R5F – Peonies, memories, crimes & attitudes

It’s Friday and time for 5 random happenings and observations from my world.

1.  My Lilacs have come and gone but look who is making their grand debut?


Frankie loved the peonies and his ashes are scattered here. Seeing them bloom makes me smile and long for my silly old dog.

2. Last night we ran the dishwasher, a routine task done a few times a week.  It’s normally filled with plates, silverware and coffee cups.  Youngest boy put a large sauce pot in the lower tray upside down.  Reading quietly in the next room I heard a sound I couldn’t quite identify and then it hit me:  the spray of water hitting the bottom of that pot reminded me of milking cows as a little girl.   With 5 kids we always kept one or two milk cows and Dad would let us “help.”  More often than not we tilted Bossie’s *ahem* appendages in such a way that the barn cats got both a milk shower and a good drink and we probably spilled more than we didn’t.  Dad let us learn anyways.  Memories come to us in the most random of ways don’t they?

milking cows

3. I recently bought a “Fitbit” – a nifty little bracelet that works as a pedometer and tracks your sleep.  (You can track other things, too, but those are the ones I was interested in.) The first day I wore it was a Saturday and, between laundry, groceries, and yard work, I clocked 6 miles.  I slept well that night – 7 hours with 8 minutes of restlessness.  I really wanted it for my D.C. trip next week because we walk so much, up and down stairs in the Capitol office buildings.  Did you know that tunnels connect these buildings?  They’re clean and well-lit, but old as time.  I always feel a bit like Desmond in “L.O.S.T” in there … freaky.   Oh and elevators are reserved for Members when Congress is in session. That means I’ll be hoofing it to everything — in heels. And yes, I think I’ll sleep well every night :).

"See you in another life, Brotha."  -L.O.S.T.

“See you in another life, Brotha.” -L.O.S.T.

4. This week my job took me to the Michigan State Capitol – the day we were there happened to be “Older Michiganians Day” which meant we had a steady stream of older folks touring the building and sometimes stopping to ask us questions.  Everything was fine until two ladies came through and brazenly swiped several handfuls of cookies. Right in front of us.  With a look in their eyes that said, “whaddyagonnadoboutit?”  We looked at each other incredulously and shook our heads.  People are fascinating! And that day I clocked 7.8 miles – in heels!


Not this colorfully dressed but with just as much ‘tude

5. Jumping back to the Fitbit I also got it because, when I’m in the office, I’m aware I don’t move much.  It was shocking to me that, by noon yesterday, after a morning of conference calls, I hadn’t yet hit 2,000 steps.  That served as a powerful motivator to get in a workout!   On the treadmill last night, thinking about all I have to do before I fly out Sunday, this song came on and I knew it had to be shared:

Whatever it is you may be going through
I know He’s not gonna let it get the best of you

You’re an overcomer
Stay in the fight ‘til the final round
You’re not going under
‘Cause God is holding you right now
You might be down for a moment
Feeling like it’s hopeless
That’s when He reminds You
That you’re an overcomer… You’re an overcomer!

Happy Friday, folks!  What sound take you back to your childhood? Tried any neat gadgets lately?  Ever witnessed Senior crime?  What are you working hard at overcoming?




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19 thoughts on “R5F – Peonies, memories, crimes & attitudes

  1. Ha! I once told my mother I would NOT take her to any more restaurants if she didn’t stop putting sugar packets, salt and pepper, etc., in her purse. They all do it. Why, in only a few years, I may be tempted myself. What is it about that? 🙂

  2. My peonies have come and gone. Love them! Your cookie story reminded me of the annual meetings for one of the companies that I worked for. I helped staff it making sure people were going to the right places. We always served cookies and coffee. We would get close to 1,000 people and the majority were older. (It was a utility and older people invest in those at least back in the day for the steady dividends.) Ladies came in with BIG Ziploc bags but the funniest was the lady with a Tupperware container hidden in her overly large pocketbook. You would they were stocking up for the whole year. We always laughed. No one ever challenged them. They were shareholders! Do you think we’ll be like that? Sugar bowls won’t be safe!

    • I loved your story about the tupperware-wielding cookie snatcher and boy I sure hope we won’t be like that! Mom grew up in the 30s and I’ve never seen her pilfer anything ~ this behaviour is very new to me!!! MJ

  3. Lucky you to have peonies growing in your garden. Such gorgeous flowers!
    A noisy dishwasher takes me back to the days when my mother and father bought a portable dishwasher that fastened to the faucet. I was about 10 then. Now dishwashers are so quiet, I have to check the light display to see if it’s on, or listen for the gurgling in the kitchen sink pipes.
    Have a wonderful trip! Take a little photo album to share with Dianna, although something tells me you’ll have worlds to talk about when you visit.

    • Truth be told the peonies grew in the far corner of our yard – we never saw them as our fence was put up in front of them. But our landscaper neighbor did and offered to transplant them and – well – how could I say no to that! They remind me of my Grandma’s garden and of my dear Frankie who is scattered there. Good stuff.

      I agree, the modern DW are so quiet I can hardly tell that they’re running! Super pumped to meet Dianna and her Motor Man 🙂

      Hugs~ MJ

  4. Oh, how wonderful that the “Incorrectly” loaded dishwasher brought back a wonderful childhood memory for you! I guess I need to get one of those Fitbits to motivate me to move more. Although with the weather we’ve had this week, outdoor activity has been at a minimum!
    Have a great weekend, a safe flight, and I’ll see you next week!

    • Isn’t that funny? — He actually loaded it “correctly” (I think) because he put it in so the bottom was facing down – but when the sprays of water hit it I could only hear my milking days 🙂

      The fitbit is a great motivator – 6.5 miles today 🙂

      Can’t wait to meet up next week – how cool is that? MJ

  5. I love your randoms MJ! After 26 years in this place, we have three beloved dogs “planted” among the daffodils. I can see the spots every spring from my kitchen window and they are a happy reminder of best friends. You are doing great on the walking with FitBit! I carry a little pedometer in my pocket every day too and try so hard to get up to 6,000 steps, aiming for 10,000 as a pie in the sky goal. Movement is the key to good health they say. You are on the way! 🙂 ~Dor

    • Thank you, Dor! I had a feeling others would relate to looking out and seeing their furry friends in their yard, even in spirit. I miss that old boy so much, he was such a good dog. Someday … when life is less hectic and more routine, I will have another sweet little friend to love on!

      6,000 steps is a great achievement, don’t sell yourself short! I am amazed that I can clock 6 miles at home easily but only 2.5 in the office – hmmm … something to that, I think~! MJ

  6. #2 so brought back memories. Thank you MJ.

  7. Sounds from my childhood? I always remember summer sounds – the whir of window air conditioners and the drone of lawnmowers, the creak of chains on the metal swing set as we sailed back and forth in the back yard, the splash of water in the big, square wading pool we played in for many summers… Thanks, MJ! That was a good trip back to my childhood home!

    Been thinking about getting a Fit Bit myself. Everyone I know who has one, loves it!

    Working hard at overcoming – negativity and pessimism. Seems I’m always, always, always striving to pull away from those tendencies. I’m a work in progress!

    Happy and safe travels to you!

    • Oh yes – the fan in the window and the squeaky sounds of a summer swing 🙂

      It is hard to overcome negativity and pessimism, I get it. I also know I am a product (sometimes) of my environment so have learned to step quietly away from those naysayers …. let them have their own pity party but I’m not serving up the cake! 🙂

      Fit bit is pretty cool, have to say, go get one. I bought the Flex, under $100, and I got it on Amazon but Kohls’ carries them too ~! MJ

  8. cooper

    Had a fitbit early on – can be disheartening when you think you’ve walked a mile and it reads 2100 steps. But they are keel little buggers…good motivators.

    • I really like it as a prompt to get moving when I am at the office — I am in front of my computer WAY Too much. I averaged 8 miles a day in DC!! 🙂 MJ

  9. It’s not a sound I hear much anymore, but the screen door slamming still takes me back. That’s a LOT of miles–and in heels! My feet would have fallen off.

    • Oh yes – the screen door slamming is a sound of my childhood. I must clarify that I have REALLY good shoes – well made and not giant heels, about 2 1/2 inches, but heels nonetheless. One night I had to soak them in ice water 🙂 MJ

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