It was just a matter of time

10 crowns. 10 weeks. 20+ shots. 27+ hours in the Dentist chair.

It was just a matter of time.

I felt it last week, a pinch.  Thought maybe I had the start of a Sinus infection so I started on an antibiotic to be safe.

I was wrong.

Tuesday, my face blew up.

Blew. Up.

Swollen from the nose through the eyebrow, my eye nearly shut.

Like this, without the snack!

Like this, without the snack!

Another visit confirmed what I already knew: a root abscess.

Seems all that drilling and poking and jarring stirred things up and now, now an infection raged and moved north.

When you wake in the morning and open your eyes and all you see is your own cheekbone, it freaks you out, maybe a little.

2 shots later, one in each hip, another round of stronger meds + something for the pain and lots of hot compresses, here I am.

Back in the day, settlers on the prairie, my ancestors, well they died from this stuff.

I can understand why.

So when I look at it objectively – 1 out of 10 – not bad, right?

Whatever happened to Randy Travis anyways?  Last I heard he was trying to buy cigarettes … naked.  Maybe he had a tooth infection, too?


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27 thoughts on “It was just a matter of time

  1. Roxanne

    M, I’m so sorry to hear about this! So you’re OK now? The meds and treatment cured the infection without the dentist going back in and digging?

    • Um – the jury’s still out. Definitely better today than I was 2 days ago. My personal doctor was most worried about my eye – and that I developed cellulitis (a skin infection related to the OTHER infection) oy. The Dentist went to do the “tapping” test and I told him if he did I’d have to hurt him ;). He was able to diagnose without that – and digging – thankfully. there’s a root canal in my future, once all this clears, of course.

  2. Ouch!! Get well soon.


  3. Mac McDonald

    Hey Kiddo.!! We are so sorry to hear about your “Root Abcess”. Fortunately, You are from Tough Stock.!!! We are sending some “spring weather” your way along with Love To All. Aunt & Unc.

    Sent from Mac’s IPAD


    • Thank you Uncle Mac; yes, definitely some tough stock in my “roots” – I have yet to fill in the 4’8″ dynamo of my latest exploits, she’s had her own stuff to deal with. In her words, “I’M FINE” – ha!!
      ❤ to you both,

  4. I’m sitting here trying oil pulling for the first time. I started with tooth pain on Wednesday, it’s now moved down to my lymph node. I’m down in St. John in the Virgin Islands, desperately want to avoid antibiotics! Hope you get better soon!!!

    • Good luck to you, Sandi-girl, and don’t be a hero — antibiotics are available for a reason. I wasn’t keen on this infection heading to the brain! take care my friend = MJ

  5. Oh, no. that sounds so scary… Hope you feel better soon!
    (I had a permanent crown put on years ago after I’d told the dentist several times that the tooth was still bothering me. It never got better, so I ended up having a root canal done THROUGH the crown.But that’s nothing to compare to what you’ve been through…)

    • Slowly but surely. Still very sore, but the 2 shots helped + the steady meds + the pain meds. That’s the bummer – I will now have to get a root canal through the back of that BEAUTIFUL New crown (which I am still paying for). Dangit!


      • Oh, I can sympathize. (And not to scare you, but, several years later, I ended up having to have the tooth pulled. Now I have an implant there. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to you!) Have a good Sunday!

      • I can imagine that’s a possibility!! MJ

  6. I knew you were having dental work but OMG! 10 crowns! You poor baby! Hope it feels better soon!

    • I’ve had lots of work done over the years but in pieces — if you’re going to replace them you ought to try to do as a group, not that I did all together. I did 4 then 6 and lived to tell the tale. But this – Holy meatballs! My Dentist asked if I wanted music to listen to? I said no. He asked if I wanted laughing gas? I said no. He asked what else could he do? I answered: stop talking :). And he did … it was a battlefield in there last Friday and now this … but – my face is starting to come down and I feel less and less like a Carny Side show every day!! MJ

  7. Oh lord! How awful. I don’t like going to the dentist in the first place so this just sounds like my worst nightmare or a Stephen King story gone bad. Good luck, hope it is all over soon.

  8. You poor thing! Seems like 10 significant procedures in 10 weeks is too many too soon. Rest and heal!

    • I know — I had 4 done one day and 6 another with some time in between each. Looking back, maybe not the best approach, but I didn’t want to be “in dental limbo” for 6 months. Now I am anyways – argh!!

      I had a restful weekend and am on the mend but still in pain. Drat! Thank you for your kind words of support 🙂

  9. Oh, I feel your pain. I would rather give birth than have dental work done, and I honestly don’t think there is any pain worse. I hope the medications work their magic and you are soon feeling much better.

    • Thank you Karen – I am doing better but the pain is still lingering. Got my 3rd shot yesterday, hope that helps cure it!! MJ

  10. Oh gosh, MJ! I’m so sorry you’re enduring all of this, but somehow you’ve come through it with your sense of humor intact. I hope you’re feeling back to normal very soon!

    As for Randy Travis, I believe he’s recovering from a stroke!

    • It’s been a slow haul, that’s for sure. Still on meds 2 weeks later!

      RT is one of my favorites, that voice is unmistakable. We saw him perform in Houston and he was absolutely fantastic. I do believe he had a major health crisis, which makes me sad. What a talent, MJ

  11. That sounds so painful, MJ! Seeing one’s own cheek is not a good thing. I got a crown last week, which was the easy part–the prep for it was done 2-3 weeks prior. It’s still no fun.

    • I understand all too well the prep — and my face is better but it still hurts – still! Endodontist next … sigh. MJ

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