Random Friday 5 – New Friendships, Old Favorites, Love and Night Life

It’s Friday! It’s time for 5 random thoughts from my ever-swirling mind.

1. I love the smell of Noxzema.   Growing up, that’s what we girls used to wash our faces at night – and that menthol clean smell still means clean to me.  I’ve bought the expensive tubes and creams and gels and every last bit of it sits – and rots – on my shelf.  


2. This week I initiated FB friend requests to a few long-time blogging pals.  You know who you are. Please know this.  My ❤ swelled when you said “yes.”  There’s a lot of things I blog about that I don’t post on FB, so for me to take a risk and invite you in, means I trust you.  My little writing hobby that started 4 years ago blossomed into friendships with some amazing people whose input I truly value.  People I hope to meet one day. My heart grins just thinking about it!

add as a friend

3. Yesterday morning, around 4:30 a.m.,  a thunderstorm rolled through.  I did a tuck and roll and all was right with my world.  Am I the only one who finds a T-storm an invitation to dive deep into slumber-land?


I love this sound!

4.  Hubbs and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week: 23 years.  Crazy. Recently, I’d made a favorite meal of his and, although he doesn’t usually do so, he announced he was going to indulge in another favorite: bread and butter on the side.  I’d already eaten and the kitchen was cleaned up and things put away. Quietly I took the (supposedly spreadable) butter out and set it on the counter.   Because who wants hard chunks of buttery goodness on a roll? No one.  A while later, he came upstairs to fix his plate, saw the butter and laughed out loud. And from the kitchen I heard this, “Thanks for the butter take-out!  There’s 23 years of loving right there!”  It was a good reminder that cards and flowers are great but often all we really need is to know that we matter to someone else.


Love was in the butter.

5. And with that ~ I’m off. Off to a new city to meet new people and do my job.  Coffee’s poured, tunes are ready, and I am rousing up some old classics like this one:  Ray Price crooning “Night Life” with Willie Nelson accompanying him. Ray’s voice is as rich as his Polyester Fortrel suit and I love it!

What fragrances take you back to your childhood?   Made any new friends lately?  Are you scared of T-storms or do they make you want to get cozy, too?  What simple ways allow you to express your love for someone? What type of music is your favorite to drive to? 

Have a great day, peeps!


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24 thoughts on “Random Friday 5 – New Friendships, Old Favorites, Love and Night Life

  1. 1.) Ah, yes….Noxzema. When I saw the photo of the jar, I smelled that fragrance….!
    2.) Smile…..that is all.
    3.) We had a thunderstorm yesterday morning around 5-ish. And when that thunder and lightning gets close, I get closer to Motor Man! He even says he’s going to have a sound effect machine made with the sound of thunder. 😉
    4.) Sweet! Happy anniversary to you two. Ain’t love grand??!
    5.) Safe travels and happy weekend to you, my friend.

    • Yep – you don’t even need the jar to smell it 🙂
      MM – he cracks me up – there is a sound machine you can buy to fall asleep to – it has birds, ocean waves, etc. One effect is rainstorm – not kidding. 🙂
      Happy weekending to you,

  2. Marsha

    The smell of the original Coppertone immediately takes me back. I just may go buy some snd sniff my way back to earlier times!

  3. Yes to the Noxzema.
    Awww…to the “butter take-out.” Congratulations on 23 years!
    Had to laugh at Dianna’s comment with MM suggesting the sound effects of thunder machine.
    Happy anniversary weekend!

  4. Noxzema, Pond’s cold cream and Chanel #5 where smells of my mother that warm my heart.

  5. Sorry. “are smells of my mother that warm my heart” Note to self: Always read your comment before clicking!

  6. This is so great. You have a real sweetie pie in that Man of yours.


  7. Love your randoms! And yes, I am afraid of thunderstorms. I used to wind up in the closet with our dog and blamed the dog for being frightened. It was really me and the dog just followed. Sigh.

  8. Oh, I LOVED the scent of Noxema too! I haven’t bought it in a long, long time, but now I may have to, just to enjoy the smell again. A few other aromas that take me back to childhood are BenGay ointment (my dad was always rubbing it on the back of his neck,) Robitussin cough syrup and Vicks Vapo Rub. (I guess we had a lot of colds back in the day!)

    Happy anniversary to you and Hubbs!

    • Oh I had forgotten about BenGay ointment. We used Raleigh Salve a lot for colds (vs. Vicks VapoRub) – same effect though. When I smell a cherry cough drop I think of my Mom; she has a stash with her all the time.

      Have a great weekend, Terri 🙂 MJ

  9. Five smells…mostly agricultural…take me back. They are:
    #1…freshly plowed soil. I can smell it from miles away, and when I do….I slow down, roll the windows down and breathe deeply.
    #2….Old barn smell. The musty hay, the tinge of manure and animals….with maybe a hint of gas and oil from an old tractor.
    #3…freshly mown alfalfa. Sweet smellin’ alfalfa.
    #4…Corn pollinating on a humid July day.
    #5…A warm summers evening….with the smell of grass, dirt, popcorn and cigarette smoke wafting through the air. Its the sounds and smells of my childhood…and probably one of the reasons that I enjoy working baseball games in small towns.


    • I love all the smells you referenced ~ powerful, evocative memories, RR. Like you, when I smell fresh mown hay I lower the windows and enjoy 🙂 If I smell Lavender or Lilly of the Valley I think of my Nana, gone from me for 40+ years, and Vanilla takes me to my Grandmother’s kitchen and her fresh cinnamon sugar donuts 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  10. There was this one hand cream that I liked the smell of when I was a child. I’m not sure, but either my grandmother or some other matriarch when I was young probably used it. And I’ve smelled it once since, and don’t remember exactly what it was, but it might have been an Avon product. It’s amazing how smell is the once sense we have that is the strongest memory trigger. A year or so ago, I smelled cigarette smoke in my kitchen, and blew it off because it didn’t make sense to me. The next day, my son also smelled it and immediately identified it as “Uncle Rickie’s” cigarette smoke. Rick had passed away several months prior.

    • Like you, I have a lot of Avon memories in my repertoire. There was a lotion my sisters used in the bath, “Skin so Soft” and I still love that smell, too.

      How neat that your son smelled Uncle Rickie’s presence! That’s a gift 🙂
      Whenever I catch a wiff of a cigar I think of my Uncle George, the only one I knew of who smoked them. – MJ

  11. Noxzema was a teenager’s staple! Congrats on your anniversary. I snuggle down further in a t-storm, too.

  12. Stand by – more on Noxzema.

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