Random 5 Friday – at last

It’s Friday! Time for 5 random thoughts from the mystical, magical mind of MJ.   Or something like that…

1. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!!   Just finished a LONG couple of days in meetings with our new corporate Exec.  The sessions were intense with questions,  charts, maps, background info, and a data dump.  Holy cow, even I am sick of those charts and numbers BUT I am also energized because both my team and I knocked it out of the park.  Nothing feels as good as 1) knowing what you know 2) knowing what you don’t and 3) being able to let someone else lead, too.    Never met the man before but he’s sharp, shrewd, ethical and fair.  That’s the kind of Leader I can get behind!

Lots of "take aways" but it's all good - whoop!

Lots of “take aways” but it’s all good – whoop!

2.  The morning of the first day’s meetings I was getting the last of my things packed and decided to groom my eyebrows.  You know, ’cause that’s what you should do when you’re nervous: wield something sharp.   Now, as I’ve gotten older, eyebrows have started growing weirdly and nobody wants some Andy Rooney’s looking back at them in a meeting.   Well you can just imagine what happened: yes, I lopped off the corner of one.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good, either.  I did the only thing I could think of: set it down and laughed out loud.  Thank goodness for eyebrow pencils and make up tricks learned in the drama club.  Hubbs about died laughing at that story last night and I do telling it.   🙂

3.  Right after that moment I read this quote and felt myself relax.  I gave that girl a few pats on the back for all of her hard work to-date, told her to rock n’ roll and then off I went.

Try it .. it works.

Try it .. it works.

4.  At dinner the first night, our new leader asked each of us about ourselves so he could get to know us better:  favorite movie, music, our background, how did we get to the company we work for, do we have a family, etc.   Everyone took their turns and the information shared was both revealing and interesting, making for great conversation, laughs and side conversations. I watched him artfully do this and thought, “nice work.”  In all the years I’ve worked at this company no one in leadership – not one – had ever done this.   Around the table we went – and when we all finished I realized no one had asked him.  So I did.  And as his eyes met mine and he began to talk about his career, family and interests I took my very first lesson.  Nice.

how people feel

5.  My regularl readers know I’m more of a reader than a movie watcher but when asked to share a movie I turned to the table and said, “Shrek because who doesn’t love Donkey?”  The table roared, he got a glimpse into my personality, and it was all good.

How about you? How was your week?  Ever had a grooming mishap?  If asked these questions, what would you share?  What Shrek character is your favorite?

Happy Friday, peeps!




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9 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday – at last

  1. Re: #4. I like this very much. Definite sign of leadership. I won’t put “good” in front of leadership; it is or it isn’t. Sounds like you’re in a great environment.

  2. A great week for you! My mishaps usually are around my hair. I always think I can make them better with a snip here or there usually the bangs. Yikes! I have learned how to trim them properly so I don’t look like a 6 year old with a bowl cut. As for eyebrows, I keep wondering why mine have migrated to my chin!

  3. I always love reading your R5F posts, love reading what you’ve learned, what you’ve shared, what you take away from all of your experiences.
    The “talk to yourself” quote is great, and I’m going to remember it!
    Have a great weekend, MJ!

    • It was a very productive week and I feel really good about where I stand and how my team sits, too – we’re ready to rock & roll – whoop! MJ

  4. All around my blog circles, I’m finding that my friends have all had similar work weeks – intense but satisfying. Your experiences this week are the kind of thing that I too find very motivating. Kudos to you and your team for knocking it out of the park. And congratulations on the addition of a new leader who seems so likely to take you in the right direction.

    We lost a bid for a BIG government contract this week, one that we all REALLY wanted. When it wasn’t awarded to us and instead was announced that the business would remain with the existing vendor, we were all a bit saddened … and not entirely surprised. Seems the government was just doing their due diligence in vetting out other possible vendors, but the easiest thing is not to change a thing. Eight months of work went into that bid, mainly by a management team, with the trickle down effect being that the rest of us picked up their slack in the daily business. On top of that, there was a “fire” that had to be put out this week, making for an exhausting week. But as I worked with a team of people yesterday on the solution to the fire, knowing we were all frustrated and tired, I was energized to realize that together we can find the seeds of opportunity in failures and crises.

    I am grateful everyday to be able to do work that fulfills me, with good people as a support system, even when things are difficult.

    Grooming mishaps? When I used to wear bangs, I would often trim them between visits to the stylist. More than once, I took off more than I should have!

    I’ll skip answering your new leader’s questions. This comment is too long already! 😉

    As for Shrek – my favorite is Shrek! Mike Myers does such a great job with the voice that I forget it’s Mike Myers behind the character.

    • We’re all happy & relieved that the week is over and that we were well prepared and performed well. I knew we would, but it’s gratifying to see my team’s big smiles during and after :).

      Isn’t it amazing all that you learn through a big project like that — working together over 8 months you experience a lot – and when that kind of a project is over there’s a bit of a “let down” feeling. I think it’s important to take a little time to relax and recover before the next big one hits! Hope you can do that 🙂

      Shrek! Love Shrek, Donkey, all of them – they just crack me up 🙂 Cheers!! MJ

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