Random February Friday

It’s Friday! Whoop! Time for 5 Random thoughts:

1. Why do weather people insist on telling us the “feels like” temperature?    You know what -10 feels like to me?  It feels like stay inside and stop telling me about how cold it is, that’s what it feels like.



2.  Michigan people can (usually) handle winter with a steady does of good humor.   Blowing, drifting snow, sub-artic temps, record snowfall?  We come up with stuff like this:


Ha, ha, ha!

3. Hoping to see the Grands this weekend; between the weather and their winter flu bugs and colds, our schedules haven’t worked out.  Here’s a snap from our last outing.  Silly ones, yes we are.

MJ & the Hooligans; an Emjayandthem(C) photo

MJ & the Hooligans; an Emjayandthem(C) photo

4. Saw this recently and nodded my head in agreement:

5.  It’s Friday and time for a Date Night with the Hubbs!!   Although it would be fun to get out, it’s still bitterly cold and neither of us wants to deal with that so tonight will likely look something like this:

beer & pizza


And how was your week?   Are you sick of winter yet?  Any fun plans for tonight or the weekend?  Do you silently mouth “what the?” on a regular basis?


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25 thoughts on “Random February Friday

  1. I would prefer not to know the “feels like” temp. I would prefer to have someone present it in a cheery way like “today is a gorgeous sunny February day.” We are going out for dinner tonight with fun friends but I am on the edge about it. Restaurants are cold these days. I will be dressed like the Michelin tire man and it may take two drinks to loosen me up! The WTH cartoon is SOOOO true (and I don’t even work!) Hope you get to see your grands. We are working to set up a Skype with ours.

    • We did get to see the Grands – they came for lunch & a playdate on Saturday 🙂 MJ

      I agree with you on the restaurants — we often DON’T choose certain restaurants because of their proclivity to have fans on so the wait staff are comfortable!!

  2. Daughter has date night tonight so we’re babysitting. Rick will find the perfect movie that we’ve never seen making it a perfect movie and pizza night, too.
    Our crazy weather produced a daisy and an Indian paintbrush bloom in the yard on Valentine’s Day! In spite of the fact there was just one of each, they didn’t look lonely but quite happy, I thought.

    • Hope you had a cozy weekend with your GS – I loved your description of your two new sprouts – and how they didn’t look lonely but rather happy 🙂 MJ

  3. Oh, I love the flip flop ice skate! So original! Yes, I’m tired of the snow…our temp was 6 this morning with below zero wind chills, and we are NOT accustomed to that!
    Looking forward to dinner with my guys tonight, then watching the race on tv with hubby.
    Have a great weekend – hope you get to see the grands!

    • I thought of you when I saw that flip flop skate, Dianna!! Hope you had a great weekend; we had fun with the Grands, lunch on Sat + play-doh, barbies & such afterwards. big doings 🙂 MJ

  4. At a certain point I quit caring what the temperature is, give up and start wearing long johns under everything. I look for the positives of bitterly cold weather like: #1…its been MONTHS since I’ve gotten a bug bite. #2…its kinda nice to see polar bears going through my trashcan. Kinda. #3…Crime goes way down when its too cold to be ornery. #4…I love seeing the twinkle in an old-timers eyes when I offer them a quarter to touch the pump-handle with their tongue.

    Beers to you and yours…

  5. My week has been exceptionally challenging until today (breathe a sigh of relief). Our weather north of Seattle has been so mild the daffodils are popping up. It’s crazy weird. It seems like I should be getting outside picking up downed branches and getting ready to mow (and start gardening), but I keep thinking the temps are going to drop and it will snow any day now. Just too weird. Even went for a bike ride a few weeks ago.

    • I hope this week is better for you!
      My family on Vancouver Island are having record warming temps also – and they’re worried that the trees are popping too soon — hoping no ice comes next!! MJ

  6. Once in a while something still slips out, and it worse than “what the”… tomorrow we are headed to check out an antique secretary desk I found on Craigslist for $130…genuine oak…then tomorrow night we are having a young couple over for a home made pizza party and catching up on each others lives. He used to work for me for a couple of years then started a new job in December. looking forward to that… Honestly, I love the winter weather. all of it. about the only time I used to not like it was when I was working for someone else and I had to go to work when it was below 10 degrees and windy. Now that I’m self employed, I stay home and make home made pretzels 🙂

    • Hope you post pics of the antique desk – if you bought it, that is. Those old secretaries usually have very good “bones!”
      And I hope you had a great visit with your friends – those are some good times right there.
      I don’t mind winter, either, I mind all the fussin,


      • We did get it. (the desk) what an awesome find. Dinner was also fun…they are young enough to be our kids, it was a relaxing, evening. thanks for asking. Maybe I can incorporate that desk find into a blog post? 😉 DM

      • you should 🙂 MJ

  7. Smiling on #4. That’s me!

  8. Love your take on all of this! Yes, I agree about the “feels like!” You are too funny! I love the image of the flip flop. When I lived in Michigan I got the distinct impression that people there viewed the weather as a challenge and wouldn’t let a little thing like snow or freezing temps keep them from doing whatever was scheduled! I think I recall my kids had one snow day in three years of school there…takes a lot to slow that state down! Happy Sunday! ~ Sheila

    • I agree — most are pretty hearty and take it in stride. Some are starting to get cranky – I understand why. Parents are challenged this year b/c there’s been more snow days than normal and often NOT on the worst driving days – huh? Sometimes I just shake my head 🙂 MJ

  9. Yep! At this point in the winter, we can only boast about our ability to cope with the extreme weather Mother Nature brings to us. You just do what you can and pray for spring!

    Sorry to hear that your time with the grands has been limited lately. I hope everyone feels healthy soon and schedules allow you to enjoy them again.

    Yes, I frequently think to myself “What the hell,” or some variation of it! 🙂

    • I just saw a TV clip about some Minnesota golfers playing on the ice — and I had to smile and think of you, Terri – and that great MN “can do” spirit 🙂

      We had a nice visit with the Grands on Saturday — home-made soup with their choice of grilled ham & cheese (or just cheese) OR pizza. They love “putting in their order.” Then we played for about 3 hours before it was time for them to go — then Hubbs and I went out with our friends and had a good time there, too – whoop!

      Happy Tuesday, MJ

  10. The “feels like” doesn’t bother me. For me, it’s good to know regarding whether I want to put horses out or hold off till it wind dies down or warms up. (No wind break natural or man made where I’m at right now).
    I agree with Kate above regarding the presenting it in a cheery way. It’s not the end of the world. I wish they wouldn’t make it out to be so stinkin awful. Dress for it darn it! 😉 Put more the heck on! Have you seen what some people are wearing as they cuss the cold/ Winter?! Oh my. Anyway, No. No, I’m not ready for it to end. Well, that’s not true, I don’t care one way or the other. I’ve got a frozen outdoor automatic waterer that’s about froze solid and guess what? You’re right….Not mad or have our panties in a bunch! 😉 We’ll get it fixed this afternoon and move on. Besides, the sun is shinning today! 🎉❄️ Be happy. Be well! Peace.

    • I agree — look outside, see the ice hanging or the flag blowing sideways? Grab a scarf, layer up, warm your car up and GET OVER IT. 🙂 No panties in a bunch here – ha ha – that was funny,

      The good thing about cold temps is that usually means MORE sunshine =- whoo! MJ

  11. I’m definitely over winter. Thank you for asking. 😉

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