A wonderful part to play

It’s Sunday, the sun is shining, coffee tastes great and later, I’m going shopping.

I don’t even like shopping.

I also rarely leave the house on Sundays.

That’s how much better I feel than I did a couple of months ago.


A couple of purposeful adjustments have brought profound dividends:

1. Earlier this month, this link – 30 challenges for 30 days of growth inspired me to try some new things.   However, the things I thought I’d do, I didn’t do.  The one I did, # 14, get up 30 minutes earlier, has taken hold and now – that time – that time is m-i-n-e – all mine.

Me & my coffee, early a.m. = Smiles.

Me & my coffee, early a.m. = Smiles.

2. I’m going shopping because I lost weight – yay! And I’m tired of looking like I’m sporting Aunt Edna’s clothes.  Plus someone said that larger clothes just add pounds to your frame.  Since I lost pounds from my frame, why would I add them back on?   And I’m going for color and lots of it.

I look best in Jewel tones. Google.images. com

I look best in Jewel tones. Google.images. com

3. A survey conducted by Ohio State University reports that sticking up for yourself with a hostile boss or co-worker is actually good for you – and I can attest that this is true.  About 2 months ago a person who likes to demean and dismiss me finally got a blast of what he deserved.  This is the same individual who has left me places and behaved like a crow as long as I’ve known him.   It wasn’t easy and I was scared to death but guess what?  What I had to say was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And here’s the rub that took me years to learn – the truth shall set you free. 

So very true.

Crows not invited.

4. It’s January and, often-times, it’s grey here in the Great Lakes State.  Being so close to Lake Michigan means we can go days – even weeks -without seeing the sun.  I’ve started bringing my own sunshine to my office:

a $8.00 pick-me-up that lasts all week long.

an $8.00 pick-me-up that lasts all week long.

5. We’ve gained a new executive and my team and I will meet with him later this week – I wrote the Power Point overview 10 days ago and we are ready to rock n’ roll.   Hubbs knows me well and he gets the significance of the meeting.  He reminded me of a sign that used to hang in my cubicle years back, long before I’d ever thought of leading the Department, even though I already was.

man in charge or woman who knows whats going on

Still true.

 “Belief in yourself comes from a positive attitude that sees life as worth living and that you have a wonderful part to play in it.”  ― John Patrick Hickey

 It’s a new year – what adjustments have netted you results?


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22 thoughts on “A wonderful part to play

  1. Adjustments? Results? Haven’t a clue. This year is like a river — how it’s rushed me nearly to February I haven’t a clue. But I do love that last bit about the man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on. That’s great!

  2. Good for you!! Glad to hear of the changes that you’ve made and the positive results.
    If you’re new executive has half a brain they’ll realize what a valuable asset you are to the company

    Good luck!

  3. Love the last line! Very true. I think daughter is figuring that one out now. Fun to watch.

  4. Awesome. I had a similar problem at my job, but made the decision to be positive in spite and despite the negative people. In the end, I turned them all around towards me. My days are better and now, so are theirs. Bravo!!

    • Good for you and glad it worked. I have tried that tactic and it can work with ppl who are receptive to it. Others need a knock upside the head 😉 MJ

  5. YAY on the getting up early! I also get up well before Motor Man does, and I love that time (even though most of it is spent on the computer, catching up). When spring and warmer weather arrive, that time will be for my morning walks!

    • Yep – that’s exactly what I do, too – read, throw some laundry in, sip my coffee, peruse blogs and news … lovely and all mine! 🙂 MJ

  6. Sounds like you have made some real changes. Congrats! Enjoy your extra time and your de-stressed workplace.

    • I love my job; I have one person who wreaks havoc on my peaceful existence and I can’t get away from it so I’ve learned to manage it better. Some days I do better at it (and feel less resentful) than I do on other days. It really helped to call that person out on their Balderdash – and when he cried I thought, “Oh Puhleeze.”


  7. You don’t have to say anything past the — I’m going shopping because I’ve lost weight! Woohoo! Nothing makes a woman feel better than a thinner body draped in new duds! You’ll have to give us a fashion show of your newest ‘Acquisitions’.

    • so true, Renee! It’s been fun feeling clothes fall more loosely but Hubbs reminded me he could no longer “see” me in there .. ha! MJ

  8. Congratulations on the new and improved you, MJ! We so often put ourselves last, and then we wonder why we feel icky. I’m glad you took the time to rejuvenate. Hope you had fun shopping!

    I love the quote and I know it’s true. I’ve been working hard to keep a positive focus and as a result, I’m seeing positive change in my world.

    • I can tell you’re feeling the positive changes and enjoy reading along on your blog 🙂

      I went shopping – didn’t buy anything – but enjoyed being out and having a look. And sometimes that’s enough! MJ

  9. I used to work in auto parts. I don’t know how many men would come in and say, “I want to talk to a man.” The other gal suggested we call for the guy with the least amount of computer skill and patience. It was pretty satisfying. Changes–I’m logging my food calories daily on LoseIt! Some days I slip over the goal, but it helps keep me on track. I’m glad you get to go shopping for new clothes! I’m looking forward to a new swimsuit, but have a little more to lose.

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