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Exercise, Having fun and the “To Be” List

They say everything adds up and indeed it does.

In late June I started tracking my steps/normal activity + bouncing regularly on my Rebounder (indoor trampoline).  And no, it was nothing more than a realization that I was sitting too much and moving too little.

  • You won’t get the butt you want sitting on the one you’ve got!  😉

As background, I’ve been bouncing on and off since last Fall, but I finally committed to a regular schedule after joining a “Bounce Daily for 30 Days” challenge in a Rebounding Facebook Group {{ see, there can be good things in FB-land, not just political rants, recipes involving cheese or personality quizzes!}}

My beautiful bouncy Bellicon rebounder!

Since June 21 I’ve amassed 452K steps= 186 miles, and 18 hours of it is just from bouncing!

  • I like keeping track because keeping track keeps me accountable. I also like visuals, stats and bright colors.

But – as has been the norm for most of my adult career life, I get sucked into conference calls, long drives, last minute projects and fire drills … so when I finally arrive at home I’d come in all sloth-like.  I’d give hubby a passing “hi,” stumble my way through supper, slink into a book and head off soon for bed.

Kind of like our friend the Sloth below, moving at the speed of mud:

Not anymore.

With few exceptions, now, after work, I change into “home” workout gear (the not cute kind but no one sees so who cares kind!) – old jersey shorts, a soft tank top, sports bra and light runners (You can bounce barefoot but I have one wayward foot that pronates when I do. I call her Nancy. ).  I put my hair up, set a timer, crank up the tunes …. and work my way backwards – Example:

  • A Kitchen timer is typically set for 45 minutes
    • (When I started I could barely do 7 minutes. 45 mins is 6x that – SHAZAM!)
  • Before I know it the 35 minute mark comes around.
    • While I’m bouncing to Barry White, Al Green or Elvis Presley, in a blink there’s just 20 minutes to go.
  • 20 Minutes! Meh – here comes Tom Petty, The Temptations, Three Dog Night,  Mandisa or The Beatles
    • Soon only 7 minutes remain. …. what’s that you say?
  • 7 minutes? Heck that’s 2 songs . .. Rock N Roll!
    • Beep beep, timer chirps and I’m bouncing, sweaty, smiling and happy;
      • You’re welcome for the tour of the Olympic Stadium housing my mind games! 

But, here’s the thing – those little mind games work.

Every. Single.  Time.

Because rather than announcing that I’ll “get 20 minutes in” … like it’s a hill to climb on the boring old dreadmill (that I’d likely skip) instead I imagine myself at the top of the curving hill … bouncing my way on down.  Yay!

Rebounding is THIS MUCH fun!

While bouncing I experience the following:

  • Thinking, remembering and plotting
  • Losing myself in a song,
  • Laughing to a memory,
  • Gnashing through a mistake
  • Marveling at my endurance, coordination and strength
  • Smiling loudly, sorting stuff out, thinking ahead
  • Daydreams
  • Epiphanies ping-ponging past me

See, it was while bouncing that I glanced at my 2018 Vision Board — the same one my Inner Lizard had harped at me to take down.   I heard her biting remarks – it’s soooo stupid, nothing’s gonna change, take it down, it looks like a grade-school girl made it … etc etc etc.

Then I read it again.

And with my hair flying,  my face sweaty and everything I had in full bounce, I might have cried just a little when I recognized six key words I’d cut out of a magazine last December:


2018 Vision Board coming to life

So I ask you: is the exercise you’re doing fun?   Because if you’re not having fun I’m guessing you’re not doing it. Or you won’t be doing it (whatever “it” is) much longer.

It’s time to mix it up, I double-dog dare ya! And write a “To Be” list while you’re at it 🙂

*** What's on your "to be" list?*** 
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Radio Silence from the Beastie

So, I’ve written about my Inner Lizard, the shrieking beastie who lives inside each of us and needles us whenever we stretch ourselves. The one who says: that’ll never fit, you can’t accomplish that, go back to the couch. Mine isn’t the voice of anyone but her, that Negative Nancy Naysayer who lurks within and dines on failures.

5 weeks ago, I started on the Couch25K running program and I’ve mentioned how much I’m enjoying myself and how good it feels to just be doing it.

5 weeks ago, I couldn’t run 60 seconds.  Last night, I ran 900 (15 minutes).

Here’s how the conversation went when the beastie showed herself yet again:

Me: I think I can really do this, it’s not that bad.
Her: Are you kidding me? You’re a rookie and the couch is calling …

Me: Man, that first run is always the toughest, my feet feel like lead.
Her: Yeah, you said that last time.

Me: Wow! 11 min down already!
Her: 19 to go, you’ll never make it.

Me: Who knew that running slow is harder than running fast?
Her: Running is hard period, are you sure you wouldn’t rather be on the couch?

Me: Wow! 22 min down!
Her: Can you hear your breathing? You sound like a sick cow!

Me: That last segment was tough, my legs are sure burning now.
Her: They’re burning ‘cause they’re about to give out.

Me: The sweat is pouring off me; I feel like I can do anything!
Her: You know you want to quit.

Me: Hey!  26 min down, time for my cool-down – HOOAH!
Her:        …. silence ….

What does your “Inner Beastie” like to dine on?

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Do it anyway

So, I’ve written about how eager I was to start the Couch25K plan, an 8 week program that gets you off the couch and running 3 miles in about 2 months. (download the free podcasts here).

What I haven’t written about is the transformation that is occurring.

“I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.” Arthur Blank

Oh, there’s a wee part of me that whispers shh don’t talk about it yet, you’re only in week 3.  But there’s a stronger, louder, more powerful part of me that tells her to shut it.

Because here’s what I need to say:

I mustered up my courage and actually went into a running store. You know the kind: everyone in there is a 9′ tall gazelle with 3% body fat and knows what to do with the hydration stuff and anti chafing products sitting at the till.

Not me.

I ambled in, took a deep breath and let the athletic gal fitting me know that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  She found me some new runners and let me try them out. And I did. I ran in the store.  Me. I know! And here’s the thing: I didn’t care who saw me.

Yes I still have my old tanks and sports bras and I haven’t invested in any new shorts or cute outfits. I run on a treadmill and the only one who sees my wardrobe is the 12-year-old dog who is partially deaf and near-sighted.

But the very best part is this: Everything, and I mean, everything – my job, my co-workers, my family, my ancient, arthritic dog, and even our neglected house have taken a backseat to this.


Because nothing I’ve ever purchased, tasted or experienced has ever made me feel as alive as this does. Nothing.  I love everything about it! I love the sweating (and I’m talking rivers of sweat).  I love the endurance and confidence I’m gaining. I’m loving the kick-a** way 30 minutes of this makes me feel. I love that moment that comes in the middle of a workout when my inner lizard harps that I can’t possibly finish; I love to silence her by pushing through anyway. I’m loving how well I sleep at night.  I love the “atta-girls” I get from the Hubbs and the pride I feel when I reach another milestone.

At 49, I’m loving that I can.

:: Just run:: Image from

What have you discovered about yourself lately?

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Deliver me

“Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.” ~Robert Orben

My sister-in-law’s Saskatoon berry pie.

Visiting Mom on the family farm over the past little while, thank goodness I walked. Daily.  Because when you’re surrounded by women who can cook like this, there’s only one choice and that’s to roll in it and move. Often.

Saskatoon berries are tiny and naturally sweet; Saskatoon berry pie is juicy and delicious, like the glamorous Debutante a blueberry pie could only dream of being.

I knew it’d be quite some time before I’d get another chance at this so, no, I did not pass it up.

Which is why I added a new exercise program to my routine this week: the Couch-to-5K running plan.  Inspired by the success of bloggers like Sandi who changed her life  in a big way I downloaded the free pod casts to my mp3 player.  Slick-as-what, this workout will get you sweating in a hurry.

And that’s a bit of a necessity.  If you like pie.

# # #

Have you been tempted of late? Are you keeping in touch or keeping your distance?

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A symptom of the human condition

Sometimes, despite the progress made, there still is a part of me that resists the changes I heartily embrace.

I’ve been following a particular way of eating that’s working really well for me because 1) I feel great, 2) I feel great and 3) have I mentioned I feel great? 🙂

And, I’ve lost lbs and a bunch of inches.  Clothes are looser, I have more energy, and, most of the time, I follow “the plan” very closely.   I still go out to eat with Hubbs sometimes, but I know what works for me and I like how I’m feeling too much to blow it on foods that aren’t worth it.

Also I’ve been exercising and am seeing uexpected benefits … when I have to scuttle under the deck to wrangle pool equipment, I have more stamina to kneel down there than I did in summers past.  Thank you Melt it off with Mitch!   I can chase, catch and lift the grand kids with ease.  Thank you The Firm!  Clothes are looser; I sleep better than ever and I’m enjoying shopping in my closet again.  Thank you to my Treadmill!

But every once in a while, your body gives you a message that you can’t ignore.  It’s a craving, a little voice that says, “I need this.” 

Normally, I ignore it. Usually I just push through.  But today, today I indulged.

No, it wasn’t chocolate, ice cream or anything from the sweet category.

It wasn’t chips, salsa or popcorn either.

What was it?

Pierogies with sauteed onions.

I made them,  I savored them and I enjoyed every last morsel-age of them.

And I’ve learned that it’s OK to indulge in a craving now and then; it won’t derail my progress, I won’t gain back the 15lbs I’ve already lost and, contrary to past beliefs, my pants won’t explode in the morning.

 What have you indulged in lately?

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Fashion Fitness?

It used to be that we exercised to lose weight and look better in our clothes.

Spanx, the company who revolutionized women’s shape wear with their light weight “firming” undergarments, recently introduced products designed to help us look better while working out (or on our way to/from the gym).

image from

Hey, I get it, I mean who doesn’t want to look their best?

Except that being fashionable while exercising isn’t a priority to me.   Why? Because I exercise at home.  But even that’s not “it,” the real reason is that, when I work out, there ain’t nothing pretty about it.

I sweat, puff and grit my teeth.

I groan, grunt and swear.

I spill water, drip sweat and my face?

My face ends up puffy, red and hot.

I am anything but cute, feminine or even remotely attractive.

What I am is focused, determined, strategic and disciplined.

And that’s OK because here’s what I’ve learned:

The cutest workout gear will not make me any more inclined to want to workout than the comfy mismatched stuff will.

It’s my choice.

And, of late, I’ve chosen to exercise. And *surprise* I’m having fun with it! (Hello Turbo Jam!)

I’ve been huffing, puffing and sweating … wearing my old stretchy shorts and a the hubbs’ old cotton tee.

However .. I might consider buying myself a pair of those swanky Spanx pants for travel, movies and trips to the grocery store.   Why? Because who doesn’t want to look cute standing in airport security, deli or popcorn lines?  🙂

# # #

Do you exercise regularly?  If yes…. what’s your “fashion fitness?”

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Self-sabotage or something else?

Self-sabotage or self-preservation?

Let’s look at the root of both words:

  • Sabotage – to damage, disrupt, interfere with or harm.
  • Preservation – referring to protection, safeguarding, maintenance or continuation.

I’ve used the first when I might really have meant the second; talk about different meanings… yikes!

Have you ever charged so hard down a goal’s pathway only to stop and then realize you’ve put very unrealistic expectations on yourself?

I have.

Recently, I plowed down the exercise path, again.

I say “again” because it’s taken me this long to really understand myself and here’s what I’ve learned:  Routinely, I set very high standards.  Standards that can be difficult for me to maintain.  Then .. when I can’t, I get frustrated and, in turn, am extremely hard on myself.

Example:  I’m gonna _____ *fill in the blanks

1)      Exercise every day!

2)      Eat only healthy stuff all the time!

3)      Etc. etc. etc.

The problem isn’t in the doing or in the determination. I have plenty of both.  The problem lies in the fact that, sometimes, life gets in the way. It has to.  I’m not a celebrity. I don’t have a chauffeur, cook, or anyone else.

I get busy.

I get bored.  *Yawn*

I get frustrated.

I get tired.

Can you relate?

But here’s something I’ve learned: I thought self-sabotage had to be the reason that I stopped.  I thought that, somehow,  somewhere, there was a deep, dark part of me that just didn’t want “it” badly enough.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, by berating myself after I gave up, I, in effect, neglected to see what had already been accomplished.

But recently I’ve learned another way of looking at this: maybe tucked in there with the negative connotations instead lies a semblance of self-preservation.

Maybe, at my core, I know better?


Maybe when I am fatigued and stressed and stop to take a day or three off it doesn’t have to mean that it’s all or nothing.

Maybe, I’m just tired.

Maybe I’m not a failure.

Maybe … if I instead acknowledge that some standards are too restrictive to be maintained I can see that it’s not always self-sabotage.  Perhaps it is, instead, self-care?

Perhaps it’s my inner voice suggesting … hey hot stuff, how about you go at it 3 – 4 days a week?  Pick something you enjoy and mix it up a little when it gets stale?  It’s OK: It will be enough.  You will be enough.

I get it now, I think.

image from

So last night, I danced, punched and shook my way through a round of Turbo Jam (fun!), enjoyed a luxurious cool-down in the pool and, after supper, took old dog for a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood.

None of it felt like exercise.   I never once looked at my watch. And all of it … felt like… fun!


Today’s a new day and while my intentions are great, my expectations … are a bit more realistic.

Having fun might just be what brings me back for more.

# # #

You?  What keeps you moving forward to your goals? Have you ever stopped, erased what you’d planned, and started again? 

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