What stands between

Moving – it’s both exciting and an anxiety driver!

We don’t have a close date for our new house and haven’t yet listed this one but we’ve started the arduous process of sorting and packing  ~ because you have to start somewhere.  And in a 4 level 4 Br house with plenty of closet space guess what happens in 15 years?  You fill those closets and drawers.  And when you start to pack you find things that make you question why you saved what you did.

clutter Peter Walsh

Like our ideal rooms, Hubbs and my ideas of what stays and what goes can differ.  He casually commented on my many books – “not negotiable” is what he heard in reply.  He smiled in understanding and because he knows when not to push further.

There are things we can toss — he still had manuals to cars we no longer own. 5-year-old receipts.  Small appliances or other items  that don’t work.  Shoes that don’t fit. Clothing purchased by price point. All gone.

We found other items we can’t part with – handmade artwork featuring toothless little grins.  Baby clothes. Home videos. Pictures.

Then there are the gifts we’ve been given that were never used, supplies to gatherings we no longer host – serving trays and margarita glasses and party favors -all  in the Goodwill pile.  In fact, that pile is growing – and all of those useful items can bless someone else – silk plants, end tables, decorative vases, wall art, quilts, blankets, old printers, costume jewelry, throw pillows, Christmas stuff, clothes, shoes, purses and toys.  And more.

You see when you buy a new-to-you house part of the magic that transpires is picturing yourself living there.   You can dream out loud about colors and fabrics and textures and wish lists.  I want color – lots and lots of it – a lovely purpley-blue for my bedroom, a deep carmelly brown for the living room, bookshelves and reading chairs, and splashes of my favorite color – cobalt – peppered throughout. He likes clean lines and less stuff, the high ceilings and open spaces.  We agree on new appliances and cabinet pulls.  Because the test we’ve been applying is this one:

does it bring you joy

Packing is tiring and hard work. It’s emotional and exhausting.  But… it’s also liberating. Case in point: yesterday, down on my hands & knees with my face in books and CDs, I laughed at my “postponed decisions” (clutter) – and decided to gift someone else with my extensive Christmas music collection.  Why?  I have all the songs I love converted to Mp3s on my computer.  And if that crashes I’ll download more.  Whatever. Moving on.

We’ve got a long ways to go and a short time to get there … but we’ll tackle this as we always do: together. Laughing at what we find along the way and feeling good about what we let go.

~~ How about you? Got any moving tips?  What’s the one item you’ve taken from home to home?   What does your dream bedroom look like? ~~




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26 thoughts on “What stands between

  1. Good for you! I am not at all looking forward to moving (which isn’t even in the picture yet). I told my husband last week that we are going to dejunk our attic and basement together and be brutally honest. I love when you say you have serving things to host parties you no longer host. So do I. I can’t bear to toss them but haven’t found takers. Donate, donate, donate. Out there is some person who doesn’t want to spend a fortune for a party and they will be happy. Now do you need a bread maker? Used about 10 times. In great condition!

  2. I am just starting this process too. Thinking about downsizing. My husband is unsure, but I am ready to live with only what I love. His issue is that he loves everything.

    • Understandable! I used to love everything, now I look at most things and think “why?” Did I keep it because it’s connected to someone long gone? (sometimes). Did I keep it b/c I was in a hurry and threw it in a drawer (probably). Did I keep it because I just love it and can’t imagine going forward without it? (Not often!)

      Very interesting journey 🙂 MJ

  3. Oh, these are all the reasons I would dread moving. We’ve been here 28 years, and I’m constantly reminding myself to tackle small purging projects, but it’s not been nearly enough.

    Many of my books are in a Rubbermaid bin in a closet under the steps. Hmmm. I guess they’re not doing ANYone any good there. I’m going to have to adopt your “joy” test soon.

    • I have this thing with books … and I don’t think that will change for me anytime soon. Books, music and photos. The rest? Meh! MJ

  4. Ah, the cleanse! Loved doing this myself in 2014. We condensed a three story house into a one car garage size storage unit…got rid of most of the furniture and most of the stuff that went along with it. I decided to keep only things I would use in any future setting, regardless of location or style of home, and the sentimental things I couldn’t part with…and even those items were carefully selected. The sort I used was something between “what do I love / need” and “is this just something I’m going to keep in a box until my kids have to deal with it?” Some of those decisions are the hardest of all. And no one can do them for you! Sounds like you’re having fun, and dreaming big! ~ Sheila

    • I have thought of your car garage sized storage unit reference all week – wow! I like your thoughts about keeping what you love in any circumstance. That really helps whittle the list. 1/2 of what we have belongs to the boys – and I will take some along but not all 🙂 MJ

  5. We are doing the same thing currently (sorting and downsizing) just not moving 🙂 Fellow blogger Kristina spent several days with us, and has added some great objectivity. To help us stay focused and motivated, we watched a few episodes of Hoarders..Yea, wow…even though our place looks nothing like those shows, the same tendency to hold onto things for all of the same reasons/ excuses is present. Have fun and stay motivated! DM

  6. Oh, goodness: I don’t even wanna THINK about the time we have to declutter and pack up to move…! Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it, though.

  7. I envy you the moving and culling process MJ. There is something liberating in disposing of old “things” that we hang onto for old teasons. 😊

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sounds like you and hubby are on the right track, MJ. I must admit I love to clean out old items. Problem being I love to bring in new items. lol

    • ha ha! I don’t love shopping, never did, so thankfully I don’t have a tendency to bring in more. Much of what is going are gifts that I kept out of guilt. No more! MJ

  9. I do not envy you’re sorting and packing. The last two times I moved I owned next to nothing. Since then I’ve been living in a house that has truly become a home, and it’s quite full of stuff and clutter. I dread even thinking about one day moving. If our yard wasn’t so massive and the winters so dreary, I’d just stay here for the duration. But yard maintenance alone is almost too much for me now, never mind when I’m older. One thing that always moves with me, even when I worked on ship is my music. And my library will have to come with me.

    • yes – Music and my library are 2 non negotiables 🙂 I am saving up for a Bose stereo in the new kitchen – Whee! MJ

      • I got a small Bose portable speaker that lives mostly in my kitchen, that has both Bluetooth connectivity or a cord plug in, and I absolutely love, love, love it! The sound is incredible. I play music from my tablet to it pretty much every day. You’ll love whatever you get.

      • ooh having pre-bose enjoyment now! 🙂 Thank you!!

  10. We’ve lived in the same house nearly 40 years, so no moving tips from me! I’ve been trying to get rid of things still hanging around, unused, from the last time I went through closets and drawers. Thankfully, closets that aren’t very big are now an asset, as there’s little room for anything unused. My dream bedroom looks BIGGER, with paint all the same color, and doors on the closet. We ripped out the original closet to have a wall for our dresser w/mirror. The new closet is bigger, but some of the original construction of the wall is uneven where it slopes down from the ceiling and it will take a lot of work to make it right.

    • Ooh sounds dreamy! I will miss my current bedroom with its beautiful oak floors – the new house has carpet. Maybe we’ll find there’s wood floors underneath? Oooh! MJ

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