Monday wonderings

Woke up to thunder and lightning yesterday, and temps later climbed to 65F here in West MI.   Firing up the oven, I wrangled my cookie sheets and recipe cards and started my Christmas baking.   Sometimes I can be a bit dense – as it took me a while to figure out why I got so warm (I thought it was just a surge)  – between the temps and humidity outside, Hubbs having the furnace set to 72, and the fact that I was wearing sweats  (hello!) I thought I was going to melt along with the chocolate.  I changed into shorts & a tank top, cracked the windows to cool me down and soon got into a baking rhythm, making cookies, fudge, candies and such.  I love those kinds of afternoons because time stands still while I sort, measure, stir and create.   Between 12 and 4pm I clocked 5 miles on my Fit-bit.  5 miles – inside the house – up and down stairs, doing laundry, vacuuming, and baking.   (( The Holidays aren’t for sissies!! ))

And when 5:00 rolled around it occurred to me that we now had a freezer full of sweets but no food (!) ~ back into the kitchen I went to make dinner.

Later, as I faded into my recliner, I talked with my Sister so I could get an update on Mom ( it’s not great); we later chuckled how both of us had put in a Holiday-baking-wrapping-cleaning marathon yesterday and, while neither of us are sick (bonus!) we both felt like biscuits:

busted can of biscuits

Why am I doing all of this now?  I just have a feeling that life as I know it is about to change.  That I may have to step out of my life here and head home to another.  And being busy helps me cope when there’s nothing I can do but …  think.

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photo credit

What’s on your mind this Monday?


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22 thoughts on “Monday wonderings

  1. I feel like baking/cooking is a kind of meditation for me. I truly go into a “zone”. It’s nice to forget about our worries for a bit this time of year. Sorry to hear about your mom.

    • Any kind of cooking is therapeutic for me – with one exception: weeknight/after work cooking. That’s more of a “get it done” moment. That’s why I use the crock pot a lot during the week and cook 2 meals on Sundays 🙂 I appreciate your kind thoughts, thank you! MJ

  2. Diane Helminiak

    My Monday is filled with a little worry. My boss texted several of us about a meeting first thing in the morning. I don’t think it’s anything more than him trying to stay organized during the last couple days of Obamacare, but getting a text on my day off throws me off my game. Besides we are the organized women in the office who get things done. Bossman is always confused. Some days he just needs to let us run the show.

  3. Denise

    I can relate, about 3 years ago we had to put my mom in a nursing home just before the Holidays. I baked so much that year that even after giving dozens sway, we still had cookies in the freezer until March! Sorry your mom isn’t doing well, I will keep you in my prayers.

    • I remember you telling me that story, Denise, but also how you were able to (almost magically) find just the right home at just the right time. 🙂 That story lifts me! She has good days and bad, and the bad days are … bad. Thank you for the prayers; her circumstances remind me that all I really want can’t be wrapped. Except in love! MJ

  4. Cooking/baking is therapy for me too. There’s a wonderful product at the end. My mother passed in January so I know all about having holidays that aren’t always upbeat with emergency trips and a lot of anxiety. Today my beloved cat is in for dental surgery. I’m a basket case as always. Over the weekend I was dying from heat too when I realized I had my favorite fleece shirt on. We almost hit 70. Can’t stand to wear it when the outside temps are over 50. I was ready to stand naked outside to cool down! Hugs to you!

    • I hope your Kitty made it through the surgery with no major issues 🙂 Your fleece story is similar to mine, b/c the pants were a fleecy knit. Good Lord, I thought I was going to burst into flames. Once I changed I was happy again 🙂 MJ

      • When I hit a certain age I was never again completely comfortable. I am either hot or cold and I don’t know which is worse. This weather has been wonky. Flannel sheets on the bed and it’s 60 outside.

      • I’m rarely cold anymore 🙂 Have a great day! MJ

  5. This morning, I’m just taking a big breath and letting it out slowly. It’s the first day in way too long that I have the house to myself. My son was sick last week and missed too much school. He’s back at school, hubby’s at work, it’s thick fog outside, and I’m totally relaxing before I get on with my doing. Doing holiday baking when it’s so warm outside is definitely strange. Good to listen to that intuition about life possibly changing at any moment. With your mom not doing so well, it’s better to be prepared for anything, be it good or not.

    • You are a wise, wise lady to slow down and take care of yourself. I hope everyone in your home is healthy and well now!! We’ve had a lot of fog here, too, what is up with that? MJ

  6. hummmm.You and I are close to being @ that same stage of life…you are a few steps ahead of me w/ your mom’s situation. I think ever since you you posted that post earlier this summer about you and your mom’s plans to attend a wedding together and wanting to make memories together, I have been much more tuned into the health of my own mom and dad…they are both starting to show some marked signs of decline… Thinking about you, your mom and your family…DM

    • Thank you, DM, yes many of us are in the “sandwich” generation, between our kids and parents. My sisters have the Lion’s share of the work, obviously, but that doesn’t exempt me from the worry.


  7. Oh, MJ….I’m not liking the sound of things….please know that you’re in my thoughts. You make me tired just reading all that you did yesterday! You’ll have to message me with info about the Fitbit; thinking of asking Santa for one! 😉
    Love the busted can of biscuits reference…I think we can all relate at times.
    Take care of YOU.

    • Thank you Dianna, I took yesterday off to get a few things finished up here AND a massage – whee! It was wonderful, and I felt great satisfaction knowing that if something happens I could step out of one life and into the other without the wheels falling off. There are a lot of Fit bits, I bought the Flex, it tracks steps and sleep. There are more fancy ones that do more things, but that’s all I wanted. I would encourage you to read the reviews on Amazon. Also, you wear it on your non dominant hand – and I bought a 3 pack of colorful (interchangeable) bracelets on Amazon so I could mix it up. I love it and find it to be a great motivator to keep moving (my job would have me at a desk 12 hrs a day if I let it),

      Hugs! MJ

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It is nice to have your Christmas baking behind you, I bet. I certainly understand keeping busy to keep things off your mind. Will be praying for your Mother and you.

  9. Baking is therapeutic, takes one’s mind off other things, as you said. Though we know your mom is never far from your thoughts. Praying for both of you at this time. It gets downright miserable in a hot kitchen, shorts and tank top are much better suited for a 5-mile day IN the house!

    • You’re right; I did get to talk with her a few nights ago. She just sounds so little and so tired. I know she is receiving good care, and I know that her little self is just wearing out. I think our forecast is about to change for the colder so my tank top baking days are probably over … oh well!! Bring on the snow 🙂 MJ

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