Curtain intolerance

It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure, this Wheat Belly way of living – eating differently, thinking differently, feeling differently.  Sleeping differently, looking differently.  All different – good – wonderful – but different.   Empowering different.

Hubbs is on board, cheering me on.  Youngest boy enjoys being my “sample taster.”  Friends are asking questions.   One has reacted negatively, because when you change it can create friction in a relationship – your change, motion, and movement can make another feel like they’re standing still.   Years ago I would have stopped my progress to rush back and “save” her and our rapport.  Not anymore.

Talking with a colleague about her unhappy relationship I listened in sadness as she described all she does for her boyfriend and how little it’s appreciated.  I listened as she told me about taking his kids to school, along with hers, how he doesn’t like it when she has to travel because he must assume her role.  It’s been three years and there’s no ring on her finger and between you and me, I don’t think he ever intended to put one there.  I listened until I couldn’t and then asked her this, “If you had a girlfriend telling you all this, what would your advice be?”

self talk

Making small changes to better my health have me feeling like I lifted the curtain – I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.    The  view has sharpened.  It has less to do with what I’m eating and more to do with (finally) putting my name on that d*mn “to-do” list I’ve carried for 30 years.  And when you do it, finally do it, the clarity you enjoy lessens tolerance for the curtains around you.

My colleague?   Settling for an unhealthy relationship with a guy who treats her badly.  I can’t save her.  She has to save herself.

Can you relate to this post?  Are you on your “to do” list?  What messages have you told yourself and are you willing to change the message?


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~e.e. cummings

emjayandthem in grade one

emjayandthem in grade one

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16 thoughts on “Curtain intolerance

  1. I am learning to put myself first once in a while. There are some who don’t like it much – but I like it!

    • Yes and yes~ 🙂 Thanks Nancy; I just loaned out my signed copy of your “Just what I’ve always wanted” novel — so good! Cheers! MJ

  2. Had some friends like that. One guy I remember vividly. He always had issues with girlfriends, different ones. It wasn’t them, it was him. Whenever I’d point that out, he’d glaze over and change the subject. Had to write him out of my life. Haven’t heard from him in 15 years but I bet he’s at the same spot.

  3. Good stuff MJ.

    • thank you RR. How’s life in Iowa these days? Seen any politicians? 🙂 MJ

      • How’s my life? I’m running up and down basketball courts, having a blast but not losing the fifteen pounds that I put on over the summer and fall. WTH?! Must be those mid-life German hips starting to kick in. 🙂

        I’m avoiding the political stuff. It saddens me that we can’t have an honest adult dialogue about issues, even if we disagree about them.

        I’m really happy that you’re doing so well on your Wheat Belly diet. It has to feel amazing to not be in pain, feel more energetic and sleep better. Keep us posted!

        How’s your Mom?

        Good talking with you.

      • I know you love the running up and down the court thing 🙂 and I hear you on the politics = craziness sometimes!

        WB is a way of eating for me now, 2nd nature. I slept 9 hours last night — continuing to lose lbs and inches, and it’s been fun to shop my closet 🙂 NO chronic neck pain, even my chiropractor commented on how much easier it is to adjust me now, I just “move” better. Next step is exercise and I am going to go back to yoga – 🙂

        Mom is up and down but currently up 🙂 She is comfy where she is and that is very comforting ~ Thank you for asking kind sir! 🙂 MJ

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    My husband and I sense we have retired have changed our thinking some. We are trying to do what best for us now and some family and friends don;t like that. It not that we do care for others,we do, but in the past we put everyone else first. I think we are get to a age we should change some of our thinking. Keep up the good work, MJ

    • Good for you! We started doing the same about 2 years ago – we used to run around nearly every weekend with the same friends, great people & lots of fun. But by Sundays we’d both be wiped out and cranky. Now we always stay home on Fridays and have a quiet night together – Saturdays are a possibility, not an obligation – and Sundays are all mine!! It takes time to put ourselves on that list 🙂 MJ

  5. I think I do a pretty good job of keeping myself on the to-do list. I manage to exercise, get enough sleep and eat fairly decently. But when something’s gotta give – it’s probably going to be me.

  6. I’ve finally made that list, so now I can focus on it. I feel for your coworker and hope she can do the right thing for herself. Like you said, it’s hard to make those changes sometimes.

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