Move it on Over, Easter dresses, and progress

Here we are at Friday again ~  I took the day off for a few appointments and more moving-related stuff.  But I had to take a break and fill you in on some randoms this week.  Ready? Here we go:

1 Daylight savings came down this week.    I slept, on average, 4 hours (4!) the first 3 nights.  Whomever thought DST was a good idea is not a nice person and I’d like to personally give him a swift kick in the shins.   Geez!


2 Taking our grand-daughter dress shopping tomorrow since she needs a “flower girl” dress for the wedding this summer.  In her words, it needs to be “swirly, twirly and girly.”  Easter is upon us and there’s an abundance of pink, peach and mint confections hanging in the girl’s department.  When I see those dresses I think back to my Mary Jane shoes, white knee socks, cold legs, the smell of Lemon Pledge in our church pews and pie. I remember how we girls called them our “hard” shoes, and how your feet really didn’t move once they were inside.  And Easter could be early so there could still be ice in the yard; pretty Mary Jane shoes could cause a twirling girl to slip & slide if she wasn’t careful.  I’m betting grand-daughter MJ picks out the shiniest shoes in the store!

Mary Jane shoes: image

3 Sorting, packing. Packing, sorting.  Carloads to Goodwill, bags to the dumpster.   Not moving what I don’t love. Apparently … I don’t love much!  ❤ Except books. Books, music and photos. All are non-negotiable.  And I just ordered a new book. I know, I know.  Don’t tell Hubbs 🙂

i have to stop buying books

4 As I sort and pack, I listen to music, singing along and grooving to whatever comes up next on the Mp3 player.  This Hank Williams classic (written in 1947) played earlier today and I still laugh at the lyrics, especially the various “dog descriptions,”  example:

Came in last night at half past ten
That baby of mine wouldn’t let me in
So move it on over (move it on over)
Move it on over (move it on over)
Move over little dog ’cause the big dog’s moving in

She’s changed the lock on my front door
My door key don’t fit no more
So get it on over (move it on over)
Scoot it on over (move it on over)
Move over skinny dog ’cause the fat dog’s moving in

The dog house here is mighty small
But it’s better than no house at all
So ease it on over (move it on over)
Drag it on over (move it on over)
Move over old dog ’cause a new dog’s moving in

Here’s a sampling from a movie about him:

5  I hate the pic on the left but share it because this is where my Wheat Belly story began – today marks 74 days following a grain-free lifestyle.  13 lbs down & many inches lost, a size & 1/2 down in clothes, even my shoes are looser! Sleeping great, no aches, skin’s happier ~ just feeling good. No, wait, I feel great.  Vibrant! Alive! Awake!  Had many ups, a few downs (social outings are a challenge sometimes).  But it was THAT muffin faced picture that motivated me to change my life and I have.   I still have a way to go but cannot believe the difference in how I feel .. and look~!

An Emjayandthem(C) photo

An Emjayandthem(C) photo


How was your week?  Any randoms you care to share?  Did you survive Daylight Savings time?  What was your Easter outfit like as a child?  Do you remember Hank Williams songs playing in your kitchen, too?  What’s the last nice thing you did for yourself?

** Happy Friday!


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19 thoughts on “Move it on Over, Easter dresses, and progress

  1. I had 2 2-hour naps this week to recover from DST but I love the extra light at night. Now if only it would warm up again.

  2. We both shared time change thoughts in our Randoms today! Your little granddaughter sounds like your clone with the swirly, twirly and girly dress! (Would love to be a fly on the wall to watch you two shopping!)
    You are looking GREAT, my friend!

    • She had a wonderful time being the center of everything, and we ended up buying the first dress she tried on – it’s swirly, twirly and girly – and it’s similar in style to my soon to be DIL’s dress. The very best part of that day was seeing the obvious love & affection between the two. Made my heart sing! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words – I am feeling great, too !! MJ

  3. You look so fantastic MJ!!!! I am so impressed and I am continuing on the program but haven’t seen the same kind of progress – yet. There are some positive changes though and they keep me going. 🙂

    • Thank you Dor, I’ve had some ups & downs and slips & starts but have managed to stay with it about 95% of the time (travel and social situations can be challenging) – now this is just what I do and I’m comfortable that my body will continue to adapt. I’m not loosing great gobs of weight anymore, but it’s a slow and steady decline in the right direction – yay!! Cheers~ MJ

  4. YOU. LOOK. FABULOUS! (I feel like I should add “DAHLING” to the end of that.) You DO look fabulous, but most important is that you FEEL fabulous.

    Please excuse my abuse of the all-caps option!

    I don’t remember having patent leather Mary Janes. I remember ugly saddle shoes. I hated them. And dresses, for the most part. Except for a colorful plaid one that I willingly tolerated until I outgrew it. I was a tomboy through and through.

    I have similar habits where books and music are concerned. I bought a lot of e-books for a time, but discovered, I just like the real thing. And physical books are so much easier to share. Music? I still do both mp3 and CDs.

    • Thank you Terri, I feel wonderful! 🙂

      I like physical books, too, and am looking forward to a new bookshelf/reading corner in the new place ~ Happy Easter! MJ

  5. Congrats on being grain free! Such wonderful effects for you. Life here is busy and a bit stressful at the moment. Lots of big and uncomfortable changes going on. But I know that in time, a new normal will eventually be. Looking forward to that time.

    • It was the right move for me — I have been following along your adventures (!) and cheering you from afar. You are one Warrior Mother and I admire that about you Susan 🙂 MJ

  6. Diane Helminiak

    My hubby and I went back home to go to his uncle’s 80th birthday party. He told his wife that he didn’t think anyone would come…He was wrong. There was over 50 people squeezed into the little hall they rented. I guess it’s better to be standing then have a lot of empty seats. Much catching up with in laws, aunts, uncles etc. Aunt Helen looks great for probably being mid 70s now. I think her loud laughter, joking around and lots of smiles and hugs keeps her young. I think that is a good quality everyone should have.

    • Aww that is so special that you went to your Uncle’s party – and why not? Love that he didn’t think people would show but then they did ❤ MJ

  7. I can’t imagine what jet lag is like, if losing only one hour of sleep is so disruptive! I think I’ve adapted to DST now. There was always a new dress or outfit for Easter, and black patent-leather Mary Janes. And cold legs! Hank Williams was on the radio my brother carried into the living room. He had to keep his foot on it (serving as an antenna). Fond memories of him, but I couldn’t stand the music!

    • It takes me 2 weeks to adapt to DST! and remember white socks in the Mary Janes? (cold legs, the backs of our knees against cold church pews!)
      I grew up with Hank playin on the kitchen radio, so that twangy stuff takes me right back there 🙂 MJ

  8. Loved the movie clip. Tom Hiddelston has amazing range. Hard to believe he played Loki in the Thor movies.

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