Day 14 – Hello Friend

Today marks 2 weeks that I’ve been off work ~ two whole weeks!  Yes I’ve worked some, I have to or what will greet me on my return will resemble an avalanche. But two weeks!  Here are a few things learned over this delicious break:

1. The power of sleep. I’ve gained a new appreciation for sleep’s ability to restore & renew.  With no schedule I’ve slept longer, deeper and better in the past 10 days then over the past 365.   I can see sleep’s gifts in my face -lines softened, bags retreated and  even my hair looks healthier.

Sleeping like a kitten in the sun!

Sleeping like a kitten in the sun!

2. The comfort of quiet.   I’ve resisted the urge to fill my days with “to-dos” and have perfected enjoying my chair, sipping coffee and reading books.  The T.V. has stayed off; the phone is silent.  Chores and tasks remain and Jimmy Cracked Corn ’cause I don’t care!

This is only half of my haul!

This is only half of my book haul!

3. Enjoying real foods when actually hungry.  Not being on a schedule means that I don’t eat lunch because it’s noon; I wait until I’m hungry and sometimes that means lunch is at 2:00 p.m. instead.  I’ve enjoyed my Nutribullet smoothies, fresh pears, clementine oranges, old-fashioned oatmeal, and Greek Yoghurt throughout the course of the day ~ and felt lighter, energized and satiated.  There’s something to this that I plan to continue.

4. Taking a break from everyone else. Other than my immediate family I’ve not seen anyone else for two whole weeks!  We have a 90th birthday party to attend on Saturday.  Three weeks ago this would have felt like one more event shoe-horned into an over-scheduled schedule ~ today I find myself looking forward to it.

5. Understanding .. or not. A work colleague expressed disbelief at my long winter’s break and dismay that I wasn’t getting on a plane to go “somewhere.” To her, time off is not time off unless you’re traveling to some exotic destination.  I frustrated myself trying to explain my stance to a person who is never going to get it and ended the conversation with this, “because I need it.”  And there it is, folks.

“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert


When was the last time you did something just for you?  What was it and what did you learn?


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25 thoughts on “Day 14 – Hello Friend

  1. Oh MJ, I understand completely! I’ve been doing this in different ways ever since the sale of the house in October…cocooning as I could and being protective and selective about my choices…lots of craziness in my life right now and sometimes it’s good to take a time out! As for staying home rather than going somewhere…well, home can be the snuggest and safest harbor if you need some personal time. Good for you that you staked out the time for yourself and enjoyed the quiet of refreshing! ~ Sheila

    • “Cocooning” is the PERFECT word for what I’ve been doing 🙂

      I am so loving staying home and doing what strikes my fancy – whoop! MJ

  2. Sounds heavenly. Glad this has been your experience.

  3. You will love retirement when it comes. I love the unstructured structure of it all. (Yes, that does make sense. I need some semblance of structure but not the crazy deadlines or “need to be” time frames.) There were times when I almost longed to be sick because there was a peace about cocooning. No worrying, just eating soup, maybe watching stupid daytime TV, taking a nap or reading a book (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!!). I find that occasionally I like to declare a “sick day” without being sick. It’s much more fun when you feel good. So glad your vacation had put happiness juice in your tank.

    • You are so right, Kate, that I will. Retirement is only about 13 years away 🙂

      I really love my job – but it can feel 24/7 at times – and taking a break is necessary. Mental Health days are also good for the soul 🙂

  4. Sounds like a wonderful two weeks. And I, too, would be looking forward to that 90th birthday party. Older folks are special — well, most of ’em! 😉

    • I agree – and this one is special. He’s quite a character, fit and charming. It hit me that, had he been around, my Dad would be 90 this year, too! WOW! MJ

  5. cooper

    My kind of break…wish i could sleep like i used to…even when there is nothing going on the next day, sleep eludes me…

    • I understand; during a period of heavy stress I had my adrenal glands checked *(naturopath). When we’re stressed, which you are, the adrenals take it the hardest. Turns out my system was all out of whack and the adrenal hormone that is normally highest in the morning was instead highest at night. No wonder I felt dead in the morning and amped up at night. I took an Adrenal supplement for about 6 months and it turned around – it’s been OK since. Visit for more info.

      Anyways – ever since, when I see the signs that I’m hitting the wall, I put the brakes on and take care of myself. For me – a time out and lots of sleep is what fixes it. I have 2 speeds – 100 mph or stop. Not good at a steady 40mph!

      Take care of yourself – seriously! MJ

  6. Why travel when one has to go back to work to rest up? 😉 Your two weeks sounds wonderful, though I know it will end all too soon.

    • Exactly! Fight the crowds and the stress of getting somewhere in winter? no thanks.

      It will end this weekend and that’s OK – I’m ready to go back at it now 🙂 MJ

  7. MJ–I’m so envious of your life right now!! What I would give to sleep even six hours per night. Or, to get through a single paragraph while buried in a book. But no, my kids insist on interrupting me every five minutes. Enjoy the break and that extra shuteye!!

  8. Oh, what a heartwarming story of personal discovery. And I absolutely love the last quote. I will be looking out for myself “as a friend” from here on in. And congratulations to you for using that time for just that. 🙂

  9. Good for you. A good night’s rest without the alarm in the morning, reading delicious reads, and really thinking about what you eat.
    I have spent a glorious several weeks away from the office, away from people, away from schedules and deadlines, too. It starts up again on Monday and now I feel more ready for each day.

  10. You’ve just gotten a two-week taste of what retirement will someday be like. Continue to carve out little segments of time for yourself until then–you can never have too much good sleep or quality alone time! (And by the way, good reading selections!)

  11. Sounds like a glorious vacation. I know people who are so busy every moment that I wonder if they truly know how to relax. To answer your question of the last thing I did for me, it was this past Saturday when I went to a 2 hour workshop at a little metaphysical shop. It was about manifesting. Chatting with the other participants afterwards was amazing. As I talked about blogging, the shop owner (who sat in on the workshop) told me that the other people there were all writers. And that conversation morphed into the owner talking about putting together a writers group. I just might be joining a writers group! And, I’m going to be doing editing work for the woman who held the workshop: so, I’ve got a (little) job! Talk about manifesting!

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  13. So glad you have had such a rejuvenating break from work. I totally get it. I’m a homebody by nature anyway, so I could easily enjoy two weeks “just” at home.

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