Random 5 and my apologies

It’s Friday! It’s time for 5 Random things from my corner of the world!

1.  Over the past year I’ve had more “Random 5” posts than any others.  Thanks for hanging with me.   On a totally random note, this made me laugh and adopt it:

Empowering isn't it?

Empowering isn’t it?

2.  Yesterday I conducted employee reviews.  In HR training a while back, we were asked how to prepare for such activities.  My response? “I think about what I don’t want: I don’t want a drive-by, I don’t want generalities, and I don’t want my review to be all about him and nothing about me.” BAM – there it is.

And so yesterday, my team and I, had hearty, healthy discussions, wherein I expressed my appreciation at their career growth, devotion to their roles, and multitude of accomplishments. Yes I had examples to point to, and, in every case, their reviews were several pages long.  I figure it’s my job to tell the story ~ they may not always report to me so it’s good to create a stand-alone document that highlights their talents and efforts.  And then we talked “turkey,” as in money.  Because, as my Mom would said, “this isn’t charity work.” 🙂

So. Very. True.

Yes – I’ve learned more from the bad than the good.

3. Reading this last night, I couldn’t help but feel encouraged:

Mom would call these "Life Lessons"

Otherwise known as “Life Lessons”

4.  Monday is oldest boy’s 29th birthday.   Tomorrow we’ll all gather as a family – me, youngest boy, Hubbs, oldest boy + his girlfriend and the wee ones.  We’ll meet at a favorite Mexican restaurant, have a million conversations going, enjoy chips & salsa, laughs and camaraderie.  I’ve got a gift for him and something special for the grands because that’s what I do. And the girlfriend?  Well we’ve met her, she’s sweet, cute and smart.  What do I like most? How she looks at him, my first true love.  

His 5th birthday; I met Mr. Hubbs a month later. Our fates were forever changed.  And Emjayandthem (C) photo

His 5th birthday; I met Mr. Hubbs a month later. Our fates were forever changed. And Emjayandthem (C) photo

5. And, on a final note, this clip from my homeland ~ I grew up a pony-riding farm girl on the plains of Saskatchewan, drinking Vi-Co, wearing a bunny hug and racing on the grids.  Watch this fun clip of some “down-easters” trying to decipher my province’s slang.    I got every reference but it’s helpful there’s a transcriber for you.  And now, I’m jonesing for a fried gelacki!

Happy Friday!    What lesson did your worst boss teach you?  What can you do with confidence because of life’s experiences?  Does your heart tug, too, when you meet a child’s new someone special? Any locational vernacular you’d like to share?




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19 thoughts on “Random 5 and my apologies

  1. lol… Newfies aren’t that different than Saskatchwanees! hehe.. nice! had a nice laugh! : ) Cheers!

  2. My worst boss taught me to be “on my game every single day, every single minute” BUT it cost me peace of mind while I decompressed at home. After she left, I thought twice about what I would give up for family.
    We’re doing Mexican food too, this Sunday for Mom’s 89th. Every family should have their favorite Mexican restaurant. Enjoy your son’s birthday celebration as he rounds out his 20’s.

    • I liked how you summarized what she taught you vs. how you also handled it thereafter – well done!
      Have fun today at your Mom’s celebration – it’s hard to beat some really yummy Mexican food. All that cheese yum!! 🙂 MJ

  3. The random 5’s are addictive. Quick, easy and good reading — never boring. Thank you for introducing me to them. Recently my step-daughter who lives cross country divorced her husband and moved in with a boyfriend. I’m sure he’s nice but I am having loyalty issues because I really liked Mr. former husband. I’ll get over it because that’s what I do. Sure wish my grands lived closer so we could enjoy simple events. When they visit it’s a week of intensity and after they leave, I collapse. Gotta take what life gives you.

    • I didn’t realize I had introduced you to the R5 ~ I love yours 🙂

      The change you describe, with your step-daughter, can be hard to adjust to – I get it. And even though our grands are close by we still collapse after a visit, too – they’re great kids but lots of questions and energy. Happy Healing, Kate! MJ

  4. I love your Randoms MJ! My best and worst boss (all in the same fella) inspired me to try new things without clear direction. He said, “You can do it.” And I did. The greatest result was a new self confidence. The worst result was a nervous rash. After work he and his family became long-term friends. He died recently, and that was an enormous loss. He had a profound influence on my life. BTW, my oldest grand is going into HR starting grad school!

    • It’s really interesting that the best and worst were the same person! Wow!! I’m glad to know that you became long-time friends later on. That’s wonderful. And I’m sorry he is gone now.

      Good luck to your HR-bound grandchild 🙂 MJ

  5. Honey, I’m southern! Right there is enough vernacular to keep you laughing all weekend. It’s also my excuse for everything, my reason for everything, and my pride. Not losing my accent, especially on purpose, even if it drives a few other people I won’t name – well mostly just one other person – nuts! I bet your accent is lovely, MJ, no matter what you are talking about.

    • I would just love to hear your accent, Renee. I love, love, love a Southern woman’s accent — like butter on a biscuit 🙂 MJ

  6. I wondered who started calling flip-flops “thongs.” I enjoy random posts, it’s a good, quick way to sum up a week. Happy birthday to your son!

    • I don’t know, either, but **true story** one time, at the airport, my sister whipped out her new “thongs” to show me (flip flops). Hubbs turned purple and raced to get the car!! 🙂 MJ

  7. First off, thanks for teaching me what a bunny hug is. I finally got it. My worst boss taught me that there are many things more important than money; like treating people with dignity and kindness and not being sexist and racist. Growing up in New England, we’d get beer from the local packie (package store). And a favorite sweet treat is a whoopie pie. If we wanted a Coke we’d ask for a soda or a tonic. A favorite vacation spot is the dunes at the Cape (sand dunes on Cape Cod, in MA). And if something was especially good, it was wicked good. Here in WA, all of the Seahawk’s fans are known as 12’s or the Twelfth Man (on the field). And people around here like to eat geoducks (pronounced gooey duck)- a big clam.

    • Oh I loved your response so much — what your worst boss taught you – AMEN said the choir! And some of your local slang from New England. Living in CT for a while I remember ordering a soda. In Texas everything was a Coke – even if it wasn’t – and out here in the Midwest it’s Pop!

      How funny – the 12s — and geoducks -I had no idea 🙂

      Happy day to you, MJ

  8. My worst boss? Luckily there was only one. She placed little importance on family and made us feel bad for requesting time off for sick kids and funerals. She taught me that a leader without empathy will only create fear in her team and fail to motivate anyone.

    Because of life’s experiences, I can introduce myself to strangers and strike up a conversation without feeling “weird.”

    You KNOW my heart swells when my kids have someone special in their lives. We haven’t met her yet, but we’re thrilled that our oldest has a new person in his life to make him feel good.

    Love the video! Without the captions, I’d have been pretty clueless. Although, for the record, we Minnesotan’s didn’t stop calling flip-flops “thongs” until the underwear became very popular.

    • You are so smart and sensitive, Terri — I love what you learned from that worst boss — and that you can strike up a conversation with anyone 🙂

      Yes, my ❤ swells to meet a new special someone, too. 🙂

      My sister had stopped in the MSP airport and bought some new THONGS (sandals) on her way here. At the airport, as she dug through her carry-on bag, she casually mentioned she was looking for her new thongs to show me — He turned beet red and ran for the hills – ha ha haha! 🙂 MJ

  9. Hey, I like your Randoms! And lately I’ve been so random myself with reading/blogging/commenting…Randoms suit my current style perfectly!
    I totally understand what you mean about your son’s girlfriend…my son had an unhappy and brief marriage, and his wife always seems annoyed with him, even early in the marriage…this to a guy who bent over backwards for her. Of course I’m his mom, so I think he’s great. But I couldn’t understand why she married him if she didn’t really seem to like him all that much. Really hurt to watch! Now he’s dating a girl that seems to really care, and it really soothes me to see him with someone who is kind and loving toward him, as he is toward her. Hard to watch your baby be hurt, even when they’re all grown up! Glad things are working out for your oldest! ~ Sheila

    • I loved what you had to say, Sheila — yes, it’s hard to watch them be hurt, even when grown, but it’s sure a welcome change to see them be loved! Cheers 🙂 MJ

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