Random 5 .. Thursday – Spring, Alternative medicine, Narcissists and Everyday people

It’s Thursday and it’s Random.  Why today and not tomorrow? Because I am off tomorrow – whoop! Here are my 5 random thoughts this week:

1. 30 degree temperature swing from last Saturday to Tuesday.  Sunshine all around.  Smiles all around.  Neighbors coming out of houses, folks chatting at the mailboxes – yes – Spring is in the air.  Hallelujah!



2. Tried something new this week: Acupuncture!  Years ago I was injured in a car accident and I still have pain in my neck where I was hurt. And, when stressed, I tend to clench my teeth.  I’ve been stressed, so my neck and jaw have been aching and pain relievers don’t even touch it.  Does this work? Not sure.  How’d it feel?  Like someone was sticking me with needles!  🙂 Truth be told, some points I didn’t feel, others burned and stung (i.e. in the jaw area- d’oh) and, after all pins were in I relaxed.  Having to lie still might have been part of that, not something I’m used to doing.  That night I felt drained and slept very deeply.  Will I go back? Yes, a couple of times at least.  The jury’s still out on this one.


That needle in the right thumb hurt like crazy; on the left? not at all. I write and mouse right-handed 🙂 Photo from

3. I took tomorrow off thinking I might try to do something productive around here.  Hubbs blessed me with this last night, “Why do you put so much pressure on yourself to always get things done?  Take a day off and enjoy it – sleep in- or not – and if you accomplish nothing, who cares? I don’t.”  I sure do love my #1 supporter and predict my face will be into my books! 🙂

I get this so much!

I get this so much!

4. I work with a narcissist.  It took me the longest time to understand just exactly what this is. If you’ve not experienced it, be thankful.  Here are a few traits that I’ve witnessed: (a) believes he or she is special and entitled to special privileges (translate: not for you), (b) requires copious amounts of admiration and will get it any way he/she can, (c) will exploit anyone – will step on anybody to meet his/her needs (translate: the bus will back over you many times), (d) has no issues lying or stretching the truth, especially if the new version benefits him or her, (e) lack of empathy for anyone but themselves – example: if they suffer a loss, the world will know.  If you do, meh.  (f) reverse envy – assumes everyone wants to be him/her.   Over the years I have learned how to manage my interactions with this person but doing so has come with a price.  See #2 and #3.

Amen said the choir!

5.  Despite our differences, I do try to come at all relationships with this thought:  we are all people. We all have something to contribute.  We are all everyday people.


How about you?  Would you ever try acupuncture or another alternative treatment?  Do you feel the need to “work” on your day off?  Have you any Narcissists in your life?  What do you learn from the most difficult personalities around you?  Are you grooving to Sly now? 🙂

Happy Thursday, peeps.

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17 thoughts on “Random 5 .. Thursday – Spring, Alternative medicine, Narcissists and Everyday people

  1. Love it and grooving on Sly. “We’ve got to live together” and “Dance to the music” with Ed Sullivan.

    I’ve been on spring break this week and am relishing not feeling guilty for not working. Have I checked my e-mail? Yes, only to find two pertinent questions. Enjoy your day tomorrow. 🙂

  2. When I read about your neck injury, I was reminded of something else I read earlier this week: “drop your shoulders”. It even suggested leaving sticky notes all around to remind you. Apparently, we all tend to keep our shoulders “up around our ears”, which is stressful. I’m trying to remember to do that.
    And…oh, my goodness. I have an in-law who is the most narcissistic person I have EVER been around. Humble is not a word in her vocabulary.
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow and your weekend. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine!

    • OMG that works! Just dropped my shoulders and I instantly relaxed! I need more sticky notes!

    • I have tried that trick and you’re right, it does help 🙂 I also do lots of neck rolls at my desk!

      Hang in there with the Narcissist in your life – they’re not easy to be around – talk about energy vampires!

      Enjoying my Friday morning- drinking coffee, surfing, and just registered for a women’s workshop/retreat 🙂 whoop!! MJ

  3. Weather here good. Thumb annoying. Not a good patient! I love days where nothing is expected but somehow at the end I wonder if I should have done something. (Let’s blame that one on Mom!) Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. I hope the pins and needles do miraculous things! Have you ever tried reflexology?

    • so far I am not sure, I think my jaw is MORE sore — or perhaps it awoke some nerves, we’ll see. Going back next Friday. I haven’t tried reflexology, not even sure what it is? do tell!! MJ

  5. I’ve always been curious about acupuncture and I would give it a try, I think. I have a coworker who swears by it.

    What a great guy your hubbs is. He knows you need a reminder to relax sometimes. But I get exactly where you’re coming from and I do the same thing. I sometimes take a day off to get things done, particularly if I’m having company in the coming days.

    I think there are many narcissists in this world. I’ve got some in my workplace and some in my family. I’ve yet to figure out how to prevent them from affecting me, but I’m working on it!

    • I am going again this coming Friday – we’ll see how I react a 2nd time 🙂

      Hubbs is a good guy and yes, he knows me well enough to remind me to slow down sometimes – he’s probably the only one who can get away with that – ha!

      They say some narcissism is healthy, that’s how we survive, but it’s the extremes that drive us nuts!! Happy Sunday to you! MJ

  6. Well…I’ll be interested to hear how you feel about acupuncture when you’ve had a couple more rounds…never tried it, but I’ve heard a few people swear by it. Also…yes, narcissist! I know that type well, unfortunately, up close and personal! Hard to deal with, but very educational, and helps me know what / who I don’t want to be. As you say, we all contribute something! ~ Sheila

    • Round 2 of the acupuncture is post-poned till Tues b/c Dental work today will be a lot — so far I am not sure if it helped or aggravated nerves. Will let you know.

      We all learn from each other every day 🙂 MJ

  7. I get trigger point injections and dry needling to help release muscles from chronic myofascial pain (neck injury/surgery). It helps immensely.

    • I have never had that but I think that might be something good to try – so far I am not sure Acupuncture is doing anything for me. Thanks! MJ

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