Random 5 – Mom looks, phone calls, traffic, forgetting and Pearls

We’re halfway through May ~ wow!  I’ve been traveling so much that I was halfway through April when I realized my desk calendar said … March.  And wouldn’t you know that, ever since my last post, I’ve been craving Penny Candy?  🙂

I’m not here as much anymore, sorry, but I do read your posts when I can, and I think about writing. I really do.  I just … well … 10 & 12 hour work days + night meetings + copious travel and … yeah, you get it.   Something’s gotta give … and this g-a-v-e.

But a few randoms caught my attention lately and I thought “those would be great for the blog” – so here we go.   Random 5 on a .. gulp .. Wednesday.

(1)  Mother’s Day was great – relaxing – joyful.  The boys came and went, chats were had, hugs and presents were given.  Didn’t need anything fancy – just them.

… and we laughed about the power that IS “the Mom look”

( 2 )  Is it just me or has there been an uptick in anonymous calls?  Home, office and cell phone.  Hey, pal, if you can’t even announce who you are, I’m not answering.  This isn’t 1974 when no calls were ignored …!

( 3 )  My face.  In traffic.  Every day.  Except I’m dressed.

( 4 )  Did this the other day — walked around looking for my glasses which were on my head.  Geez Louise.   Have you gone to the basement and walked around wondering why you were there?  Came back up only to remember?  Gah!

( 5 )   An Auntie shared this photo recently of Dad’s mother, Grandma Pearl.  I get my naturally curly hair from her.  She was a marvelous cook ~ her pan-fried burgers with sautéed onions were to die for ~ and her baking was out of this world.  Sometimes she let me help – such a privilege!  I had the good fortune (and prior planning – wink wink) to be over for a noontime visit she’d invite me to stay for lunch with her and Grandpa and, before lunch even started (translate feast) she’d hand me a plate and ask me to go pick out baking for dessert — in the basement she had a freezer full of baked treats – gingerbread cookies, short breads, “Aunt Mary’s cookies,” home-made donuts, tarts, bars and more.  Any lucky grandchild carrying the plate could simply tip-toe down the gleaming white stairs to the baking freezer, crack open the lid and take our pick from the plethora of homemade goodness that lived there.  Setting the selections aside as we enjoyed lunch together, the treats would quickly defrost.  After lunch, Grandpa would dip spoonfuls of sugar into his coffee/cream, they’d quietly nibble their selections in the midst of  the clatter my stories must have generated.    When I see her face, I’m transported to the summers of my girlhood — pigtails, my pony tucked in the barn or a 10 speed right at the front door.  I feel again what I’d always known to be true.  Something they didn’t speak of, you had to be there to feel it.  Loved.

This picture taken in 1923 ~ 94 years ago ❤️ Pearl was 19. Her only daughter passed away on Mother’s Day ~ hard for us but a gift to her.  An Emjayandthem (C) Photo


What’s new in your world?  Did your Mom have “the Mom look” down?  What picture or fragrance transports you back to your Grand parents?  Do tell!

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12 thoughts on “Random 5 – Mom looks, phone calls, traffic, forgetting and Pearls

  1. I think that the older we get, the more important memories are. My mother’s parents lived next door to us for the first nine years of my life. She was fond of cooking chicken livers and onions, something I haven’t eaten in almost 50 years, but I’ll never forget the aroma and whenever I smell it, I’m transported back.

    The funeral liturgy of many “Eastern Orthodox” traditions includes a variation of the phrase “May Their Memory be Etenal” or “Eternal Memory,” which is repeatedly chanted at various times during the funeral.

    May we always remember those special people in our lives and be thankful for them.

    • I was very lucky to have my paternal Grandparents located on a farm less than a 1/4 mile away – a quick walk, pony ride or bike jangle over there – conveniently at lunch time was my prefernce.

      Yes may their memory be Eternal — for me, they are. Such a profound influence in my life, grounding me in love and tradition. Thank you, MJ

  2. Karen

    My great-grandmother’s name was Pearl. I have always thought that a beautiful name.

    I remember the smell of L’air du Temps powder, my grandma kept it in the bathroom, as well as her Maja soap. Both were fairly pricey, but I could use them as long as I wasn’t wasteful. She did have a look. And a yardstick. Number 2 came quickly if you ignored Number 1. I learned early. She was a real gem among women.

    My mom did have “the mom look”, but it was a look all her own and not a face. She always dressed as though she the hippest person in the room. (She usually was.) I remember her glitter nail polish and Miami Vice colors for her outfits. It all matched her personality. Her friends at work called her Rainbow Brite. Her smell was Charlie. As much as I couldn’t stand it growing up, now that she’s gone, I enjoy it.

    I miss them both. Tremendously.

    My dad’s mom wore Emeraude. It was a unique smell in combination with her cigarettes. Oddly comforting. Ah, the things we remember.

    • I love the name Pearl, too – so beautiful and feminine.
      I remember L’Air du Temps and Emaraude – and Charlie! Wow – taking me back.
      My Mom had the Mom look down and if she had to use it in Church? We were as good as dead!
      Thanks for weighing in 🙂 MJ

  3. Kissed the random five. Still smiling

  4. I know you have a full plate MJ..and totally understand there is only so much time…. In regard to a couple of your questions…What’s new? construction season is back in high gear. Feels good good good to generate a little margin instead of just squeaking by. would not trade my career path for a second but it does have it’s own set of challenges (ie. feast or famine) and regarding food that transports me back to my grandparents…that one is easy…mom’s mom would have side pork frying in the pan quite regularly…so I always think of her when I have some. And dad’s mom, was famous for her chicken…and same thing…I make it the same way she did, and I always think of her when I’m making it. Rye bread and open faced sandwiches will also transport me there, but don’t have them quite as often. Later! DM

    • I’m sure that, now that the weather is better, you are very busy work-wise! Side pork … mmm! I am cooking bacon right now 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  5. My grandma always seemed to have a selection of desserts on hand too! I rarely make dessert unless it’s a special occasion. The kind of work we tend to do these days makes dessert a non-option, I think. Back in the day, they seemed to be able to work off all those calories, no problem!

    • for sure – and she loved to bake – it was her way of showing love to us. I don’t eat dessert much anymore much less make it – and I never order it. Just don’t crave it like I did when I ate grains all the time! Great to hear from you, Tee. MJ

  6. Love the gramma memories. The little things are where we came from…

    • yes indeed. While on vacation I bought a vintage-looking necklace that reminded me of her – can’t wait to wear it!! MJ

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