Two for Tuesday – the boys

It’s Tuesday – and time for 2-for-Tuesday – pick a topic and go with it.

Care to play along?  On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

Care to play along? On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

On Sunday, as I putted around the yard, I noticed a large amount of water on top of the pool cover.  All that snow melt and recent rains amounted to a lot of water – the amount of water that ducks just love to make their Spring home.  The amount of water that starts to pull on the pool cover and create issues for the structure.  ~Sigh~.

Chastising myself for not noticing sooner, I hooked up my little water pump and watched the water trickle through the garden hose and out onto the back lawn.  I knew that, at this rate, it was going to take a long, long time to make any headway.  And I knew about  rain in the forecast.  Geez.

Yesterday morning, fretting about the water, I mentioned it to oldest boy who promptly offered to check his inventory of tools and supplies to see what he could come up with. He promised to call me later and I went on my merry way and forgot about it.  Yep, I stopped at the Hardware store and bought a new, bigger pump and as I pulled into the garage, there he was, big smiles, pulling in, too.  He had a heavy-duty power-pump ready to go.  He labored a while and got the contraption working and the water level soon dropped dramatically. Sorry ducks, no spa for you this year!

Walking with me to the house he offered tips on monitoring the situation all while asking what’s in the fridge these days anyways? After warming up some stew, he chatted happily with Dad and little brother and it was in that moment that I learned another lesson:

Refusing help when you need it is refusing someone the opportunity to be helpful.

We’ve helped him a lot.  I guess it hadn’t occurred to me to let him help me.

Later, I’d left the TV on and gone off to put away some laundry.  When I came back, youngest boy told me, in an outraged voice, that he couldn’t believe what was being shown on TLC.  TLC is an abbreviation for The Learning Channel and that’s a channel I often watch.  But he didn’t know that.  He went on to tell me that he had walked through the living room and a show was focused on domestic abuse.  Why the outrage? Above and beyond the programming – this is a boy who grew up believing the only possible thing TLC could stand for is: tender-loving-care.  I smiled big, hugged him good night and gave thanks for getting two things just right.



 Are you able to let others help you? Does that include your children?  Were the men in your life allowed to be tender or only tough?

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17 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday – the boys

  1. Oh my goodness! This topic is close to my heart having raised an only son. He turned into a warrior alright, having joined the Marine Corps. They almost took all the tender out of him but one of my sweetest pleasures is when he comes home and I get to scratch his back while we sit on the couch watching something together. He will let me do that and it is one of my most precious gifts. What a sweet post. Thank you I’m all smiles.


    • I can imagine the Marines took most of the tender out ~ that’s their job I suppose. I’m glad you can still have those sweet moments together 🙂 Hugs to you! MJ

  2. The water on our pool cover is now rising and the cover is split at the seams. This is the year we get a new pool cover or plough the pool in. You must have done everything right with your boys. I think we did everything right with our one son. He is always here when he is needed.

    • I’m the pool keeper around here but oldest boy is pretty handy with it; they are both good helpers and always willing to lend a hand. Last night, youngest boy told us how he stopped by our elderly neighbors, on his own, to help her with some things. He saw her struggling and parked his car and raced to the scene (his words -ha!). She’s widowed now and her kids are around but not next door like he is. He was so happy to help her 🙂 Cheers to good kids! MJ

  3. Aw….I’d say you definitely raised your sons right….the TLC story is heartwarming.

  4. We have a quote hanging in the kitchen. It hangs there mainly for Rick. He loves it and reminds us he was outnumbered over the years, a fact he took in stride. It says, “Lord help me, there are girls in the house.”
    Couldn’t help but think of this tune and visualize you adding it to your queue as you drive about. All this time I used to sing “Let’s hear it for the boys” when it’s really singular.

  5. As I read this I couldn’t help but think of this tune and you rocking in your car as you drive about. Ha…all these years I used to think it was “Let’s hear it for the boys” but apparently the lyrics tell me it’s singular.

  6. absolutely am I good with allowing others to help me (including the kids) Daughter #2 has said more than once, she wants’ to take care of us when we get old (rather than have us stuck in an old folks home) Told my wife (and daughter #2 I want it in writing) 😉 Hummmm. as far as the men in my life being tender…can’t say I saw it modeled, but I’ve raised a son who is a hugger (to me and his mom) I don’t buy in the macho crap for an instant. I believe men are born with both capacities, and our culture has tended to drum it out of them. I fully embrace my tender side. Sounds like your two young men have a good blend as well. DM

    • I love that your Daughter has already expressed she’s willing to take care of you guys if you need it and that your son is a hugger – very nice. I agree — men are born with both but our culture and family circumstance usually embraces the bolder, tougher side.

      Your post about the old man and the inner boy inspired this one, DM!! 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  7. I love it when my son helps me. At 12 it’s not very often, but it does happen. One thing my husband is very big on is helping bring groceries in. And he always gets my son to help out. So, my son now helps with groceries even if Dad’s not around. As for tough or tender, my husband was raised to be tough and not show emotion. My son, however, is tender hearted and I plan to keep him that way as long as possible.

    • That’s the way to teach ’em – by example. And now he’s doing it on his own fruition! My husband is very tender-hearted but, if you didn’t know him, you might think he is gruff and blunt. He’s not. He’s actually shy and direct. When he’s comfortable he lets all sides be shown. Our boys have nicknamed him “Clint” as in Eastwood – ha! Inside they know he’s a marshmallow <3,

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