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Random 5 – Suppers, Sparks and Wonky Donkeys

It’s the last Friday in September (how’d that happen!!) so it’s time for 5 randoms from my world:

1 ) Had Hubb’s Step-Dad, Grandpa John, over for supper last night ~ we’d been planning to do so for a while  but our weeks are jammed & weekends are often full, too ~ so a week night seemed like the best choice.   The roast went into the crock-pot before I left for work with Hubbs commenting how he had to smell it all day.  At no surprise to either of us, Grandpa arrived early with a bag full of Glad Ware (I know how you cook), sporting a fresh haircut, a new shirt and a whiff of after-shave.   The visit lasted several hours and we sent him home with leftovers, peanut butter cookies and more.   Upon his arrival he announced how he doesn’t eat much anymore … but after the meal he commented that “he hadn’t eaten that much in a while!”   🙂

  • It was another reminder that sharing a meal around a table is good for all and that small things mean so much.

2 )   As I often do at this time of year, I took today off.  I had every intention of cleaning out my closet, organizing  and more.  Instead I slept in, drank a pot of coffee, made my bed and am still in my jammies 🙂

  • Sometimes the best “to do” list is the one in the trash.

3 ) While answering questions from Grandpa about smart phones Hubbs deferred to me as “the Lover all things Techie” and he’s right, I do love me some Technology.  A hearty conversation followed about the pluses and minuses, pitfalls and pointers, apps and trackers.   In the spirit of tech fun, I showed him my newest gadget  ~ the FitBit Charge2, in purple, of course.   (( I’ve had the FitBit Flex for years but it’s starting to lose mojo – and with my recent foray into rebounding, I wanted a better tracker plus I missed having a watch )) By the end of the conversation he’d settled on keeping his flip phone (the one that’s rarely with him or charged. )

  • Everyone has their own interests and we can learn from each other ~ Grandpa’s into guns (Military Man) I’m not, but if I ever had questions I know just who to go to!

4 ) Next week brings October and, at work, we’re setting meetings into December and January.  Time has a way of racing ahead, doesn’t it?  I chatted yesterday with Pat, our UPS driver, who shared the exciting news of his retirement November 1st.  “Not doing another Holiday Season” he announced.  His glee was as broad as the smile on his face.  As much as I try to be in the “now” and be ready for what’s next, I do think sometimes you just have to Namastay – see below:

  • Namastay in my cozy clothes all day 🙂 

5 )  And then there’s this ~ a wee Scottish Grandma reading “The Wonky Donkey” — be ready to laugh … hard.

  • Laughter makes everything better!

Thanks for reading my Random 5 this week ~ care to share yours?

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Heroes and Valentines

When I think about Valentine’s Day I can’t help but think about the year two heroes changed my perception of the holiday forever.

You see, I’d been home from school for almost a week, sick with Chicken Pox.  I was a miserable, feverish, red-faced mess. Bored and uncomfortable, I spent my days trying to stay quiet and letting Mom apply Calamine Lotion to my itchy spots.

I missed my cousin.
I missed my friends.
I missed riding the bus.
I *gasp* missed school.

My best friend and cousin, Debbie, did more than gather homework for me every day. She made me laugh as I slaved to complete the word search puzzles she’d crafted just for me. Words to search for included, “Bay City Rollers,” “Peter Frampton,” “butt,” “cute” and “groovy.”  She’d write messages to me upside down, backwards and sideways, ensuring I had to twist and turn the pages to get to her super-secret message at the end: the message that always translated to “I miss you, too.”

But the worst part of being sick was the knowing  – knowing I’d miss our much anticipated, highly celebrated Valentine’s Day party.

I’d miss lunchtime skating at the town rink followed by a hot dog lunch!

I’d miss cupcakes with whipped frosting and pink or red sprinkles on top!

mmm good;

I’d miss Valentine-themed spelling contests, teachers who’d let us put a record on the turntable and the chance to see who might slip a secret message to another.

Heyyyyyy! I think I love you!!;

And the coup de gras …. I’d miss the opportunity to place carefully selected Valentines into all those hand-decorated receptacles.

1970s punch-out Valentines;

My misery must have been obvious because one day, a few days before the party, my Grandpa stopped by on his way home from town. It wasn’t unusual for him to pop in, but it was unusual for him to come and sit with me.  Imagine my surprise when his farm-worn hands carefully pulled out a box of paper Valentines from the local grocery store!

“Here, I brought these just for you,” he said, his Swedish accent putting a ‘y’ where the ‘j’ should have been.  And, with that, he helped me fold and tear along the dotted lines, all the Valentines in the box. He also helped me fold and glue together the envelopes, because, at that time, that’s how they came – in stacks to be sorted out.

“You just write them out and Debbie can take them to school for you,” he said, smiling.  And that’s when I knew that the two of them had this all planned out … just for me!  I watched in awe as this giant of a man, as strong as an oak and with hands as broad as baseball mitts, sat and carefully folded Valentines so a little girl he knew could still be part of something that meant so much to her.

A few days after the party, and when I was no longer contagious, Mom and Dad let me attend Open Skate night with Deb at the local rink. It was Grandpa’s hand that I took when my scabby-faced self strolled into that rink and it was my cousin’s hand that I grabbed when it came time to play “Crack the Whip.”   He left us to go visit with our Dads and other neighbors and we laughed and shrieked as grade-school girls do.  And later, when we pulled our skates off our numb toes and ran back to where they were visiting and eating pie,  our faces were flushed and happy.  And that’s when we saw what we’d always known to be true – that their smiles were as broad and generous as their hearts.  And that this is what it meant to be loved –  and that love as deep and as wide as theirs had very little to do with red hearts or candy.

My Grandpa, my Dad and me!

..:: Thank you Grandpa and Debbie. I loved you then and I love you still.  Always have and always will! ::..

Do you have a favorite Valentines memory that you’d like to share?

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