The New Normal

Somehow me – and some others – are still here.  We’ve been impacted but not “touched” by “re-organizations,” “alignments” and “employee optimizations.”   It gets challenging to do your work well when your wide range of contacts becomes more narrow.

Opening the office yesterday, balancing my lunch, coffee and backpack while punching in the alarm code,  I took a moment to stand in the quiet and take this in. We’ve dropped from 28 to 7 in a matter of weeks.   Department consolidations, moves, staffing changes. Some left, others moved, some took different positions within the company.

I’ve been traveling during most of these changes so I’m a bit late to the (non) party.   It’s like I woke up from a dream and the horizon shifted.

The new normal is office doors open  – everyone listens for the doorbell  – not just the cube-dwellers.  The cubes are empty.

The new normal is driving 7 miles to spend the whole day by myself.   Yes I can work at home and I sometimes do but all of my files and materials are there.  And I like having an office to go to – I can access everything easily – make copies, send a fax and conference someone in if need be.

The new normal is closing my office door for conference calls only to emerge and find everyone gone.

The new normal is – as expected – me and the other female employee – ensuring the coffee pot gets turned off, lights are shut down, and that we don’t run out of supplies.

The new normal is weird.   I don’t care for the new normal.


I’ve been through many re-organizations ~ too many to count.  What’s your experience been and how did you cope?



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16 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Wow – 28 down to 7 is quite a downsizing. Can’t say that I’ve ever really experienced that, sounds like a lot of adjusting. I’m sure you’re handling it fine, though!

    • It’s a lot to take in – there are many good things happening – some are excited to move and there are new opportunities, too. But my little office has been hit hard ~ I’m hopeful another team will move in and we’ll have a new “new” normal. This normal is very difficult and I’m doing the best I can, some days are better than others. Thanks Dianna! MJ

  2. As a 57 year old guy whose position was recently “eliminated”, I’ll be happy to trade your new normal for mine, (stated w’ a smile). First time in my life I had to apply for unemployment, but it does appear that I will receive a very nice offer early next week. . . or so they tell me. The world keeps changing and not necessarily for the better.

    • I’m sorry you have had to go through that ~ It is tough news to take. There’s a certain amount of guilt in being one of the ‘lone soldiers’ standing – and all of us have a tendencies to look around and wonder what’s next.

      I hope your new opportunity is just great – take good care! MJ

  3. Yikes! I surely understand why youy don’t like the “new normal.”

    • The workload tripled, the # of workers shrank and the expectations are through the ceiling. Stress with a capital S! I am enjoying some down time this weekend without the laptop/cell etc.

      Cheers to you Dor! MJ

  4. My company downsized from 400 to 200 but my (very small) department wasn’t touched. We had a lot more work to do administering packages, counseling departing employees and reworking org charts. I remember a manager saying to me after laying off 2/3rds of his department “I don’t want to ever do that again.” Sadly, he was gone in two years. As my retirement approached I “downsized” myself promoting one of my staff to take over with two others. It was hectic, exciting, frightening, sad and very different. Good luck to you.

    • wow – I can’t imagine being on the HR side of this ~ that must have been tough on you!

      There are good things occurring – new opportunities and promotions – some do well with that. But there are others who just can’t move for family reasons and so they’re finding themselves with tough choices. I know it will all work out eventually but this amount of change this fast shakes the organization and then some.

      thanks for your kind words! MJ

      • It was both exciting and frightening. I was with the managers making job-no job decisions for people. There was a fallout afterward as some of the people we kept were to scared to stay (fear of further layoffs). Eventually we lost the people who needed security and hired people who were risk takers and it did settle out. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone at the time as the company wasn’t doing well. Any change is hard. Sweeping change is catatonic.

      • this was a very helpful comment, Kate, thank you. You’re right — sweeping change is difficult. I’m hanging on and leaning in! MJ

  5. I’m so sorry MJ. I suppose one could say that life is a journey but it rings hollow on so many levels at a time like this. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

    • It’s a journey all right – I’m glad I have a seat belt!

      Lots of people moving around, some staying, some going. Not everything gets announced so sometimes we find out about changes/departures long after the fact. That makes it challenging for sure.

      Thanks for weighing in RR, MJ

  6. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’ve been on this journey a few times, holding my breath, hoping I still have a job when all is said and done, and sadly watching as others pack up their things and leave. Unfortunately, it’s such a common occurrence these days.

    After my company’s last big layoff, we were purchased by a larger company and became their affiliate. I’m now officially an employee of the larger company and there are a lot of reorganizations, but no downsizing. There is more work than people to do it, it seems. I’ll take this over the other!

    • Thank you, Tee. I remembered you had gone through this as well and it is helpful to hear others experiences. I know things have a way of working out ~ and as you know, even when you’re not directly impacted, you’re still impacted!

      I’m glad you are in a good place now 🙂 MJ

  7. Hey MJ…it’s been a while, so I’m out of touch with what’s going on…sorry to hear about the new “normal” but happy for you that you survived…although being a survivor can be difficult too, as you well describe. Hoping good things to come for you and your fellow survivors, and brighter days ahead! ~ Sheila

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