Random 5 Sunday ~ Hoarders, Deals and Stupid Ideas

It’s Sunday morning, the sun’s shining and we might * gasp * actually be seeing Spring today. I know, I know, we’re holding our breath because we woke up to snow Thursday.

To that end, it’s time again for 5 random thoughts, this time on a Sunday.

Ready?  Here we go:

1 ) Hoarders.  If I’m ever featured on an episode of Hoarders I’m blaming the books.   I’m not a shopper, hate the mall, and despise trying on clothes.  But click here to add one more book to my Amazon cart?  Oh, just one more nets me free shipping?  I’m in!   Many books have been devoured this past winter but this one is, hands down, my favorite:

2 ) Weekends.  A good part of the weekend is spent doing whatever I want to.  In the overly-scheduled world that is my work week, my soul craves an opportunity to goof off, waste time and accomplish absolutely nothing at all.  And I do.

“A mind preoccupied with planning plays homage to the idol of control.” – Sarah Young

3)  Stupid Ideas.  In my job I try to remain open to new ideas and different approaches.  But some ideas are simply stupid.  And stupid ideas are made stupider when brought up by those who should know better.  Except they don’t.  And, the older I get, the harder it is for me to stifle the snort a stupid idea commands. I’m working on it but let me just say, “Thank you, God, for the mute button!”  Snort Snort!

4 ) Deals  ~ about a month ago I was down with the flu – something positive that came out of that delirium was, in the midst of sleeping through watching morning T.V. shows, I learned of a cool site called MorningSave. Kind of like a buying group it’s a collection of all the “deals” featured on morning shows like “The Wendy Show,” the “Steve Harvey Show,” etc.   There are plenty of “deals & steals” on there, much of it is electronics (Bluetooth speakers, fitness gadgets, home security, portable phone chargers, etc),  fashion (handbags, jewelry), and personal items (watches, hair gadgets, skin care, teeth whiteners, etc) but here’s the skinny ~ most items are more than 65% off.    🙂

No chickens were harmed in this post

5 ) Saying Yes. I’ve written about the power of saying Yes.   And about how “no” is a sentence.   I’ve said “no” a lot over the past years.  Doing so has made room for Yes’s but I haven’t always said it.   I’ve enjoyed some time and some space without anyone in it.   Lately, I’ve started saying yes again — to things that challenge me – speaking opportunities, serving on advisory panels, putting myself out there to alleviate the boredom that comes with a little too much routine.  This has been soul-invigorating.  I’m not sky-diving or cliff jumping anytime soon, but pushing myself to say “yes” to opportunities that freak me out a little has brought something rewarding:  personal growth.

How about you? If you were featured on “Hoarders” what would it be for?  How do you like to waste time?  Heard any stupid ideas lately?   Got any new “finds” to share?  And lastly, what have you said “yes” to lately?

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12 thoughts on “Random 5 Sunday ~ Hoarders, Deals and Stupid Ideas

  1. Diane Helminiak

    I had a strange dream which would go in your “stupid ideas” category. In the dream my boss bought a new office building. The problem was there was only one office (my boss’) and everyone else was in the middle of the room with just desks, phones and no cubicles. It was so distracting (even in my dream), that I took my laptop and went to the lobby and actually worked. I don’t know if I had the dream because tomorrow is Monday or if I need more privacy not less. Strangest thing. Woke up worried.

    • I don’t know if it’s a stupid idea as much as a scary one: pay attention to dreams. I feel like they tell us a lot — what we’re thinking, fearing, etc. Maybe a change is coming your way? MJ

  2. As a leader it’s often hard to not snort, smirk or whatever when someone offers a stupid idea. Sometimes if you’ve been around a while, you’ve seen “new” ideas that didn’t work make their rounds again. I would sit there carefully phrasing my comments as I didn’t want to seem like an old fogey who was resistant to change. Then again I knew first hand that it didn’t work. Everyone once in a while something stupid will spur someone else to come up with something good.

    • thankfully the stupid ideas are not coming from my employees – they are coming from elsewhere. And like you, I try to carefully phrase my response to disguise the “hell no” in my head. And you’re right, sometimes the dumb ideas spurs something workable. But sometimes it doesn’t — it’s never dull! 🙂 MJ

  3. If I were ever featured on “Hoarders” it would be for areas marked “odds n’ends”. I used to have one odds and ends drawer. Now there are 3 plus an odds and ends closet or 2. At least when closed they are out of sight.

    • Understand ~ you know what cures that, Dor? Moving 🙂 When we moved I packed up several – more than 2- less than 10 – boxes of “odds & sods” – it all went to Goodwill. Hopefully someone else enjoyed the treasures – the funny thing is that now I can only think of about 2-3 things that were in there: book ends, wine openers *(plastic ones from some giveaway/golf outing) and a couple of magnifying glasses. That’s it 🙂 MJ

  4. Hoarders show? I can think of three areas right off the bat…tool type stuff, Grant Wood related stuff (American gothic artist/ we had a B and B themed after his art, so there is a lot of that still under foot/ even though we have closed. and finally I too love books. ..time wasting…I don’t consider it wasting anymore 😉 a nap (or two) whenever I feel like it and the opportunity presents itself. When I’m @ work, I am on 100%…so I can now nap with the best of them w/o apology…new finds..hummm..latest thing that has my curiosity..does that count? Understanding the theory/ DIY of wind and solar power for residential applications….I can definitely see some form of that in my not too distant future. I love to learn new things… said yes to helping my son with his new commercial cleaning business, to help him get it off the ground until he finds some dependable part time help. Took a major pay cut, but have been enjoying myself anyway.

    • so the question is: will you keep the American Gothic art or just the favorites & let go of the rest?
      I love that you are learning about new things ~ solar power, neat! And helping your son with his business, too -> who know where it might lead?
      Glad you are enjoying yourself 🙂

  5. ps, tell me more about the book..what made it a favorite?

    • 1) Historical Fiction, 2) beautifully written, 3) compelling, richly layered characters, 4) plot twists I didn’t expect 5) I’ve recommended it more than once 6) I am still thinking about it and 7) it’s not one I’ll give away b/c I know I will want to read it again!

      Cheers! MJ

  6. Loved it. Esp #5. No. Non.

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