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My FitBit is Flummoxed

Tuesday night, I felt it – a wave of fatigue, like a weighted blanket had been dropped on my head.

Rising early for Wednesday morning meetings, I felt like I hadn’t slept at all.  Later, walking in the bitingly cold wind downtown, I shivered pulling my scarf up over my ears. I never did get warm.

Driving back my throat felt hot and dry;  couldn’t drink enough water. Uh-oh.

It’s been 2+ years since I’ve been sick. No colds, flu, sinusitis, allergies, nothing.   It’s not for lack of stress or not being around sick people – I’ve had both in spades & fought the crud off many times.  But I know my signs.  Weds afternoon I came home early, crawled into bed and slept for 3 hours.  And didn’t feel better upon rising.

Thursday & Friday I used sick time, napping during the day, coughing through the night.

So, it’s no wonder my FitBit is confused ~ it’s used to me averaging 7.2 hours of sleep with the occasional weekend nap thrown in. It’s not used to this.  See the “warning” message below about the effects of an inconsistent bedtime.

The fever broke last night; chicken broth & scrambled eggs taste good, hot tea, ice water and throat lozenges soothe.  I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Puffs plus lotion, binge-watched shows I don’t remember, and feel sad that it hurts to read.

But hey, at least I got the flu shot!  🙂

How about you? Have you had a bout of the flu or managed to steer clear?   Please share your recovery tips with me ~ it may be a while before I respond b/c I’m probably napping!

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Random Five … Sleigh Bells Ring

It’s Saturday and I’m a day late for 5 random thoughts … here goes!

1.  5 – count ’em – 5 upper respiratory infections this year – with another landing Tuesday. By 4:30 I was in the Doc’s office, feverish and aching.  Today marks 4 days of rest mixed with work, lots of fluids and antibiotics and somehow I still sound like Kermit the Frog.  But at least it’s not Christmas Eve! 🙂

2. Opened a package from my cousin recently and to my delight I found this:

Only in Canada, eh?

The  World’s Greatest Toffee.  Only in Canada, eh!  Mmm mmm good.

How do you enjoy toffee with 4 temporary crowns?  Very, very carefully LOL!

3. A friend found out yesterday that her job ends Jan 2nd  – after 34 years of service.  She’s 55 and couldn’t be happier.  Why?  Severance pay & time to spend with her grand kids and sister.   There’s planning and then there’s planning meets opportunity.  I couldn’t be happier for her, either.

I love her Moxie!

I love her Moxie!

4. 3 days left of work for me this year then some much-needed vacation; I plan to be on the ‘whatever’ schedule for the duration! Whee!

funny clock

5. Mid-week, huddled under blankets and feeling miserable, Hubbs brought me a package that had arrived in the mail.   I unwrapped it, read the little note with it … and cried.    Seems my brother and his family were cleaning out an old farm building when they came across 7 sleigh bells on a leather strap — all curled up in a pail.  Turns out these were the jingle bells Dad would add to the team’s  harnesses at Christmas-time.  The sound of all those bells – the crunching of snow beneath draught horses hooves – and our squeals of delight singing, “bells on bobbed-tails ring, making spirits bright, what fun it is to laugh and sing a sleighing song tonight,” – well it was so wonderful to revisit those memories again.  The bell is substantial, it fills my palm, and as I hold it I swear Dad is right here with me.  One word:  Magic.

Dad's sleigh bell; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

Dad’s sleigh bell; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

And how was your week? Care to share your “Random 5” with me?

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Racing into the week, I noticed its arrival upon waking Monday.

A scratch. A tickle.

A cough that just wouldn’t go away.

Pshaw, I thought, I’m just over tired and it’s probably due to the smoke from our Casino visit the other day and..and.. and.

And then came Tuesday.

That cough … now a hack, one that hurt, with a flush creeping up my neck and pinching, the kind of pinch like my brother standing behind and squeezing my neck as a kid. That kind of pinch. Ugh.

A call to the Doctor’s office, a mention of “it might be the flu” and an opening mid-day.

Sitting in the waiting room, shivering.  Sitting in the examining room, sweating.

Swabbed, sneezing, waiting, wondering.

Negative for flu, thank you!

Not so fast.

“I don’t like the sound of your lungs.”

I threw some humor on it, “oh you mean the snap-crackle-pop?”

“Yeah, those aren’t Rice Krispies.”


Antibiotics – rest – fluids – warmth – and worst of all – no talking!

I stayed home today, in my chair, command central. Listened in on a few conference calls, managed emails, read, dozed, sipped soup and stayed still.

And then, around 4:00 it hit me, there’s still one Christmas present yet to try:

in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

The Keurig Mini ..  in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

Being derailed might not be so bad after all.

How about you? Has the flu hit your house?  Tried out any nifty gadgets lately?

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Adventures of Wonder Boy and Phlegm girl

Since summer we’ve worked for it. Throughout fall, we’ve talked about it: Christmas Vacation. That glorious week off buffered by two federal holidays – yippee skippidy-yi-yay.  Time to rest, time to play, time to dine, time to just be together.

And then it happened again.

I. Got. Sick.

The day before Christmas.

All our plans for romantic nights together – on hold.

All our intentions  – lingering at new restaurants – replaced by hot toddies and warm blankets.

Tender touches and shy smiles sure … but excuse me while I cough, sputter and gak.

Still Wonder Boy stays near.  He shaves, showers and dresses.  Puts on a little cologne, but not too much so as to make me sneeze.

I shower and dress, bundling in layers and find myself nearer the fire than normal. He likes that, for he’s near the fire, too.

He sips a brew and his broad hands bring a toddy.

He tries not to make me laugh for then I’ll cough and cough and cough.  But he does anyways because he’s funny like that.

We laugh a lot.

We smile.

We linger.

He sees my red nose and brings home Puffs.  He gets up to let the dog out and shuts the door so I can rest longer.

He answers the phone. Wonder Boy never answers the phone.

We don’t try new restaurants.  We don’t go out.

We stay in and slowly, ever so slowly I heal.

And it’s not the Prednisone or the Zithromax or the Mucinex that do it, although they help.

It’s the love.

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Wonder Boy and Phlegm girl ….

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What getting sick taught me

I picked up a juicy little flu bug the day after Christmas and it’s systematically kicked my tail for 2 weeks – 2-whole-weeks.  Geez.

I’m on the mend (thank you GOD for antibiotics) and there now exist blocks of time where I’m no longer coughing up frogs.  Yay for that.

10 things I learned from being sick: Continue reading

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