Random 5 Saturday- Radiators, Revolutions & True loves

Here we are at Saturday again and this week felt like four-in-one.

1.       Attended a meeting in an ancient City Hall recently and noticed steam radiators at the back. They took me back to grade 6 in our tiny prairie school.  That’s where we defrosted (homemade) wool mittens and, in a stroke of pure genius, my cousin and I convinced Mom and Aunt Irene to pack us grilled cheese sandwiches wrapped in foil. Why? About 30 minutes before noon you’d find those same foil packets set amongst the wet woolies and we’d guarantee ourselves ooey-gooey goodness for lunch.  I still remember the hissing and clanging sound those things made … and being cold most of the time.


2.       Went through a Starbucks drive-thru on my way back into town the other day. Now I don’t love Starbucks, as their coffee is a bit strong for me, and I’ve never adapted to their haughty sizing conventions. Venti-Grandayyyyy-whatever. I ordered a medium mild coffee with lots of cream and waited my turn in line. Well apparently we all waited too long because a gal behind me tooted her horn to get everyone going. Looking through the rear-view, I gave her what Mom always dubbed, “the look.” You know the look – you likely learned it from YOUR Mom. The look can turn someone into a pillar of salt. Anyways, confusing my acknowledgement for something else, she waved and offered what could politely be called a “hurry up” gesture.  Quietly and deliberately, I took my foot off the brake and put my car in park.  For a minute.  Or two. Maybe three? Who knows?  Just long enough to see her wave her hands and lose her you-know-what. Just long enough to send a message of, “Hey Honey, don’t mess with old(er) people.  Ta-wanda!”

 3.       Speaking of Tawanda, a bowling acquaintance told me I remind her of Kathy Bates in “Fried Green Tomatoes.”  I adore Kathy Bates but haven’t wrapped myself in Saran Wrap or hatched plans to smash some chick’s car in the parking lot … oh wait. See # 2. Ha!

I do love this movie!

I do love this movie!

4.        Next week oldest boy turns 30.  2 minutes ago he was this little.  Sniff, sniff.  He’ll always be my first true love.

That face! My boy. My first true love. An Emjayandthem (C) photo

That face! My boy. My first true love. An Emjayandthem (C) photo

5.       Yesterday marked 60 days grain-free.  60 days!  I’m feeling good, sleeping well, and no longer complain about aches & pains.  My skin’s happy, my clothes are looser, and I’ve found what works for me.  Social events are a challenge, travel can be as well, but you know what? I’m worth fighting for.  I’ve finally put myself on that d*mn to-do list I’ve carried around for 30 years.  Whoop!


What’s random in your world this week?  What revolutions have you inspired in your mind?  Did you have alternate uses for heating appliances as a kid?  What’s the last kind thing you did for yourself?

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21 thoughts on “Random 5 Saturday- Radiators, Revolutions & True loves

  1. My post tomorrow includes a rant about the SB drive-through line. People are crazy. This week we were wishing for spring big time. Hopefully we’ll get a taste next week.

  2. Love fried green tomatoes! It’s been a while. what’s random? Currently having a visit from a fellow blogger.this will be her 4th visit (I think) since 2008. Her and Mrs DM are out bumming this morning, hitting 2nd hand stores, and doing girly things. She comes to visit to get away for a break. I tried to get her to come w/ me to work yesterday to help pour concrete.she didn’t bite. Wanted to sleep in. Told me last night I need to bake her an apple pie before she leaves. I might. well, feel a nap coming on… fun post! DM

  3. I absolutely LOVED the grilled cheese story, as that is one of my all-time favorite foods.
    Here’s a drive-thru story for you. A few months ago, I was at McDonald’s, getting iced tea to go with our lunch. A yee-boy in a big pick-up truck was “staging” at the drive-thru, waiting to see which line moved first. I pulled around in front of him, and he blared on the horn. Then when I reached the order window and attempted to give my order, he blared on the horn again, and gestured at me with his middle finger. I put my car in park, got out and walked up to his truck window. I told him that if he was going to wait to see which line moved first, traffic would be backed up onto the street. He told me what I did was rude. As if giving me the finger, and blaring his horn while I tried to order WASN’T???! Oh, but I had the last word: when I got to the window, I paid for his lunch.

    • Love it Dianna! How perfect, a way to be nice and make your point! ~ Sheila

    • Grilled cheese sandwich might be the best sandwich ever made, unless you add tomato and bacon. Then THAT’s the greatest sandwich ever made!

      Wow that is quite an encounter you had; bless you for doing such a noble thing in the face of such anger. I hope he “got” the point. Somehow, I’m not sure. Still – you’re a better person than me for having done so! ❤ MJ

      • No, I don’t think he got it. The next day I asked the clerk at the drive thru window what his reaction was to me buying his lunch. (She & I had discussed his rude behavior the day before). She said it was almost like he thought that I SHOULD have done it….. Still, I did feel as though I had the last word!

    • Good job, Dianna!

  4. How strange that a friend and I were just talking about the old radiators and how they provided the nicest heat. And congratulations on your anti grain campaign! I am hanging on there but the weight hangs in there too.

    • They did provide a very bone-warming heat IF you were close to them. If you had the misfortune of having your desk at the FRONT of the classroom because perhaps you TALKED too much (like me – ha!) then it wasn’t terribly warm there.

      I am enjoying eating great foods and feeling well. It’s not always easy, social situations are challenging especially if there are friends who don’t understand and don’t want to – but I am finding my way. I could lose more, but I’m ok with losing slow. Maybe that means when it’s gone it’s gone? 🙂 Hugs! MJ

  5. Love this week’s list! Love grilled cheese! Well, I found something that we don’t have in common…I love strooonng coffee! The story’s cute though 🙂 ~ Sheila

    • I love farmer’s coffee IE strong Folgers or strong Maxwell House. But Starbucks is just a little too bitter for me 🙂 MJ

  6. Fried Green Tomatoes – one of my all time favorite movies!

    As for the Starbucks story, I was thinking you might say that the person ahead of you in the drive-thru paid for your order. That story didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped! 🙂 But really! What did that woman hope to accomplish by honking her horn? Did she not realize that if anyone ahead had the option to keep the line moving, that they’d have already done so? People are crazy.

    • That woman is someone who thinks her time is more important than everyone else’s and my guess she’s equally miserable everywhere she goes! 🙂 MJ

  7. My best friend had some old radiators in her house. They had wooden framework covering them with lots of holes – can’t remember if they were lattice or scroll work. In any case, we would dry our hats and mittens on them. Fond memories of playing in the snow. And a Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies ever. Ta-Wanda!

  8. I haven’t seen Fried Green Tomatoes yet! I knew I was missing something. I remember those radiators. They were handy for drying wet mittens. Smart girls, warming your grilled cheese.

    • great movie, lots of fun to watch, and the actors are perfection. Those radiators make me long for a grilled cheese right now 🙂 MJ

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