Random 5 Friday and special occasions

It’s Friday and the day after Thanksgiving, and Black Friday for all the shoppers. Here are 5 randoms from my world this week:

1  Sent most of the leftovers home with oldest boy & his family last night.  It’s yummy and all but one plate of that calorie-dense food is enough for me.  I’m still full today! Normally I would have enjoyed a piece of pie with my morning coffee today but instead I opted for a nutrient-rich Nutribullet smoothie.  It’s all about balance.  And saving room for a burger later. 🙂



2  The house still smells like Thanksgiving dinner.    There’s no candle that could match it!


3  When I was a girl Mom’s Holiday table was a sight to see  – she used her  best china, cut crystal and tablecloths. The table was set several days ahead and we’d circle it, marveling at the tiny decorated Christmas trees or crafted pumpkins down the middle. At mealtime we were given a small bit of Ginger Ale to sip from a goblet, and she served shrimp cocktail to all – young and old. Learning to use those tiny forks and handle fine china – those experiences are precious to me.   Most importantly, she taught us not to save our best for company but to share with all who gather.   The grands are learning how to leave the table without taking the table-cloth with them, they have their own “special” goblets to use, and they and our boys have learned they’re special enough to warrant the good stuff.

cut crystal

“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.” – Mary Manin Morrissey


4  When asked recently if I would be shopping on Black Friday I gave my patent response, “Not without a gun to my head.”  You see I tried it once, years ago, and it was miserable. Life lessons abound, though, because standing in line for a long time affords one the opportunity to determine how badly you want/need the item you’re about to “save” $$ on.  I remember putting it back and leaving the store where I waited for my friends in the fresh air.  People rushed past me, I was the only one smiling, and I learned I’ll happily 1) pay full price to avoid all that or 2) go without.

5  Saw this a few days ago and knew you needed to see it, too.  Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

grateful for

** How was your “Turkey” Day?

What traditions have you kept from your childhood and which ones have changed? **

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19 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday and special occasions

  1. Diane Helminiak

    At one of my previous jobs, I always had to work on Black Friday so I would get up earlier than usual while hubby and kids slept in, drove to my one of my favorite shopping store. It’s the one that I can get electronics, cat food or groceries. It was so crowded in the electronics area (I think I was looking for a DVD player), that I went to the grocery department and shopped for the next week’s food. I was the only one there. I still had to stand in line for an hour to get checked out, but I had time to go home, unload and get to work… I decided not to go grocery shopping on Black Friday again.

  2. I got my Starbucks this morning and it’s a standalone store on a mall property. It was around 8 and while there were cars, it wasn’t too crazy. Best of all there was only one person ahead of me at SB. Either they shopped last night, on-line (like I did) or were getting there later. Whichever worked for me! I bet it’s crazy there now.

    • Around here it didn’t seem like such a crowd this year, at least according to the news. And a lady got robbed at my grocery store – in the bathroom – by some punk kid. Happy Holidaze! MJ

  3. Ah, totally agree with all of these! I avoid black Friday…I don’t mind a little bit of the seasonal shopping crowds, but I don’t get into the whole competitive sport element of shopping at midnight! Still, for some people it’s fun…to each his own!
    I love your philosophy of training the little ones to use the “good stuff” and the message that the good stuff is for them as well as adults. Such an important point to make! Thanks for the reminders! Happy weekend! ~ Sheila

    • I love a little seasonal outing, too, but not the big crowds and long lines. I have girlfriends who love it and have made it into an outing of sorts. Not for me, thanks.

      Yes the littles need to know how to handle delicate things and appreciate the significance of them 🙂 MJ

  4. the tradition of getting together as a larger family group has continued..used to be with my mom’s siblings and the cousins, now it’s my siblings and all the little ones (Mom and dad are both still very much alive and were there again yesterday) Bingo after we eat is a tradition… can’t think of anything we have stopped doing..I did behave myself yesterday and didn’t founder on all the great food… 🙂 I made the bird and came home with the leftovers..I love turkey 🙂

  5. Love, love, love all these! Special quote about using our best, not saving it for….???? The thankful list is great, too.
    My Thanksgiving tradition: when I was a child, Mom and I always drove to my sister’s house out in the country and had dinner with her, her husband and their 4 children. Mom’s been gone for 20 years, my sister died in July, and the 4 children are “sorta” scattered around: the farthest one away being in Texas. She and her son were here this year (staying with us). I cooked breakfast for them (and Marshall). Then, we took part in OUR Thanksgiving tradition: riding out in the country…past the yard where my sister’s house used to be.

    • I love that you shared your past tradition of riding out in the country and visited places of significance to you 🙂 It must have been so wonderful to have your niece and great-nephew with you, JR and Marshall!! Cheers~ MJ

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your grateful list is wonderful and so true. I am truly NOT a Black Friday person. No one needs anything that bad! We had a very pleasant Thanksgiving at my Aunts out in the country.

  7. I’m surrounded by reminders to live “now.” Your post is just the latest. Too bad it takes reaching nearly half a century of life to learn this lesson, but better late than never. I find myself lately thinking in terms of the list in your fifth random. Thanks for the reminders!

    I avoid even leaving the house on Black Friday if at all possible. I like to spend the days following Thanksgiving by putting up the tree, hanging out with my kids, eating, being lazy and enjoying all the things that are rarities in everyday life.

    p.s. This comment should link to my new place. Would love to have a visit from you if and when you’ve got some spare time. 🙂

    • I will visit your new site for sure! Black Friday was spent sleeping in and being lazy, putting away some yard furniture, and siphoning water off the pool cover before it freezes into a big block of ice.

      My sisters are sorting through Mom’s “stuff” and the conversations have made me think about all the “stuff” I already have and how I don’t really want any more 🙂 MJ

  8. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We didn’t do Black Friday either. Nothing could get me out there on that day! Instead we enjoyed a lovely day at home together. It was exactly in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

  9. No shopping for me on Black Friday–or Thanksgiving, for that matter! We did visit a couple small local businesses Saturday, and I’ve shopped online this evening. I’ve seen a shorter version of the Grateful List, this is a good one. As a child, Thanksgiving dinner was at my mom’s table, now it is at my daughter’s. Hers is a family of nine, and easier for the two of us to go there than for them to come here.

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