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80’s Ladies, Harrison Ford and Hurricanes

Last night, I caught the second half of an old favorite, a 1988 movie featuring newcomer Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl.”  I forgot how cute Harrison Ford was!  And I laughed while watching, remembering and relating to her, busy working hard, dressing the part, putting up with double-crossing, double-talking bosses.  “Ya wanna be taken seriously? You gotta wear serious clothes…..!”  Like this:

80’s ladies — remember those manly suits?

There’s a scene in the movie where Melanie’s character, Tess, meets Harrison Ford’s character, Jack, ~ she’s wearing a beautiful, feminine cocktail dress .. his reaction is perfection:

Jack Trainer: You’re the first woman I’ve seen at one of these things that dresses like a woman, not like a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman.

Tess McGill: Thank you, I guess.

I remember those suits, the padded shoulders, and the stupid bows that tied at the neck.   I remember how hot those ties were and how we thought big shoulders made our waists look smaller (like they were ever large in the first place, sheesh!)  Now, looking back, I see how we were nearly overtaken by those shoulder pads!

that’s me -(MJ) – at my bridal shower, 1992 — every one of us sporting shoulder pads!  An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Today, clothes are more forgiving.  Mix & match, not much that’s matchy-matchy.   Slacks and a sweater, wrap dresses, clothes that fit and flatter.   Less is more.   Thank goodness.

That picture above was taken in Houston, where we lived for 10 years before moving to Hubbs’ home state of Michigan.   We haven’t been back but we keep in touch with friends ~ some were spared, others had heavy damage to their homes.   Having lived there, driven there, and witnessed “normal” flash floods that happen, the damage and impact of this is beyond imagination.

And there’s a reason why sometimes we have to turn off the coverage, bury ourselves in an old movie and swoon over Harrison Ford … who’s still as handsome as ever.


        Sincere prayers of safekeeping to all affected by Hurricane Harvey!            

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Fifty percent

One of my favorite commercials running right now features this guy (see below).

I know of no woman with this kind of confidence; in my experience, we’d be so busy wrapping, slathering, buffing and hiding … we’d likely miss the outing entirely.

This summer maybe I’ll get a “whatever” flag and put it in my drink, too!

Happy Friday, peeps.

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”  – Sophia Loren

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Playing with fire

“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.”  Candace Bushnell, “Sex and the City”

Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield;

Do you think women dress for the men in their lives … or the women?

When it’s date night, I enjoy dressing the way hubbs appreciates ….  all boom-chica-mow-mow and then some.  And he does the same for me.   (Without the boom-chica-stuff… makes most guys feel ridiculous).

But, I never dress that way unless he’s with me. No, when I’m with friends, colleagues or even family, I am non-threatening in my attire.  I dress to fit in; conservatively, tastefully, and buttoned-uppedy.

So, with that being said, can I just say that I love being a girl?

Can I just say that I love having curves that I keep contained for the Hubbs?

Can I just say that, for all the pony-riding, tomboyish days of my youth, that I love getting my nails done and fixing my hair and feeling pretty and foxy and all sassy-frassy?

Can I just say that I absolutely, without hesitation, embrace my feminine strengths, the ones who let me rock a pencil skirt and heels and a power drill all in the same day?

Oh, I think I can say it:  I do believe I just did.

image from

How about you?  Does your wardrobe change for the various roles in your life?

What makes you feel fine?

* * *

*This post was inspired by my closet and the various characters living within.

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Sparkle on!

It occurred to me recently that I have always loved sparkly things.

I remember lovingly stroking the sequins sewn into our Figure Skating costumes and smiling with delight when my role dictated a turquoise, purple or fuchsia ensemble.

mesmerizing to a wee skater like me;

I remember smoothing back the fringes on my suede cowboy jacket and feeling the weight of them as they fell back into place.

wish I still had that jacket; this one can be found on

I got my ears pierced at 12 and have enjoyed dangly earrings ever since.

There were years – many years –  in my corporate existence when I had to abandon all that for the conservative;  the pearl button earrings (dullsville!) and the matte fabrics dictated by  headquarters robotics.

Remember those 80s power suits?

Those days are behind me now.  I work in the small satellite office of a national company and while I don’t break out the glitter, I do incorporate some fun elements into my day-to-day life:  chunky turquoise necklaces paired with simple black sweaters, a sequined fuchsia scarf to top off a grey shirt and simple hoops paired with a doorknocker ring.

One of my favorite pieces; image from

But what I’ve learned over time is this:  My preferences make me happy.  I still love hoops and I still love rings. I still prefer lip-gloss to lipstick and shiny, bouncy hair over something  … controlled.

Own it and wear it frequently; image

Fashion magazines tell us that – at middle age – we women ought to be making “safe” choices, steering towards the classics and playing it safe with our makeup and hair.

I say life’s too short to wear boring, uninspired clothes.  It’s my intention to live out loud – to live authentically while enjoying all of the details and nuances that life throws my way. I’ve realized that I like being known for my fabulous jewelry, my unruly hair, my hearty laugh and my  passionate disregard for fashion’s so-called rules.

Maybe I won't be quite this vibrant as I move forward but you get the idea;

How about you?  Are you comfortable expressing your personality via fashion?  If not, why?

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Fashion Fitness?

It used to be that we exercised to lose weight and look better in our clothes.

Spanx, the company who revolutionized women’s shape wear with their light weight “firming” undergarments, recently introduced products designed to help us look better while working out (or on our way to/from the gym).

image from

Hey, I get it, I mean who doesn’t want to look their best?

Except that being fashionable while exercising isn’t a priority to me.   Why? Because I exercise at home.  But even that’s not “it,” the real reason is that, when I work out, there ain’t nothing pretty about it.

I sweat, puff and grit my teeth.

I groan, grunt and swear.

I spill water, drip sweat and my face?

My face ends up puffy, red and hot.

I am anything but cute, feminine or even remotely attractive.

What I am is focused, determined, strategic and disciplined.

And that’s OK because here’s what I’ve learned:

The cutest workout gear will not make me any more inclined to want to workout than the comfy mismatched stuff will.

It’s my choice.

And, of late, I’ve chosen to exercise. And *surprise* I’m having fun with it! (Hello Turbo Jam!)

I’ve been huffing, puffing and sweating … wearing my old stretchy shorts and a the hubbs’ old cotton tee.

However .. I might consider buying myself a pair of those swanky Spanx pants for travel, movies and trips to the grocery store.   Why? Because who doesn’t want to look cute standing in airport security, deli or popcorn lines?  🙂

# # #

Do you exercise regularly?  If yes…. what’s your “fashion fitness?”

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A Milestone


image from

Windercella got her shoe on!

OK – it’s just a running shoe … but it’s not the big, heavy orthopedic boot I’ve been sporting since my foot surgery 6 weeks ago.

It’s not a high heel.  It’s not a sandal. It’s hardly fashionable.

But it’s a shoe and, to me,  it‘s a start.

It’s a start of a return to my normal life.

I expect to be going back to work within the next week and being able to wear two shoes that match?  Wowza!

Don’t ask me which work ensemble will look all right with Nike’s…I have to savor one milestone at a time. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m walking … slowly and carefully and, as a result, I’m feeling like a million bucks.

And you?

Anything earth-shattering happen in your day today?

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A test in self-worth

emjayandthem in grade one

Find a picture of yourself as a little kid and say to that little person what you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. Would you tell her that her thighs are too big? That she needs to lose weight? That her hair is wretched? That he’s not good enough? Would you tell him that he’ll never be enough, have enough, make enough?  No you wouldn’t.

If you wouldn’t say those things to a small child, why do you say them to yourself?  

A balanced diet. Exercise. Enough sleep. Vitamins.  Health products. You name it. I think it has to start at the core.  Reinforcing my self-worth comes from thinking about how I would talk to that grade school girl.  I would treat her with kindness;  I’d encourage and support her. I’d tell her she could do anything, be anything, go anywhere and that she is most certainly.. good enough.

What we do to ourselves, we end up expecting and accepting from others.

What’s that quote? 

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi.


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Skating through?

image from

So, as a blogger (and that still feels a little weird to say out loud), from time to time I’ll read over what I’ve written and think , wow.

That was pretty good.

That one made no sense at all!

Where were you going with that?

And why did that particular post strike such a cord with others?

But I’ve noticed something startling and I admit that I’m feeling a bit aghast about it.

I’ve filtered my posts.


That’s what Facebook was for.   Facebook was where I followed my own rule of “never post anything you wouldn’t want your Mother to read.”

And I’ve stuck to it.

Sure, some of my posts were mundane but they’ve all been harmless.  I’ve held back from posting too many pictures of cute grand-babies. I’ve resisted commenting when teens I know and care about are sharing way too much. (Where are the parents??)  I’ve chosen to not engage when the braggety McBraggarts have taken over the wall posts.   And I’ve stayed mute when mid-life crises have imploded right before my very eyes.  I’ve been pretty darn PC and proud of it!

I started a blog, because really, I just wanted to write. I wanted to write about what’s important to me; what matters, what concerns, what inspires and what intrigues me.

But like a brand new ice skater clinging to the boards of the rink,  I’ve held back and I’ve stayed a little too close to the careful side. 


I haven’t written about my job or what I do or how I spend most of my days.  And I probably won’t. 

I haven’t written about dysfunction junction; about how sometimes family can be the ultimate F word.   We have many that we adore and enjoy and others .. well, I just don’t even know where to begin.

I haven’t written about health concerns or struggles with weight or what getting older really feels like.

I haven’t written about fears, dreams, or desires.

I haven’t written about what I want the rest of my life to look like.

I’ve held back .. I’ve filtered and I’ve been a little bit less than .. me.

So, please bear with me because, today, I’m gonna try lacing up the figure skates I’ve had since I was 12 and stepping back out onto the ice.  I’m Canadian born & raised after all; we practically skate before we walk!  The blades are a little dull, but I’m pretty sure that, with practice, I could still “shoot the duck.”

 How about you?  Have you ever caught yourself “skating through” something?  Did you change your behavior or just keep on going?

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On Resolutions …

photo from flickr

It’s New Year’s Eve and my resolution this year?  I’m not making any!

Too much pressure with too few results, in my experience.

It’s far more productive for me to simply say “no” to what I don’t want to do, what’s not good for me, or what’s taking me away from what really counts.

Saying no takes effort, especially for me, a people pleaser, organizer of the fun and keeper of the peace.

Saying “no” has allowed more yes-es in my life.  Stopping myself from doing what I’ve always done allows room for unexpected and unplanned delights.

Saying no feels foreign, but I’m getting better at it.   Here’s the rub:  it doesn’t even need to be spoken.  It can be our little secret.

    I know that this can’t apply to every category in life, it’s not practical.

But .. rather than beat myself up about failing at an unrealistic goal, I’m quietly continuing the personal progress made this year and carrying it forward into next.

I’ve cleared out the clutter in my life so I can succeed at what is important to me.

I’ve stopped maintaining relationships that aren’t healthy.  Doing so has made more room for those who are.

I’ve gone to bed earlier, and felt better,  than the results any diet ever delivered.

I’ve faced fears, spoken up and taken classes; these efforts have energized me more than any new skin care product possibly could.

I’ve stopped trying to do it all, be it all, fix it all for everyone else. I’ve started doing what matters… to me.

     Happy New Year all!  

And please share… are you making resolutions this year? Or skipping them all-together? 

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Walking a thin line

photo source:

“There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth.  So … what the hell, leap!”  ~Cynthia Heimel

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Accessorize or?


Wear whatever you want.


Attitude.. it’s your finest accessory!

~ Melissa Sovey

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Repeat after me:



As a matter of fact, I AM all that.


“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me?”

~Ayn Rand

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