Storytellers & Liars

“A storyteller makes up things to help other people; a liar makes up things to help himself.”
Daniel Wallace, The Kings and Queens of Roam

I have an intolerance for Liars, especially having worked with/for one for years (otherwise known as The Rat).

So I like to think I have a pretty good nose for such people.  But, sometimes, I think I have blinders on, too.

You see, there’s a quite a lot of my Mom in me, the gal who wants to take people at their word, believe that most harbor good intentions, and think things will work out as they should.

So it took me a little by surprise when someone I’ve been interacting with turned out to be a Rat.

A big juicy one.

A sneaky, smarmy twitchy one.

A dirty, dank deceitful one.

I don’t interact with this person every day or even every month, but events find  us at the same meetings from time to time.

It happened just the other day, I’d arrived to a meeting, grabbed my notepad and chatted with others near me.

Not long after, I caught him in a lie.  Not just a “white lie,” but a big, twisty, “If I lie enough times it will eventually be true” kind of lie.

And I knew it. And he knew I knew it.

And the stance he took could only be interpreted as this, “What are you going to do about it?”

if you tell the truth you dont have to remember anything copy

Prickles ran up my back when I realized he thought I’d just sit there, with a room of witnesses, and “pretend” that I didn’t know what I knew.

So here’s what I did:  I asked him a question.  A pointed and strategic question.  The kind of question that you only can answer if you’re not a liar.  He blustered. He fumbled. He turned red. He turned on me.  He changed the subject.  All the while I looked at him and eventually, I smiled.  And he was caught.   I wonder if he’d been so used to lying that he thought no one would ever call him on his b.s.?  At the break a couple people commented on the exchange, and said they were surprised he was so “prickly” about my simple question (there’s that word again) and that I’d stayed calm as he came unhinged.

My response?  “I’m the youngest of 5 kids, 2 of which were brothers, plus a host of cousins.  You can’t know how many places I’ve been locked into. I can hold my own, don’t worry about me.”

I didn’t slander him, I didn’t smear him, but he knows that I know and I think sometimes that is enough.

He’s not likely to change his ways and I don’t care if he does.

But he knows that I know.

  * * *

How about you?   Do you know people who lie so much they might-as-well be a rug?  Do tell!

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15 thoughts on “Storytellers & Liars

  1. My son had a high school classmate (hesitate to call him a friend) who was a pathological liar.He would come home from hanging out with him and tell us some of the stuff he would say, and we would just scratch our heads. Reminds me of our current president….

    .“I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.” — Barack Obama, 6/23/07
    Since the bill was passed, the cost of coverage has increased by $4,000 per year, with big increases expected again this fall. At the same time, deductibles have risen by over 80%.

  2. Ooooh, good for you! I would have paid admission to see that show! Someone close to me seems to enjoy drama. Most of the time, she just exaggerates things, but every once in awhile, it’s an outright lie. I don’t recall it ever actually HURTING anyone, but it’s just not right. And it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She once told an older lady that her birthday was the following week, so the older lady would make her a homemade birthday cake. Her birthday wasn’t for MONTHS to come….. I was shocked. She just laughed it off. ????

  3. Yes. I have a colleague who is a pathological liar. I called her out on it about a month ago and this was her response: “I bind that and cast that far away”.
    She likes to bring Jesus in to it to validate her lies. My response: “Not sure of what I said you are binding and casting. Just sad at your lack of loyalty and more importantly, honesty.”
    Haven’t heard from her since.

    • Her statement doesn’t make sense to me: she binds up the lie and casts it away? What does that even mean? If it’s not close to me it wasn’t real? You’re fortunate she hasn’t been back 🙂 MJ

      • I think she is saying she “binds up and casts away” my statement to her. Who knows. As I said, she likes to bring Jesus in to the conversation to gloss over the fact that she is lying. Still haven’t heard from her 😉

  4. Yes, I do know someone like that who hoodwinks the ones who most want to believe positive things. It is always a shock to realize there are such people in the world. I think you handled that liar very well indeed.

  5. Constance Ripley

    Its not a coincidence that you were both there. “Someone” put you there to hold the rat accountable. He’s been put on notice that you won’t tolerate his behavior. Good for you. 🙂

    • A few mornings ago I read an inspirational quote that God puts you in tough circumstances sometimes b/c he knows you can handle it and b/c your faith is strong enough to survive the test. The reason He does this is to let others witness it and give them strength for future tests. I found that comforting and it made me want to pick up my sword and shield and do some more!! MJ

  6. Maybe I’m naive, or maybe it’s the nature of the business in which I work, or maybe I’m just fortunate, but I haven’t encountered anyone like this … at least in my adult life. Good for you for calling this guy out!

  7. Good job, MJ! I’m proud of you for making him squirm! LOL Yes, I know someone, actually a couple of them. You just never know what you can believe, so I don’t pay much attention to what they have to say.

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