (Billy Boy) and enjoy home-made treats. By the end of the night – and 5 farm visits later – we had a pillow case and a tummy full of treats.

Most of the time we made our costumes and we recycled year after year.  As we got older Mom would break down and let us buy a costume. Remember the plastic clothing? Freezing cold and guaranteed to rip 20 minutes into the wearing.  And those masks let us all experience our first full facial sweat.  Yuck.

Their excitement was palpable and it was in watching MJ’s facial expressions that I remembered a picture of me taken around that age.

this MJ at age 3; on the back, in my Mom's handwriting is "MJ and The Look!" An Emjayandthem (C) photo

THIS MJ at age 3; on the back, in my Mom’s handwriting is “MJ and The Look!” An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Compare to the cheeks on our MJ:

MJ on her 5th birthday ... look at that excitement!  An Emjayandthem (C) photo

MJ on her 5th birthday … look at the excitement! An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Come to think of it, I’ve always loved Halloween and the excitement that came with it.  I wasn’t a fan of the scary/gory stuff (still not) but the dressing up and the planning and the treats and the rest of it?  Bring it on!

Frankie hated Halloween. image from

Frankie hated Halloween. image from

How about you?  When you were a kid, did you make your costume? Ever recycle year over year?  Do you remember a full facial sweat in a gorilla mask?  What was the best home-made treat someone made then?  Do you see family resemblances across your generations? Do tell.



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24 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday ~ Resemblances

  1. Kids look great! Though I did get a giggle from the dogs too!

    • Thank you ~ my old dog (who is in Heaven now) was not a fan of Halloween – too much commotion for him and he was NEVER going to wear a costume 🙂

  2. My mom use to make our costumes… but oh my do I remember those plasticky masks that you couldn’t breathe through… my sis and I always wanted them instead of our homemade costumes, LOL

  3. My goodness, what a striking resemblance lil’ MJ has with you!! As for Halloween costumes, ours were always homemade. My mom used whatever she had in her closet. I remember being a gypsy one year. She just wrapped me in her silk scarves, and, a skirt of course.

    • Thank you, Anka – she looks like her Daddy, who looks like me, so there you go. it’s fun to see the resemblance, though!

      Homemade for the most part, too — later on we got a few masks but we kept them and shared, year over year.

      I remember being a gypsy, too, with a Fortune Teller ball (I think I was inspired by the Gypsy fox in “Robin Hood” {Disney version}) Cheers! MJ

  4. Most our costumes were put together with odds and ends like Mom’s old dresses or bed sheets. I always felt slighted because I never was a princess but I was a flapper. My Mom sewed fringe on a sheath dress she made for me. Woo hoo! However, it was always cold and we had to wear coats so what’s the point?

    • I would have rather been a flapper although we would have frozen ~ there was often snow on Halloween night. Most of our costumes were home-made and since we went to family & friends we always were welcomed in for a cup of cocoa and a visit 🙂 Coats came off and the costumes were shown!! MJ

  5. Oh my goodness, do I ever remember those costumes, but until you mentioned it here I hadn’t thought about them being pretty much plastic–and those old photos–what a hoot! Happy Halloween to you–early as that wish may be.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  6. I didn’t celebrate Halloween too much, living in the country. But, when Marshall came along, I loved making his costumes! I think he may have had one or two of those plastic ones (Smurf was one I recall). As for treats, back in the OLD DAYS, my mom used to make homemade fudge, put it in plastic baggies (in the days before Ziplocs) and give it out for trick or treat! That’s hard to imagine now. Your little MJ bears a striking resemblance to YOU as a little girl!

    • It is always more fun with little kids around 🙂 I’ve kept a lot of my boys costumes and the Grandkids love to play in that “dress up box” now.

      You couldn’t beat homemade fudge – although ours was wrapped in waxed Paper. Everyone had a specialty – Mom made fudge, Aunt Irene made Caramel Apples (to die for) and Aunt Maxine made the popcorn Balls. Grandma was the only one who bought candies and we all got a bag full + a bag of chips AND a pop *unheard of*. Neighbors gave $.25 and another pop or candy bar. We thought we hit the mother load and counted our lucky stars to be in the country where there weren’t many visitors = that worked to our advantage 🙂

      Little MJ does look like me as a wee one – it’s pretty uncanny isn’t it? MJ

  7. Popcorn balls! They were the best, and they always were homemade, wrapped in cellophane. No, not Saran Wrap. CELLOPHANE!!! I know I had costumes, but I don’t remember a single one. How can that be? On the other hand, I remember every detail of our school parties, and the cupcakes, and the games. Oh, it was fun. No one got uptight because it was pagan, or wasn’t pagan, or because we weren’t supposed to eat candy. It was Halloween, for heaven’s sake. The whole point was to eat candy!

    • Those were the bomb, although you had to have the “right” recipe so as to not pull out fillings. My Aunt Maxine made them and she tinted them with food coloring – one year they were pink, the next year green, etc. And wrapped in waxed paper 🙂

      The School parties were the best – we played games, went around town in our costumes to collect $ for Unicef, then came back to bobbing apples, a hot dog lunch and cupcakes + a candy toss. So much fun! And yes – the whole point was to be kids and eat candy. Period.

      Thanks for weighing in … fun stuff 🙂 MJ

  8. The likeness is uncanny between you and lil’ MJ. 🙂

    Your old Halloween photo made me laugh out loud. Planet of the Apes & Snoopy. Using the same costumes year after year. Riding in a car to the nearest neighbors. With those plastic masks we had the Darth Vader breathing sound and voice BEFORE there WAS a Darth Vader!!


    • There’s certainly no denying it … nor would I! 🙂 Never having had a daughter, it’s pretty neat, have to say!

      Yep -those old costumes were gloriously hot, sharp on the edges and recycled year after year .. You are spot on with the Darth Vader breathing – too too funny!!! MJ

  9. Love the photos, so cute, both of you! I love the “kid” element of Halloween, not the horror show stuff. I love the old fashioned traditions and the stuff I remember from childhood. My little grands have their costumes too…Riley (4) is excited this year, Jack (not quite 2) is not so sure about the whole thing. But fun to watch through their eyes. They went to a pumpkin farm last weekend and the photos were priceless! ~ Sheila

  10. I remember the sweaty mask, and the cold night air. My brothers say our 9-year-old granddaughter looks just like me. She got my blonde (at that age) curly hair and everything.

    • Aww, I’ll bet she’s adorable 🙂

      I remember pushing that sweaty mask up on our heads and pulling it down just as we neared the point of hollering “TRICKERTREAT” — as soon as we could that thing was off again!

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