Random 5 Friday – home parties, epiphanies and chick-chats

It’s Friday and I’m happy about that because there’s something particularly challenging about slogging through a January work-week.  Lack of sunlight, yes, but I’m convinced all those new year, new budget cycle spreadsheets and projects have something to do with it, too.  OK – so here goes:

1  **Language warning**  but this made me laugh and snort my coffee:

quit eating shitty food

2 Home parties?  Hate them.  This is the time of year (long winter, folks are bored, I get that) that I get a bunch of invites to parties selling stuff I have no interest in.  Carrying stuff.  Crafting stuff.  Cleaning stuff.  Jewelry stuff. More. Stuff.  I have enough stuff. I don’t even like the stuff I have.  I don’t want more. Make it stop.


Almost as painful as those stupid shower games!

3   Had a lab follow-up appt with my Doctor yesterday.  This was to compare lab results from November to now.  My total cholesterol is  down 22pts, blood sugars are down 20 (not pre-diabetic but hovered close to it), Vit D is up, Thyroid stabilized (on meds ) and the best part was my Doc saying “I see no reason to change what you’re doing, it’s obviously working for you!” – Also – no recent resp infections (I had 5 last winter!). On the Wheat Belly way of eating I’ve shrunk – lost 10 lbs, 11″ and all BODY ACHES + chronic pain and inflammation.  I’m eating yummy real foods and today marks my 25th Day … not going back.

Picture on the Left taken Dec 29th, picture on right taken Jan 27th!   ( My motivation to change here:  Sisters don’t need words )

wb dec to jan.png

I’ve got some sass in my stance now! 🙂  An Emjayandthem (C) photo


20 days!

20 days!! and Emjayandthem (C) photo

4 Had a wonderfully hilarious soul-fulfilling afternoon with a dear friend this past week (the day that picture above was taken).  We laughed and talked and laughed again. We commiserated, strategized, supported and plotted.  I don’t know many like her – maybe 3 – and when I get the opportunity to be with her my soul sings.    I see the possibilities.  I realize that this is what I yearn for – a pal and a confidante who knows full well that the worst decisions always make the best stories and that a few hours of “chick-chat” can beat years of therapy.  Here’s to soul-sisters and great friends!

Good Friends


5  Something else happens when you finally put yourself on that stupid “to-do” list you’ve been carrying forever:  you become a little kinder.  To yourself. You start to appreciate all the nonsense your poor body has tolerated because of your choices over all these years.  And when it quietly whispers “thank you” and begins to function again as it was designed to do you catch yourself in a puddle of tears -tears of gratitude for what’s to come.

my body my friend


And how was your week?


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19 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday – home parties, epiphanies and chick-chats

  1. What a great positive post, MJ. (Well, except for the home parties….sheesh. I was invited to a jewelry party this week. Sorry, already have plans that night!) You look GREAT, my friend!

  2. Diane Helminiak

    When we met for lunch a few months ago, I thought you looked wonderful. Now you look (and feel) better than wonderful. Is that wonderfuler??? Congratulations on your way of living now, Marilyn. I have been watching my bread intake (Watch it as it goes in my mouth), but baby steps for me…

    I was one of those home party people (Tupperware and Avon lady). We are just trying to make a living…or some extra money. I like to trade up. Buy new, donate or sell old so I love parties because unfortunately, that’s my social life.

    I am noticing the days getting longer. Out of work at 5 and it’s still light. We will soon see the warmer weather and spring will be here. Can’t wait!!!

    • Aww thank you Diane. I feel wonderful, that’s the biggest change. I have so much hope about what’s to come b/c I finally feel WELL~!

      Love the home parties (the party part) but not the being guilted into buying stuff I don’t want or need. Now I just politely decline; thankfully, of the last 2 invites, I am already scheduled to be out of town so that let me say no more easily.

      Yes – still daylight after work is a very good thing!!

      PS I rec’d your sweet card a couple of days ago, you are such a kind soul. xoxo MJ

  3. Lots of good stuff. My favorite, (for you) is hearing about the great time of connecting with your friend. My week has been full and random. (I too had a followup with the Doc) As he was walking out the door after our appointment, he turned and said I am doing a great job with how I take care of myself. 🙂 That made me feel good. I’d bought one of those blood pressure machines the first of the year and have been checking it @ home (pre-coffee) my numbers were good….the reason I started doing that was because every time I have the blood pressure checked,when I go in, it’s running boarderline high..I’ve contended, it was A. because I was jacked up on too much coffee, and B. White coat syndrome. So past two weeks readings @ home confirmed I was right 🙂 Last thing I wanted was to get stuck on some drug I don’t need.thanks for asking 🙂 DM

    • That is awesome news DM. You’re right about the white coat syndrome, Hubbs bp goes up 25 pts in there, too. And the coffee – yep – that is probably a big part of it.

      Good for you doing so well and also getting feedback to confirm that, doesn’t that feel good? 🙂 Yeah!!


  4. Home parties. I duck and bob when it comes to those. Worse than the guilt to buy something is the stupid juvenile games they make you play. Sounds like your week was great. So good to hear. Januaries can be testy (or they can make me testy)!

    • I think the guilt purchase is tied with the stupid games. I’m all about the party part, bring on the yummy snacks and mingling, but leave me out of the rest !!

      The week was great, and a big part of it lies in feeling better/healthier. So pumped!!!


  5. You look fabulous but that’s just a bonus because you feel better and your numbers are better!! What a great start to 2016!

  6. Great post -The diet suggestion made me smile. And, it’s good to know that other people feel the same way that I do about home parties. 🙂

  7. As I’m suffering through my second head cold of the winter, and as my lower back is aching, and as I can feel how great you’re feeling through your words … I’m again wondering why I didn’t pick up the wheat belly book when I had the chance. I guess I’m feeling like I won’t be able to squeeze in one more “out of the norm” thing in my life. But it can’t hurt to read it, right???

    Home parties … I politely decline them all!

  8. What a wonderful transformation! I’m so thrilled for you. Chick chats- yes, they are the best. Hope your week is going well!

  9. I usually ask for a catalog and place an order if it’s something I’m interested in. Not much for the whole party thing.
    For the first time in my life, I have a friend like that. We try to have lunch once a week, and miss it when we can’t.

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