Love is time

I don’t know about you but I like a schedule.  A schedule gives me comfort and a steadiness of knowing what to expect. Monday-Friday you’ll find me consumed with work obligations; weekday evenings are devoted to time outside, reading or workouts. Early to bed, early to rise.  And by the time the weekend arrives, I tend to follow the same pattern over and over again.

  1. Friday night – no cooking for me; we enjoy an easy take-out dinner and time together to talk and catch up.
  2. Saturday finds me reading blogs, sipping coffee, doing laundry and completing a grocery run. All of this is done before mid-morning; afternoons I’m in the pool before readying for date night with Hubbs.
  3. Sunday – I cook at least two meals for the week, take a walk, read books and blogs, enjoy the pool or a nap, and chat on the phone with Mom and my cousin.

If I switch out just one part of the routine I find myself out of sorts.

Case in point: yesterday, the boys went golfing so I spent the day with the Grands and oldest boy’s fiance.  It was great! We enjoyed the “Minions” movie, perused every inch of the toy aisle, played in the pool and devoured a picnic lunch on the deck.   I appreciated the time I got with her and when littlest one took her hand or our grandson excitedly showed her his new Yu-gi-oh cards, my heart swelled.  I liked that she was comfortable with us but I loved that the kids were comfortable with her.


Going back to my routine, none of my “regularly scheduled” Saturday programming took place.  I found myself out of sorts when I woke this morning but then I reflected on all that yesterday was and couldn’t help but smile. If my biggest challenge today is to shorten my coffee-sipping and blog reading times, speed up the grocery run and cook one meal, not two, that’s just fine.    Why?  Because I’ve found the best way to show your love is to happily give someone your time.


“The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now.”  ― Rick Warren


Can you relate to this?  Are you a schedule follower?  If you deviate from your schedule how does it affect you? Do you resent it or lean into it – and, does it depend for whom you deviate?

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12 thoughts on “Love is time

  1. I tend to like a schedule, but after being married to Motor Man all these years, I’ve learned to just “go with the flow”. One day, I thought we were driving a few miles to have breakfast, and we ended up in the Outer Banks (2 hours away) for the day. My return trip home was much later in the day! And he tends to do things like that quite often.
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday as much as you did your Saturday!

  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Time is the best way to show our love, MJ. What better gift could we give to the people that we love. Time creates memories and they are forever. Oh, and as far as a schedule for me, that flew out the window the day I retired!! Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  3. Perfect timing with this post, MJ. I’ve been out of sorts for weeks because my schedule is off due to spending so much time helping my parents prepare to move. And this weekend my schedule was even more out of whack with other commitments. I’ve been feeling a bit anxious, wondering how I’m going to get caught up on my usual stuff.

    And then I read this, and was reminded that what I’ve been doing is more important than making sure the house, laundry and grocery shopping are all done as thoroughly as I’d like. We’ll get by if there’s a little dust, and if some of our clothes aren’t clean. And we’re certainly not going to starve.

    So glad you got to have some quality time with loved ones.

    • Glad this quote and post helped you; what you’ve been working on is tiring, draining and emotionally challenging. But so worth it – I’m glad they have daughters like you and your sister who are in there getting it done. Just think of how much better you’ll feel once they’re moved and settled? 🙂


  4. Yes, I like routine enough to plan my days, but it can be hard to get more than a week or two of routine at a time, we’re on the move so much. Still, I have mini-routines built within each day, and that grounds me…certain sites I read, small rituals of morning coffee and meditation. All good. I love the quote! You find the best ones! 🙂 ~ Sheila

  5. Since I’m not working, I don’t have a set schedule. That was a hard habit to break, but it was so stressful. Now I’m learning to not plan so much and enjoy what each day brings.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! “Time”, it’s just everything isn’t it!?
    You kinda know me by now – there isn’t a personal “schedule” in my life and hasn’t since before we moved from Michigan …. And I’m totally okay with it; love it actually!
    I get the one major thing worked in, “on purpose” stretching and then some form of exercise if I won’t be on foot much for the day. Either the hotel gym if there is one or I use the stair wells for some cardio if there isn’t. It’s all good. 🙂

    • .. love your purposeful stretching/movement theme! When I was in D.C. I took the hotel stairs every day – and ramped up my steps counted on the FitBit.

      I think I’m someone who will always have somewhat of a schedule – mostly to ensure I don’t slip into the lap of laziness and a book coma 🙂


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