Random 5-15 Friday

It’s Friday! It’s time for five random thoughts and happenings from my week! Here we go:

1.  Does anyone else remember when Teachers smoked in the Teacher’s Lounge?  I do.  I remember Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Luke heading in and the noise and the smoke billowing out.  Oh, the things we recall from our childhood!


Wouldn’t be surprised that there were cocktails in there, too.

2. Earlier this week, I wrote about saying “yes.”  I realized that my efforts to clear emotional clutter had created space I’d yet to fill.  After writing that post, I headed out to my day.  The power of YES was immediately in play because I had two (planned) meetings + a surprise one (added-on, last-minute) – and from those came the following:  1) better rapport, 2) positive feedback, 3) forward movement AND two speaking requests, right up my alley.   My women’s workshop is tomorrow and yes, I am this happy about it!

get-your-happy-on-quote-13.  A couple of Friday’s ago I had a scheduled day off. I was home, yes, but I didn’t get the day off.  Instead I worked all day putting out someone else’s fires (grr) while my “to-dos” languished.  So I’m off today and my to-dos” are staring at me like a cat wanting back inside.  It’s cold, it’s raining, and my accomplishments may very well include a nap.  Ahh.

4.  I had a sad and confusing morning a few days ago ~ I came down to the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. and stared in disbelief at the coffee pot. The empty coffee pot.  Do you ever stare at something thinking that what you’re seeing can’t be right … so you just keep looking at it thinking the picture will change?  I must have been too tired the night before to set up the coffee maker.  Those seven minutes till a cup was ready? Snaggletooth!

coffee cat

5.  But with all that, and a busy weekend ahead, it’s Friday!  As the weekend nears I’m gonna join Mr. Luke in the conga line and dance my way to the weekend!

mad men conga line

Teacher’s Lounge on Friday afternoons …

*Mr. Luke was my high school French teacher. He was tall, British, affable and reeked of booze cologne!

All images from Google.

Happy Friday!  Did your teachers smoke in the Teacher’s Lounge?  What have you stared at in disbelief?  Did it change the picture?

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20 thoughts on “Random 5-15 Friday

  1. I remember the teachers all dolled up in high heels and lipstick, men in suits with ties. I remember that whatever they said went. I remember that I never told my mother if I was scolded at school because she would scold me again. I remember Miss Lazarus, an old spinster (probably in her 40s) teacher, who wore tight sexy clothes because she had a thing for the history teacher. Good times. I don’t remember anyone having sex with a teacher because they were so old (some were over 30) it would have been yucky!

  2. I feel your pain with #4. Had one of those mornings when daughter’s coffee pot that comes with the pods just wouldn’t eject water. So I picked up my purse and drove to the gas station where I found a whole array of flavors to choose from. Once again, I just stared at the choices. I decided on Colombian and brought home 2 cups, one for me and one for daughter. This morning was different. Daughter had fixed the coffeemaker with a paper clip…oh gosh, coffee this morning but what about next week?
    Yep, dancing in to the weekend to watch grandson sing the national anthem with his choir at Minutemaid park tomorrow. Daughter #2 and GS2 are flying down…can’t wait.

    • I have had to do that (go to the gas station for coffee) and then came home to realize I’d accidentally used the Hazelnut creamer instead of the regular – gak!

      How thrilling for your Grandson to sing the National Anthem at the ball park – wow! I hope you write about it and post some pictures, GS 🙂

  3. Going through a lot of emotional reset/healing time right now. I’ve been learning about the power of saying no. I missed your post on saying yes, I’ll have to go back and read it. Resetting a 33 year marriage is a lot of work, and I can use all the tools/help I can get! ~ Sheila

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Sheila. The workshop I was in yesterday (read my post about saying yes – and the questions contained therein) was magical. I met some wonderful women and experienced some profound aha’s. Good luck to you! ~ MJ

  4. I do remember the smoking teachers lounge 😉 Disbelief..yep, this morning. We are heading out of dodge to take care of the grandkids, and there right in front of me was a flat tire on our car….I went out early to double check the air pressure cause the senor light had started flashing last night….so I know that sinking feeling pretty freshly 🙂 I did change the picture…asked dear MRS DM to call our tire dude and see if he could work us in..(I had a couple of other fires to put out before we left or else I would have added that to my last minute “to do” list. Enjoy your day off! I know you will . DM

    • That smoking teacher’s lounge was something else!

      I hope your weekend went well, and I have also stared in disbelief at a flat tire 🙂 Happy Sunday and good coffee to you my friend 🙂 MJ

      • Great weekend. helped out with two of the grandkids, took the oldest one to a Renaissance Fair on Saturday…never been to one before. it was kind of neat, but don’t think it’s something I’d do too often.

      • That is so great of you both to help out with the grandkids – I know how much work that can be. I haven’t been to a Renaissance Fair but I’d love to go 🙂 MJ

      • You need to go to at least one. You will see the most “interesting” people 😉 DM

      • I believe you! MJ

  5. You totally got me chuckling. Yes! I do remember smoke billowing out of the teachers lounge. I wonder what the teachers do today to deal with the stress, now that they can’t smoke on school grounds? I also remember having 2 courtyards at the high school. One where smoking was allowed (where all the “bad” kids hung out), and the other, where you couldn’t smoke (where all the jocks and braineacts hung out).

    One thing that stands out in my mind where I stared in disbelief was last fall when I jumped into my car with my camera gear, ready to drive to my girlfriend’s daughter’s wedding- where I was to be the photographer, and the car was dead. Completely dead. No lights, wouldn’t even consider turning over, it was toast. I was stunned. My car has never let me down. Never left me stranded. None of my cars have. Ever. Until that morning. Thankfully, we have a back up car that was working. Once I found the current registration and insurance card, I was off.

    • You know what? Our school had a smoking section in the parking lot, too! I forgot about that .. yikes!

      I have had that sinking feeling when something just doesn’t work as expected; fortunately you had a backup ~ well done. MJ

  6. Your randoms left me with a smile! Love the swee little kitty on his back! Happy weekend, MJ!

  7. Oh, totally remember the Teacher’s Lounge and that cloud of smoke in there you caught a glimpse of when you were walking by while a teacher was walking out/or in. Ha ha, never even thought of “drinks”!

  8. I remember having to go outside in winter after eating lunch at school–even when my mom told me to stay inside–because the teachers used our second grade classroom as their “lounge.”

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