Random 5 Friday ~ Spring at last!

Spring appears to be here to stay finally (yay!) and my yard is calling me.  With that, here are my Random 5 from this week:

1.  This year, I solemnly swear, to not get overly ambitious in the garden section and to not plant annuals that I’ll only grow weary of watering come August.  Amen. But first, I have a date with the 10 Trillion weeds growing happily outside!


I promise to stop when one cart is full!

2. At the family brunch/lunch on Sunday, cousin Jerry  shyly gifted me with a sample of his home-made maple cream.  Imagine fresh maple syrup whipped into cream.  Imagine a small dollop of it in your morning oatmeal.  Imagine the smile your face :).  Yes, it’s that good.



3. Read a fascinating article about forgiveness.  One section resonated so loudly with me I felt my ears ringing as I read it: The people you can’t forgive give you a gift you do not want.  The author explained that the people you won’t forgive give your ego a feeling of control over the relationship but then (here’s the kick, you ready?) you’re burdened with the anger and sadness that comes with carrying that. Ouch and yes, so true. To read the full article click here.

forgiveness heart

With some, it’s easy. With others, it’s a daily struggle.

4.  I love popcorn.  Love it.  You could cover an entire table in candy and chocolates and I’d walk right past them all and stop at the popcorn.   I have talked myself out going to the movies when I realized I was only going for the popcorn!

Totally done this.


5. Yesterday I took a road trip to points north. As I often do, I used the lunch break to listen to voice mails left on my office phone while away.  Not sure what happened but somehow I must have pressed the option that speeds up delivery of the voice mail message.  Now, everyone sounds like a chipmunk.  Yes, it’s difficult to get the phone # or understand the message but, I have to admit, replaying a message from a State official who now sounds like “Alvin,” cracked me up!  🙂

Did you call me?

Did you call me?

What are in your Random 5 for this week?  Do you have to limit yourself in the Garden section, too?  Who do you struggle to forgive? Do you love sweets or salty snacks?  Ever messed up your voice mail system or other technology?

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10 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday ~ Spring at last!

  1. Good morning, MJ!! Glad you’re having spring weather: rainy and breezy here this morning. Funny that we both commented on how over zealous we get with planting in the spring…. Guilty, as charged, I’m afraid.
    Popcorn for you: potato chips for me. ;(
    I can imagine listening to those officials sounding like Alvin gave you quite a giggle.
    Happy weekend!

    • I stayed away from the Garden section this weekend 🙂 = a visit there will be my reward once all the weeds are under control!
      Chips run a close 2nd to popcorn for me.
      Off to the office to replay my Alvin messages! MJ

  2. Love the voicemail incident. There are some people who are better when you picture them as Alvin the chipmunk! Not a big popcorn fan but I will walk a hundred miles for potato chips! Forgiving is really hard. Sometimes it takes a long time. You can understand in your head that you need to do it but that information doesn’t always make it to your heart.

    • Agree – off to the office soon and I’ll be replaying my “Alvin” messages (and trying to fix the settings).

      Forgiveness for me is easier with distance. When I have to be around the offender on a regular basis it grinds my gears even more ~sigh.

      Happy Monday, Kate! MJ

  3. You caught me taking a break from yard work. Taking back parts of the yard that have become severely overgrown over the past several years. It feels good to have the energy to be able to do this again- it’s been about 13 years. Gardening here is a big challenge because it’s wet, we have tons of deer, rabbits, birds, and slugs. Going to make a kiddie pool garden just for strawberries; and it will be up off the ground for easier weeding. (And one with lettuces).

    Maple cream sounds like a bit of heaven! I too, love popcorn. I love sweets too, but am very happy with my salty, crunchy snacks.

    That perspective on forgiveness is one that I subscribe to. For me, forgiveness is about and is for me. It is not carrying the burden of anger (or whatever negative emotion) anymore. It doesn’t excuse another person’s poor behavior, but lets me step outside of the dynamic that was created, the energetic bond that was set up between us. This is something I’ve been working in with respects to a few of my close family members.

    I didn’t know you could speed up delivery of voicemail. That’s hilarious!

    • Oooh kiddie pool garden! I love that idea 🙂

      You have a very healthy perspective on forgiveness and that it’s for you not them – whoo!

      You can also s-l-o-w down voice mail replay which is somehow not nearly as funny as speeding it up ~ cheers! MJ

  4. I wish I was a better gardener. I always have ambitious plans in the spring, but I do best when I limit myself to coordinating some pots of flowers. My garden always ends up looking ramshackle. But, as you do, I have lots of cleanup to do before any planting can happen.

    I have never had maple cream, but now I think I must get some! Yum, that sounds amazing! Lucky you to receive some as a gift.

    I will be reading the article about forgiveness. I know the concept and have reminded myself many times. But sometimes my natural inclination is to go back to holding a grudge. Although it helps to remember that I’m far from perfect and wouldn’t want anyone withholding forgiveness from ME … so I’d best not withhold it from others. The thing I really struggle with is being able to forgive while also figuring out how to change my reactions if the offender doesn’t really change their behavior. Hopefully your article will help with that.

    I’m not much of a popcorn eater. I’ll have it once in a while, but generally just a few bites before I get bored with it. Show me the chocolate!

    Alvin and the Chipmunks! I loved their Christmas album. Never heard them on my voicemail though! 🙂

    • You crack me up, “Show me the chocolate!” 🙂

      the forgiveness article was worth reading, and one I’ve bookmarked to read again and again.

      Happy Monday to you! MJ

  5. I love popcorn, too. The smell of it would draw me right past the chocolates and other sweets. That is so true about when we eat our popcorn at the movie, it’s nearly gone before the feature even starts.

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