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Random 5 February ~ Groundhogs & Chicken Wings

It’s Super Bowl Sunday & time for 5 Randoms from my world:

1)”Lake effect” snow is swirling down and has been since early yesterday ~ It’s beautiful, heavy, and coming down fast.  I’ve shoveled the walkway & sidewalks 3 times in the past 24 hours,  probably gonna shovel 2x more.  (Hubbs’ back does not allow for shoveling and … I kinda get into it. )

we’re in there somewhere!

2.) The house is cozy, my wings are marinating and Hubbs is cooking brunch.  (He’s smart enough to feed a gal willing to shovel)   🙂     The groundhog poked his nose out Friday, looked around then did what most of us would: went back in for a long winters’ nap.   I don’t hate winter.  Everyone around me complains about it.  I don’t.  Yeah, we get a few more grey days than I’d like, but like my brother says, “look on the positive side – no mosquitoes!” Maybe I’m a groundhog, too.

3) Tonight is the Super Bowl LII (52) ~ There’s no shame in my game ~ I’m in for the a) snacks, b) commercials and c) half-time show!  On the menu are: (my) Wings, Swedish meatballs, Taco dip &  7 layer salad; friends are bringing cheesy potatoes & dessert.  We’ll nosh, chat, cheer and have fun.  And hopefully somewhere in there is a football game 🙂

  • You can make the easiest, most finger-lickingingest wings by simply marinating frozen wings in 1 bottle of Italian dressing mixed with 1 bottle of Frank’s hot sauce ~ toss & marinate for 24 hours then grill or bake in a hot oven (375) till crispy & done – serve with Ranch dressing or more hot sauce.  Delish!

4)  I just remembered I have tomorrow off!  Yippee Skippy!

5) A while back I bought a rebounder.   It’s a small, quiet (because of bungee cords not springs) indoor trampoline.  The health benefits are purported to be many — increased bone strength, better balance, stamina, flushes the lymphatic system, increased circulation, etc.  I love how much fun it is!   And it is a workout, too.  I own a stack of exercise videos that are anything but fun, and consequently, dusty.  Now I try for 30 minutes of bouncing daily – sometimes in 15 minute increments.   Jump on, turn up the tunes (Tina Turner, Elvis, the Bee Gees, TobyMac) and go.   After reading the reviews, I decided on the Jumpsport 250 from Amazon – free shipping, <$250, and easy to assemble, just attach the legs and go!  Awesomesauce!  In time, I may upgrade to the Cadillac of rebounders, the Bellicon, but I couldn’t justify their price at first when I didn’t know how much I’d bounce.   Conclusion: Using it, loving it, grand kids enjoy it, bouncing is fun, needs no extra accessories (I jump barefoot), and I’ll continue ~ win!

My JumpSport in the corner of my home office – love!


So what’s cooking at your house today?  Are you watching the Super Bowl tonight?  Any wings in your future?

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Weird foods I loved as a kid

I read a fellow blogger’s post about Ketchup sandwiches (for more please visit Jumping in Mud Puddles). I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a Ketchup sandwich but I do remember dipping toast in ketchup and only having that – toast and ketchup – as a snack.

bread dough image from

As a kid, one of my favorite times was whenever my mother baked bread and with 5 kids, she baked every week.  Because I was the youngest and usually hanging around her anyways, she’d often give me some of my very own dough to make into something.  Most often we made “dough gods.”    What you do is take a round ball of dough about an inch thick and fry it in butter, browning on both sides until it’s cooked throughout. Press down with a spatula as it’s cooking, like a pancake.  Slather with more butter and some home-made jam, chokecherry was my preference.  Heaven!   *Hey I was 6, what can I say.

Another favorite kid food was Dill pickle dip.  I think it’s only available in Canada, because I’ve never seen it in a Michigan store.  Yes it is just as it sounds but as a kid, it was fantastic.  It was the perfect accompaniment to Old Dutch ripple potato chips and, even better, if both were smuggled out of the kitchen in stealth mode and then rushed to the backyard tent for a sleepover with my cousin!  I can only imagine our breath the next morning. Good Lord!

Speaking of pickles, I loved (and still love) dill pickles.  A  favorite childhood lunch-time sandwich was Cheez Whiz + dill pickle.  That’s it.  Weird I know.

Can we talk bologna?  I actually liked bologna on a sandwich but only if it was accompanied by regular yellow mustard. I would not touch that gnarly pimento-infused stuff that my Grandmother always wanted me to try. Gag-a-roonie. Don’t even ask me to try Lutefisk.

Liver. Believe it or not I was that kid who would eat liver and onions. Don’t touch the stuff now.. something about ingesting organs freaks me out a little bit.

Beets and spinach. Two vegetables that most kids will not eat and yes, I loved them. Still do. Fresh steamed garden beets with a little butter & salt? Divine.

When we went to the summer fair (in Canada it’s called the “Exhibition” or the “Ex” if you’re 14 and trying to sound cool), in addition to the midway jam-packed full of rides, the horse shows and live performances, there was all that food to look forward to.  Saskatoon is a multi-cultural city and embraces the foods of many ethnicities.  As a result, we were exposed to many childhood delights. Even though some were not really “kid-friendly,” the ones that made my mouth water were the pierogies (sold out of Little Baba’s kitchen and served with sour cream and fried onions), the heavenly smelling Doukhobor bread, Greektown’s chicken souvlaki (served on a stick with cucumber sauce and shredded vegetables) and the deep fried ice cream (and ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and peanuts then flash fried).    No elephant ears for me, give me the good stuff!

Thinking back on all of these foods, I realize I was reasonably adventurous.  However, I never could embrace Grandpa’s love of sour cream slathered on his bread, my Dad’s sprinkling sugar over his popcorn, or my brother’s love of red hot fireballs.

I guess I’m weird like that.

What about you? What weird foods did you like as a kid and do you still eat them today?

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