Exercise, Having fun and the “To Be” List

They say everything adds up and indeed it does.

In late June I started tracking my steps/normal activity + bouncing regularly on my Rebounder (indoor trampoline).  And no, it was nothing more than a realization that I was sitting too much and moving too little.

  • You won’t get the butt you want sitting on the one you’ve got!  😉

As background, I’ve been bouncing on and off since last Fall, but I finally committed to a regular schedule after joining a “Bounce Daily for 30 Days” challenge in a Rebounding Facebook Group {{ see, there can be good things in FB-land, not just political rants, recipes involving cheese or personality quizzes!}}

My beautiful bouncy Bellicon rebounder!

Since June 21 I’ve amassed 452K steps= 186 miles, and 18 hours of it is just from bouncing!

  • I like keeping track because keeping track keeps me accountable. I also like visuals, stats and bright colors.

But – as has been the norm for most of my adult career life, I get sucked into conference calls, long drives, last minute projects and fire drills … so when I finally arrive at home I’d come in all sloth-like.  I’d give hubby a passing “hi,” stumble my way through supper, slink into a book and head off soon for bed.

Kind of like our friend the Sloth below, moving at the speed of mud:

Not anymore.

With few exceptions, now, after work, I change into “home” workout gear (the not cute kind but no one sees so who cares kind!) – old jersey shorts, a soft tank top, sports bra and light runners (You can bounce barefoot but I have one wayward foot that pronates when I do. I call her Nancy. ).  I put my hair up, set a timer, crank up the tunes …. and work my way backwards – Example:

  • A Kitchen timer is typically set for 45 minutes
    • (When I started I could barely do 7 minutes. 45 mins is 6x that – SHAZAM!)
  • Before I know it the 35 minute mark comes around.
    • While I’m bouncing to Barry White, Al Green or Elvis Presley, in a blink there’s just 20 minutes to go.
  • 20 Minutes! Meh – here comes Tom Petty, The Temptations, Three Dog Night,  Mandisa or The Beatles
    • Soon only 7 minutes remain. …. what’s that you say?
  • 7 minutes? Heck that’s 2 songs . .. Rock N Roll!
    • Beep beep, timer chirps and I’m bouncing, sweaty, smiling and happy;
      • You’re welcome for the tour of the Olympic Stadium housing my mind games! 

But, here’s the thing – those little mind games work.

Every. Single.  Time.

Because rather than announcing that I’ll “get 20 minutes in” … like it’s a hill to climb on the boring old dreadmill (that I’d likely skip) instead I imagine myself at the top of the curving hill … bouncing my way on down.  Yay!

Rebounding is THIS MUCH fun!

While bouncing I experience the following:

  • Thinking, remembering and plotting
  • Losing myself in a song,
  • Laughing to a memory,
  • Gnashing through a mistake
  • Marveling at my endurance, coordination and strength
  • Smiling loudly, sorting stuff out, thinking ahead
  • Daydreams
  • Epiphanies ping-ponging past me

See, it was while bouncing that I glanced at my 2018 Vision Board — the same one my Inner Lizard had harped at me to take down.   I heard her biting remarks – it’s soooo stupid, nothing’s gonna change, take it down, it looks like a grade-school girl made it … etc etc etc.

Then I read it again.

And with my hair flying,  my face sweaty and everything I had in full bounce, I might have cried just a little when I recognized six key words I’d cut out of a magazine last December:


2018 Vision Board coming to life

So I ask you: is the exercise you’re doing fun?   Because if you’re not having fun I’m guessing you’re not doing it. Or you won’t be doing it (whatever “it” is) much longer.

It’s time to mix it up, I double-dog dare ya! And write a “To Be” list while you’re at it 🙂

*** What's on your "to be" list?*** 
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Random 5 February ~ Groundhogs & Chicken Wings

It’s Super Bowl Sunday & time for 5 Randoms from my world:

1)”Lake effect” snow is swirling down and has been since early yesterday ~ It’s beautiful, heavy, and coming down fast.  I’ve shoveled the walkway & sidewalks 3 times in the past 24 hours,  probably gonna shovel 2x more.  (Hubbs’ back does not allow for shoveling and … I kinda get into it. )

we’re in there somewhere!

2.) The house is cozy, my wings are marinating and Hubbs is cooking brunch.  (He’s smart enough to feed a gal willing to shovel)   🙂     The groundhog poked his nose out Friday, looked around then did what most of us would: went back in for a long winters’ nap.   I don’t hate winter.  Everyone around me complains about it.  I don’t.  Yeah, we get a few more grey days than I’d like, but like my brother says, “look on the positive side – no mosquitoes!” Maybe I’m a groundhog, too.

3) Tonight is the Super Bowl LII (52) ~ There’s no shame in my game ~ I’m in for the a) snacks, b) commercials and c) half-time show!  On the menu are: (my) Wings, Swedish meatballs, Taco dip &  7 layer salad; friends are bringing cheesy potatoes & dessert.  We’ll nosh, chat, cheer and have fun.  And hopefully somewhere in there is a football game 🙂

  • You can make the easiest, most finger-lickingingest wings by simply marinating frozen wings in 1 bottle of Italian dressing mixed with 1 bottle of Frank’s hot sauce ~ toss & marinate for 24 hours then grill or bake in a hot oven (375) till crispy & done – serve with Ranch dressing or more hot sauce.  Delish!

4)  I just remembered I have tomorrow off!  Yippee Skippy!

5) A while back I bought a rebounder.   It’s a small, quiet (because of bungee cords not springs) indoor trampoline.  The health benefits are purported to be many — increased bone strength, better balance, stamina, flushes the lymphatic system, increased circulation, etc.  I love how much fun it is!   And it is a workout, too.  I own a stack of exercise videos that are anything but fun, and consequently, dusty.  Now I try for 30 minutes of bouncing daily – sometimes in 15 minute increments.   Jump on, turn up the tunes (Tina Turner, Elvis, the Bee Gees, TobyMac) and go.   After reading the reviews, I decided on the Jumpsport 250 from Amazon – free shipping, <$250, and easy to assemble, just attach the legs and go!  Awesomesauce!  In time, I may upgrade to the Cadillac of rebounders, the Bellicon, but I couldn’t justify their price at first when I didn’t know how much I’d bounce.   Conclusion: Using it, loving it, grand kids enjoy it, bouncing is fun, needs no extra accessories (I jump barefoot), and I’ll continue ~ win!

My JumpSport in the corner of my home office – love!


So what’s cooking at your house today?  Are you watching the Super Bowl tonight?  Any wings in your future?

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Random Five Friday

It’s Friday. It’s random. Here we go!

1.  In case you haven’t heard, the NCAA College basketball tournament is on.  Hubbs was a basketball star in High School. Hubbs’ mouth waters at the mere mention of the word playoffs.  Tonight, we’ll hustle around and get to a favorite watering hole so he can watch his beloved teams with the herd Me?  I’m to basketball what Georgette was to the Mary Tyler Moore show.   Clueless.

I get that far-away look in my eyes as someone who doesn't know what the heck is going on. Where's my wings?

I get that far-away look in my eyes when basketball is on.  Thank goodness for Keno!

2. This was a better week at work. Why? The person I’ve been covering for during the last 6 months is finally out on leave. Indefinitely.  Why is that better? I’m doing the work anyways but now I’m doing it without a roadblock.  Smooth sailing ahead, baby!

3. On the treadmill the other night, I looked around and noticed the dust on the display panel. That’s an incentive to get myself up on the treadmill more often.

4. Speaking of dust, sometimes I get overwhelmed at our 4 level house and the attention it needs.  My solution?  Watch “Hoarders.” Trust me, 20 minutes of that and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

4. Highs of 45-50 this weekend, peeps!  Windows will be opened, dust will fly and I will bet money there’ll be Michiganders wearing shorts & a parka sitting at the Legion watching basketball!  Seen it.  Lived it. Know it.

silly kitty

There is no reason why this cat is in this post. His goofy pose just makes me laugh!

Happy Friday, peeps!

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Random Five Friday … in February

It’s Friday, whoop whoop!  Time for 5 random thoughts from the house of MJ. Here we go.

1.  Sunshine.  A miracle occurred earlier this week – the clouds disappeared and the sun came out and me & my office mates chitter-chattered like squirrels.   For about 42 minutes, it was glorious.  The end.

photo credit - National Geographic

Sunshine?  More please! photo credit – National Geographic

2.  Roof rakes.  Ever heard of this?  Invented no doubt by a hearty mid-westerner, this cool little contraption allows the user to rake the snow off the roof.  In a burst of brilliance, I gave it a go one day last weekend.  I’m 5’2″, the roof is roughly 400′ in the air.  It worked great till I reached one of the highest points where the rake’s head popped off and stayed .. on the roof.  Lucky for me, youngest kid witnessed my debacle and his 6’3″ self came to my rescue.  I put it back together, wiped the snow off and went back in the house where I belong.  The end.

This isn't me or my house. This is Shirl in St. Paul having a grand old time with her roof rake.  Photo credit,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGADYanIxhEacdG_7yTyNlzMPLidg&ust=1391861937053946

This isn’t me or my house. This is Shirl in St. Paul having a grand old time with her roof rake. Photo credit

3.  Winter Olympics!  Curling! Skiing! Skating! Hockey! I feel like I’m back in the Motherland.  And is there anyone ever more excited than a figure skating announcer?? Triple-double-salchow- he NAILED IT!  I dig the Winter Olympics and I’m not afraid to say it. The end.

Curling is my sentimental favorite, although we were never quite as colorful as the Norwegian Curling Team is!! google.images

Curling might be my sentimental favorite, although we were never quite as colorful as the Norwegian Curling Team is!! google.images

4. Chores.  Chores – getting gas – groceries – everything – is more difficult in winter.  Hubbs and I divided & conquered yesterday. He stopped and purchased and hauled in all the heavy stuff that’s hard for me to do (paper products, cases of water, canned goods, frozen foods etc) and I made a “produce” run on my way home; produce derails him every time. We’re feeling like geniuses and it only took us 23 years to learn this!  The end.

5. 41 days till Spring. Technically anyways. Last year we had snow in April but  I’m not going there right now.  Just 41 days, peeps.  The end.



Care to share your “Random 5” with me?

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It’s (nearly) Game Time!

image from

I’ve made a pan of Buffalo Chicken Dip and my world famous Game Day Brownies to take to a Super Bowl party later this afternoon.

How about you? Are you ready for some football? Take my poll~

((I know it’s not Monday night but I still love ole Hank’s version of this song!))

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Opening Day

It’s a big day here in Michigan: it’s opening day for the 2011 firearms season. This is a very big deal in a State so heavy on outdoor sports: fishing, hunting, water sports, etc.

I know of school districts that will close today;  colleagues have taken the week off and others have been setting aside “deer camp” provisions for weeks.

Over the last few years, around 700,000 individuals have purchased a license to hunt deer in Michigan. These hunters ultimately spend more than 9.6 million days afield and take more than 400,000 deer. Over 300,000 hunters participate in Michigan’s archery season, about 600,000 hunt with a firearm and 200,000 with a muzzleloader.   Source:

And the deer know it, too.    They’ve been manic of late; many car/deer accidents are being reported and I’ve seen my share alongside the road – some bolting and others … not so much.

What’s this have to do with me?  I scheduled a trip today that takes me  through farmland, corn fields and valleys. My kind of drive except for one thing:  It’s. Right. Through. The. Center. Of. Deer. Nirvana.

And there’s a dense fog advisory this morning.

Elmer Fudd image from

I’m not a hunter but I’m glad we have a hunting season. There are too many deer and, without hunters culling the population, they starve.  Ever seen a starving deer?  It’s a terrible, terrible sight.  All hunters I know eat what they take and those who get more than one often donate to local food banks.

So hunters please … please be safe, wear your hunter orange, and shoot straight.

As for me? I’ll take my time, heading out after the fog lifts, and keeping my eyes peeled for sudden bursts of tan coming out from the corn.

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Boogity, Boogity, Boogity … Amen

I am not a NASCAR viewer on any regular basis but this fervent pre-race prayer by Nashville Pastor Joe Nelms certainly got my attention – and that of many others, too.

Ricky Bobby, is that you?

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The time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land

Baseball season is quickly upon us.  At my house, we all know when this is happening because the hubbs has a sudden desire to clean the garage.  There’s an urgency that comes with this project that we don’t see in others and the reason is that, a few years back, I gave him the ultimate Fathers Day gift – cable TV in the garage. He loves nothing more than finishing up his work day, popping a cold one and standing (or sitting) in the spring air to watch his beloved Detroit Tigers. Often, you will find me with him as baseball is a great sport for couples to watch.  It’s fun and exciting, yes, but also has enough breaks for us to talk! (Try doing that during basketball!)   Our youngest will wander out, too, especially if a storm is brewing.     Having the garage open and the game on is an invite to neighbors to stop in for a chat and a refreshment.  It fosters a sense of community after a long, cold winter.

Of course, growing up in Michigan, the hubbs fondly recalls listening to Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell as he so eloquently described the play-by-play on the radio.  Ernie, known affectionately as the voice of baseball, passed away last year.  The hubbs talks reverently of summer evenings when he’d crank the radio up as loud as it would go and place it next to the screen window. This way, he and his friends could still hear the game while they shot baskets in the driveway.

Ernie was known for his low-key delivery, southern accent (Detroit “Ti-guhs”), and easy going style. Some of his catch phrases included:

  • “That one is long gone!” (His trademark home run call, with an emphasis on “long”)
  • “He stood there like the house by the side of the road, and watched it go by.” (After a called strikeout)
  • “Called out for excessive window shopping.” (Also after a called strikeout)
  • “It’s two for the price of one!” (After a double play)
  • “The Tigers need instant runs.” (When the team was behind in the late innings)
  • for more visit here

Harwell would begin the first spring training broadcast of each season with a reading from Song of Solomon 2:11-12: “For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.”

And isn’t this what we hope? That winter is past and spring will come again soon? Baseball makes us long for hot dogs, draft beer, popcorn and that unmistakable crrrack as the bat connects with the ball.  We remember blistering in the sunshine and shivering at sundown. We recall smiling children with snow-cone stained faces and young loves sitting side by side. Baseball means our National Anthem being played, heroes are being honored, and fundraisers conducted to benefit others.  With baseball, we think of summer because, to the legions of us who love it, baseball is summer.

The temperatures won’t get over 35F today in West Michigan but, in a few days, the season will be upon us anyway and I, for one, cannot wait.

Just for you, here’s a sampling from Ernie Harwell’s 55+ year stellar announcing career, more than 42 of them with the Detroit Tigers.

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