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Served what you deserve

This recent article about a suspected Rhino poacher who was trampled by Elephant(s) and then eaten by lions .. y-ouch!

It takes me back to working for a belligerent trophy-hunting executive years ago, the one whose African Safari journey ended in a big fat slice of Karma Pie.

this is what I imagine Karma pie to look like .. but maybe it’s chunky and hard to choke down?

Or the snarky sneaky lying rat of a boss who finally met his match and helped this believer drop 250 lbs in one day.

Karma’s coming!

Yep, every time I hear of a story like this, I’m reminded of something I’ve always told our boys:

  • Karma is only bad if you are



  • Do you believe in Karma?
  • Have you witnessed Karma coming full circle – in good ways and bad?

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Random 5 Friday ~ communications & coincidences

It’s Friday at last~ but I’m helping staff a charity event tomorrow so I am home today – working & doing some of the chores now that I’d normally do tomorrow – laundry, groceries, yes + emails, conference calls and projects.

My life/world/schedule has been a whirlwind lately, with me clocking well over thousand miles this month and today’s only the 20th.  Whew!

So here are 5 randoms from my world recently:

  • At the State Capitol recently, I “randomly” met an Elected official at the restaurant where my team and I were having dinner – someone with whom I had a scheduled meeting with that same week. That random meeting turned into a good conversation and our getting to know each other.   I “ran into” her twice more before our meeting  and, as a result, it was comfortable, she was relaxed, and introduced me to staff as her “friend.”    Random happenings rarely are.

coincidence quotes

  • In the Capitol meeting with various officials, I saw a Facebook post from a friend’s son, a single father, there on a field trip with his daughter.  Now Hubbs used to babysit this boy when he was little, as his Dad (hubbs’ friend) was a Single Dad, too.   I haven’t seen him or her in quite some time but as we hugged in the hallway, our smiles said it all!  Random? Not so much.

An Emjayandthem (C) photo


  • Driving to a meeting recently, I felt nerves overtaking my confidence.  I knew I had nothing to be nervous about but the part giving me pause was the unknown – who would be there and how would they behave.  (Didn’t want to encounter yet another rat!)  2 of my favorite Gospel songs came on my music player and played back to back – as it was set to Random Shuffle – and I felt any anxiety simply melt away.  Parking my car and sitting quietly for a minute, I said a prayer of thanks for His grace and my strength, grabbed my purse and marched on in. 🙂


  • Attending an event later in the week I spotted him before he did me – the work Rat was back.   I listened as he chatted about himself, him and his other favorite topic, him, then found myself pulled into conversations with other guests. (Thank you!)  I kept him in my periphery, hovering nearby like a gnat. He sat near me during lunch, offering updates on himself, his adventures, his purchases, him.  With pride, I watched my team listen but not lean in, and soon we all found ourselves engaged with other guests.   With no one to whine to or show off for, he slunk away.   I’m pleased I didn’t allow recent rat sightings to torture me and that affirmed my stated intolerance for mangy mammals.  Random growth, glad for it.

no more rats

  • Lastly, last weekend I attended my (soon-to-be) daughter-in-law’s bridal shower. I walked in, set my gifts down and a lovely lady smiled up at me. Something clicked and I knew – just knew -that we’d crossed paths before. I couldn’t place where or when until she spoke- with a lovely lilting English accent. And she seemed to know me, too. We put two and two together & realized we met last summer – in the MSP airport – as she & her husband were heading home to MI from visiting her English family, and I was coming home from my niece’s wedding/visit with Mom in Canada. At the time we had a friendly conversation and agreed that (English) Cadbury’s and Rowntree make the best chocolate (She chuckled at my stash of Canadian candy bars for our boys and the grands).  That lady in the airport? Grandmother of the bride, my soon to be daughter-in-law!   The world just isn’t that small and there are no coincidences. I still have shivers just thinking about the serendipity of it all.


How about you?  What random happening happened to you lately?  Do you believe paths cross for a reason?


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Random 5 Friday – Stew Leonard’s, gift cards, and happenstances

It’s Friday – whoop! I am off today and here are 5 randoms thoughts from my week.

1) Trader Joe’s opened a store here recently. Never been there but folks here are awfully hyped up about this grocery store. If you want to experience THE grocery store, visit Stew Leonard’s – the world’s largest Dairy store – in Norwalk, CT.  I remember taking oldest boy there when he was very little, and the prices were well worth the singing cows and dancing milk cartons … Now THAT’s a grocery store. 🙂

2) I won an award at work and picked Visa gift cards as my prize. I don’t need more stuff. Instead I stopped, after work, for a mani/pedi and became one with the massage chair. Felt like a genius.  I still have a little $ to spend but I’m one to make a list and a careful purchase.  Likely involving books … got any recommended reading for me?

cook clean or read

3) It’s Fall and I cook more when as weather cools.   Brought out my Wolfgang Puck electric pressure cooker for a yummy  dinner this weekend.  The best part?  Beef stew, braised chicken, or a succulent roast in under an hour.   (I was scared to death of the one Mom used as we grew up – it had a screaming sound and jangly top that threatened to blow at any minute. Whenever it came out – outside I went!) Get yours here


Here’s what mine looks like – no jangling bits to blow off in my face!

4) Tuesday morning, while waiting for the results of medical tests, I quietly sung one of my favorite Elvis Gospel songs.  The next morning I turned on my Mp3 for the drive to work.  The MP3 has nearly 1,000 songs on it and is always set to “shuffle” – meaning it shuffles songs randomly.   That song came on first.  Coincidence? Nope.

5 ) 22 days till Halloween!  I no longer decorate for it like I did when the boys were little but I do love shopping with the Grands for their costumes.  We touch and try on crazy hats, test drive the spooky sounds of store displays and thoroughly enjoy the outing.  I remember these kinds of costumes, and our faces sweating underneath them.  How about you?


How was your week?  Ever been to a Trader Joe’s or Stew Leonard’s?  If you had a $100 gift card to spend, what would you buy?  Do you have any page-turners to recommend?  Ever cooked with a Pressure cooker?  How do you feel when you experience random happenstances?  Are they random?  And what costume do you remember sweating under?



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Random Summer Sunday

It’s a steamy summer Sunday and here are 5 random thoughts from my world:

1) A few months ago I attended a workshop and the homework assignment was to ponder the answers to 3  questions: 1) what’s the greatest risk you ever took and how did it turn out? 2) How do you define passion? and 3) What’s your big “Super Hero” dream – i.e. what does “next” look like?  The first two questions were easy to answer (more at On Saying Yes )  But #3 had me stumped and, in the absence of one “big” vision, I realized I wanted to say YES to things I really want to do. I had worked hard to say “no” without guilt – all to make room for Yes’s.   Here’s an update on my plan: Yesterday, at a lake gathering, despite my fearful and fluttering gut, I said “yes” to getting in the middle of 3 on a Jet ski.  I yelled so much and laughed so hard that I said “yes” again – only this time on the back. Bouncing along the lake like a flag we all laughed and hollered and screamed so much that I was absolutely breathless when we returned to shore.  Others looked at me in astonishment – Hubbs with pride — my hair wrecked, my voice hoarse, but my face glowing with happiness.

What helped me say yes?  2 things:  A) I know the gal driving has a “need for speed” but she also loves me and would never put me in danger.  As we left the security of the dock, she turned back and said, “don’t worry I won’t go that fast,” and I answered with “Let ‘er rip” and she did. Whoo Hoo!   I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun.  The other?  B) the snarky look of another who was convinced I’d never go … ha ha, watch me sister!  Whoo Hoo!

jet ski

2) It’s steaming up to be a hot August day — 80% humidity, temps in the 90s.  I’m channeling my Grandma F. by cooking early while the sun is low.  The house smells amazing as pork chops and chicken bake – – and when they’re done and the kitchen is clean I’m headed to the pool with peaches, lemonade and books.  Hubbs is golfing and we’ll meet up later where he’ll surely bring up yesterday’s antics.   The perfect Sunday!

Grandma and Mom in the kitchen together

Grandma and Mom in the kitchen together. An Emjayandthem(C) photo

3. After Friday, I’m so looking forward to Monday! 🙂

no more rats4. Yesterday at the lake I hadn’t planned on going in the water, much less riding a jet ski.  So after the first run, my shorts and everything under them were drenched.  My friend, 6″ taller than me, loaned me some swim shorts while my clothes went into the dryer.  I pulled them on, twisted my tank top in a knot above my belly button, and rejoined the crowd.  Hubbs smiled and I laughed.  You see I dress pretty modestly and rarely does anyone else see me like that.  But it was a beautiful summer day and I’m not getting any younger and just when is a dose of radical silliness appropriate anyways?

“Oh my God, what if you wake up and some day you never got your memoir or novel written; you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big, juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like you did when you were a kid?  It’s going to break your heart.  Don’t let this happen.” – Anne Lamott

5.  Because of some family heart issues, I had a Cardiac Stress Test last week — and I kicked it to the curb. In thinking about it now, if they only knew how much this chick can handle they’d have cranked it up a little more!

helpless femate

P.S.  I’m just so happy! See # 3

What are you happy about today?

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How a believer lost 250lbs in 1day

* This is a true story and not a weight-loss testimonial.

Once upon a time there was a hard-working donkey who worked steadily at meeting deadlines, helping others and getting things done.  Over time, her skills got attention and she found herself recruited for special projects on a pretty regular basis. And her workload grew.

donkey with heavy load

But that was OK because she was a sturdy donkey who could carry a lot – and, when no one was looking, she dreamed of a day when things might be better for her and the others in her group.  When he, her supervisor (otherwise known as the rat), would pick up his share of the work, listen to her ideas, and appreciate her efforts.  But that was not to be.

donkey with load man beside

He liked leaving her places.. and laughing about it.

But her star shone steadily anyways.  And he didn’t like it. Didn’t like it one bit.  And then one day a miracle happened – an opportunity appeared.  He told that he was moving up.  What about his spot, she asked? Could it be for her?  No, not for you, he snorted.  She couldn’t stop thinking of all the work she’d done – covering his 300+ absences over 5 years – and she knew she had to try.  She would get the work, that’s for sure, ought to at least try for the money. Sadly he didn’t support her, in fact, he lobbied for another donkey.   Still .. 4 interviews later, and with an armful of recommendations, she triumphed, the job was hers. He moved out, she moved in and brought her team up with her.   For one glorious year he was … off in the distance somewhere. But, as sometimes happens, a reorganization brought him back  to her again.

Say what?

Say what?

It was perfect! For him.

He was used to taking her ideas and packaging them up as his own.  How he loved to bring her along to meetings, not prepare and then throw her in at the last-minute.  Once again. Once again. And every time a deadline approached he’d have yet another illness.  Some real. Some imagined. Yet again. Yet again.  And for a while, the donkey, well,  she felt defeated.  Betrayed.  Hopeless. She plodded along the circle, even when it made her sick.   She didn’t sleep, she barely ate, dark circles took up residence under her eyes.   She cried, she railed, she prayed. Oh, did she pray.


“all I want for Christmas … is a break”

Meanwhile the rat prospered.  He worked to convince others what a great rat he was. How he had all these great ideas (hers), he got projects completed (hers), and, from the surface, it appeared he was one good rat. And he was.  He was very good at being a rat.

warren t rat american tail

And soon, the load grew again.   But this time, it was different. Something had changed.  She had grown, too.   The yoke no longer fit!! No longer dangling in the air she righted herself and when a much more Sr. Donkey asked her “how are you doing?” she looked him in the eye and she answered.  She squared her shoulders, stood in her truth and saw his gasp of horror.  He listened and she spoke and she heard his words of understanding.  Time passed and she figured maybe he was just one more Sr. Donkey who’d allow a rat in his midst. But she was wrong.

donkey up in air

In time, she saw the rat’s unease.  She listened to him whine at being questioned why he always had to come to Donkey for answers.  And why was Donkey’s name on all the work? Who exactly was doing the work? The questions coming at him were rapid and direct and not easily dodged.  That wily rat found himself nailed like a fat kid in dodge ball.

warren t rat surprised

And then, one day, happy news came her way – delightful, happy, wonderful news!  Can you guess what it was?  The gig was up! The rat was out – leaving the company.  Secretly Loudly she danced. She danced, she cried, she smiled so much and so often her face hurt.  She slept. She finally slept.  And dreams returned, in just days. Dreams returned.

happy donkey

Is that the Karma bus I see in the distance?

One morning, as she finally put into words what she’d experienced in her years with the rat, she felt the weight of a 250lb yoke slipping off her shoulders.  No more shackles to his messes, his problems, him. No more cleaning up, fixing up, and covering for.  No more. No more. No more.

And as she said it, she saw it, and the tears ran down her face.  Tears of liberation.

“You own everything that happened to you. 

Tell your stories. 

If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.” 

– Ann Lamott

I’m that donkey.  And between now and 5:00 today I’ll lose 250lbs. By His grace, I’m a believer.

Dance with me, will ya? 🙂



Can you relate to this?  Whose yoke have you become used to? What needs to happen before you can put it down?



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Random 5 Friday – 12/12

It’s Friday! It’s Random! Here we go …

1.  I work with someone who lies.  A lot.  He lies so much he forgets which lies are which and gets tangled up in them, like someone trying to walk through a jump rope.  One of these days he’s gonna get busted and land on his face and  I kinda hope I’m around when it happens.

Karma's coming!

Karma’s coming!

2. Monday I endured 5 – count em- 5 hours in the Dental chair.  4 old crowns were sawed off and I was prepped for 4 new ones.  My face still hurts and soup is my new best buddy.  Bah!

image from

image from

3.  Speaking of today, I’m off to meetings at the Capitol.  Ever heard the term “Lame Duck?”  Quack Quack 🙂

Michigan State Capitol

at Michigan State Capitol

4. It’s Friday and I am this happy about it!



Tonight we’re meeting friends for drinks & yums at a cool old burger joint downtown. Tomorrow night is bowling with friends and Sunday? Sunday I’ll just collapse :).

5.  Saw a great clip this week that helped me in my quest to dodge Holiday stress:


Happy  Friday! What’s on your agenda this weekend?

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Random 5 Friday – Karma and Snow

It’s Friday! It’s time for 5 Random thoughts! Here we go!

1. Remember last Friday when I referenced how pitiful Hubbs was with his cold? Yeah, I should not have done that. About noon it hit me – a tightening between the shoulder blades – and with hot eyes and hurting everything, I headed for home. Not before I stopped for essentials like groceries, Puffs and dinner.  And yes I felt the wheels of the Karma bus back right on over me.

2. Sorting through some stuff lately, I came across my hot rollers.   Bear in mind I have naturally curly hair. Like, really curly. Holds a curl for days.  I’ve had the rollers since college, they still work, and every once in a while I’ll roll my hair just to see what happens.   If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add hair spray and double it in size.   I can see myself doing this for years and years and years.    No idea why.

circa 1983

Hot Rollers ~ circa 1982;

rockin the 80s hairdo as the "singer in the band" An Emjayandthem (C) photo

30 years ago ~ rockin the 80s hairdo as the “singer in the band.” An Emjayandthem (C) photo

3. Lately I’ve been enjoying TV shows that demonstrate decorating on a budget. You see I have no ability in the home decor  department.  That gene skipped me.  No, I was too busy riding my pony and pretending to be “Billy Jack  than be caught inside doing artsy stuff. So it was not a proud moment when I realized that most of the things we own are on Decorators “do not do” list.   Yep, decorating wise, I need help and lots of it.

Yes we have some silk plants.  We also have a fake Christmas tree, too!

Yes we have some silk plants. We also have a fake Christmas tree!

4.   I like making lists and checking things off so, generally speaking, I don’t procrastinate.  But this was funny!


5.  All in all, it was a bit of a rough week and I’m glad Friday is here.  None of us felt great, it was -something zero outside every day and we got pounded with snow.  Case in point, one day it took 65 min. to drive 7 miles to the office.   No snowmen yet, but I can see why things like this could happen:

And how was your week? What styling aids have you owned or used for 30+ years?  Please tell me you have silk plants, too!

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Destinations, Karma and Ooga Chackas

I missed Random Five Friday because I was away on business so I’ll start today with some thoughts from this week.

1.  I attended a town hall meeting Thursday night. No big deal as I my job requires I do this from time to time.  I know my business and tend to over-prepare.  But it’s always daunting to walk through the doors of a place you’ve never been and feel a sea of eyes turn your way.   I met the folks who’d invited me, shook hands, passed out business cards and took a moment to steady myself.  As the meeting was called to order, the council did something I hadn’t experienced before.  Ahead of the “Pledge of Allegiance,”  the leader said an invocation.  The invocation was a prayer, and the person leading it asked for guidance and wisdom as they conducted the community’s business. He asked everyone to remember that while they’re community servants, they’re His servants first.   A steadying presence was with me and any worries I had just melted away.

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go for it!

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go for it!

2.   I was also asked to attend a Friday breakfast meeting with an influential Congressman.  Of course I said yes.  Up long before the 5:00 a.m. alarm, I couldn’t contain my excitement.  You see, we’ve met before, and we have a nice, easy rapport.   Walking into the meeting, I ran into a fellow I’ve been helping for some time now.  He and I had never met and while his circumstances are complicated, he’s pleased with the help I’ve provided and that experience changed his opinion of our company.  I beamed as he relayed that story to the Congressman.

Chance meetings?  They’re never chance and Karma is only bad if you are.

3. Driving to these new-to-me places,  I had the addresses printed out and the GPS tuned in.   But I still turned the radio down as I got closer … do you do that?  Funny.

I always do this.. you?


4.  At yesterday’s meeting, a lovely lady in charge of registering commented that she “loved my makeup.” I smiled and thanked her.  I couldn’t help but think that complimenting someone’s makeup is kinda like telling the cook she has a wonderful stove.  Well intentioned … but a bit of a misfire.   People are fascinating.

5. Youngest kid went to see the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” recently.  He’s a music lover like me and oftentimes finds the soundtrack of a movie as appealing as the show itself. I was prepping dinner when I heard a distinctive sound that took me back to 1974.   “Oooga Chacka Oooga Chacka” will do that to you.


And how was your week?  Do you believe in Karma?  Do you turn down the radio so you can “see”better, too?  Does that song make you think of dreamy B.J. Thomas?


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Karma pie

In my former life, I worked in administration for a global energy company.  I worked hard, put my time in and climbed the corporate pecking order ladder.  The job family was a good fit for me because I am organized and efficient, can juggle projects, connect the dots, and keep things moving.

After being promoted to a more senior position supporting one of the Vice-Presidents, I found myself with many new responsibilities and challenges. The man I reported to was kind, agreeable and well respected. Definitely a high flyer and certainly on track to become something more.  We developed an easy camaraderie, I made some new friends and, for a time, felt very much at home.

Then, one day, everything changed.  We were all told that our present boss would be moving on to a new opportunity and we’d be getting a new VP from another part of the business.   Not a problem, I thought. In my career, I’d had many supervisors and had made many such transitions successfully.

A farewell lunch was held and the old boss shipped out; arrangements began to move the new guy in from downtown.

A few days later, I received a phone call from his then assistant. The movers were scheduled to pack belongings the next day and she wondered what time I planned on being there. Surprised, I asked, “Why?  “So you can photograph the birds,” was her reply.  What?

You see, the new boss was an avid hunter and apparently had a variety of stuffed birds mounted in his office.  He expected – demanded actually – that the birds and his very large swordfish be hung in the same fashion at his new office.

Lest you think I am against hunting, I’m not.  I grew up on a farm and I understand what happens when the deer herd is over-populated. It’s not pretty.  I’ve grown up with hunters and I’ve eaten some game.   Any hunter I know eats what they take, and they don’t just kill for killing’s sake.

Back to the story.  Boss moves, birds, fish and assorted dead things get hung up on the wall. Staff meets boss, and boss makes his mark on the department.  And not in a good way.  Boss yells at employees, talks down to staffers and soon .. people begin to hide and I ponder changing careers.

Flash forward a few months … boss books an expensive hunting excursion for exotic game in Africa.  Every single one of us endure endless meetings derailed by his hunting talk.

Finally, the date arrives for his “big trip.”  We wished him well, shut the door and erupted in cheers because we all knew what we were in for — three gloriously delicious weeks of mutual respect, project work, a host of accomplishments and, at long last, peace.

And then, like a dark cloud, he returned.

With stories of the trip of course … And pictures!

Pictures … of the carnage.

Antelope. dead.
Gazelles. dead.
Water buffalo. dead.
Lions. dead.
Zebras. dead.

Zebras!  Who shoots a Zebra?  That’s like shooting a pony!

I found myself sitting at my desk, reeling at the blood and the gore and the look of absolute delight on his face.  I still shudder when I think of those images.

Time passed, and our work life returned to normal.   He continued on as usual, swearing at the mail room clerks when his paper wasn’t delivered on time and made a sport out of crucifying analysts in budget meetings. Halls were empty and staffers hid regularly.

Over time, I notice him growing increasingly agitated.    Why?

Because his shipping container of African dead things – all the skins and hides and hooves and heads that he couldn’t wait to display – was delayed.  In Customs.  Where it sat in the hot African sun.  And rotted, rendering all contents unusable.

And to this day, I still smile when I think of that day:  the day that one of the nastiest people I’ve ever known had himself a big, fat slice of Karma pie.

this is what I imagine Karma pie to look like .. but perhaps it's chunkier and hard to choke down?

And I like to think those animals smiled with me.

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Time out

the land from which we come

Events of late have left me sad because someone precious to me is hurting. It’s excruciating and nearly debilitating to witness.

I witnessed the pain in his eyes as he cried before us, saying he didn’t know how to go on. That he doesn’t know what to do next or how to live his life without her in it.

I watched as pain’s shadow darkened his beautiful face and prayed  for insightful words to make it all better.

I don’t know what to do, except to listen.

I don’t know what to say, except to comfort.

I don’t know.

I can’t cry any more.

Actually, yes I can (just did).

This life.. it’s all we have.

Why spend it miserable?   Why?

I can’t help but flashback to myself – a young woman in a miserable marriage with a mean spirited person who’d rather put me down than pull me up, for whom no effort was ever enough, for whom I’d never be enough, have enough or do enough.  I remember thinking to myself one night – and I do honestly believe it was the Voice of Spirit reassuring me – “I’d rather be lonely and struggling than be with this person one minute longer.”  And once I heard that – and believed it in my heart that I would be OK – that was it for me.  It took time, but, methodically, I put a plan in place and I did it.  I got us out.  We didn’t have much – my job, a barely running car and an apartment partially filled with garage sale furniture and  used books.  But .. we had each other, my beautiful 3 year old boy and me.  And it was more than enough because finally … we had peace.

Back to today – He hasn’t t asked our permission; he only asked that we listen.  And so we have. But it is so hard to just listen. It’s  our nature to comment, to comfort, and to guide.   Hands off? Suck it up? Get over it?  That’s not how we roll.

But it’s not about us.

Or what we’d tolerate, condone or accept in a relationship.

And so .. we listen. We comfort. We answer questions.  And when he’s not looking, I cry .. and together, we wait it out.

But between you and me … I want to saddle up my trusty steed, arm myself with everything I’ve got and head into battle, guns drawn, and fire bombs a-blazing!! Truth be told — I want to right the wrongs and confront anyone who’d ever hurt my boy.

But … I can’t.

I’m in “time out.”

It’s not for me to fix and that kills me.

And so we sit… and we trust that, somewhere along the way, what we’ve taught him about self-worth, happiness, peace of mind, mutual respect and mature love .. bubbles up and washes over him, giving him the strength he needs to get through this and go on.

 * * * * *

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more here

 Thank you to the special forces team who risked their lives carry out this mission. 

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My Journey From Merchant Mariner to Mother, and Spiritual Being.


Nancy Roman

She's A Maineiac

just another plaid-wearin' java-sippin' girl

I also live on a farm

Just another weblog

Wordsmith's Desk

some thoughts along the way

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

music, poetry, musings, photography and philosophy from a woman who found her way back home and wants you to come over for a hike and a cocktail.

these days of mine

Stop in and see what's happening during these days of mine

When I Ride...

How life coaches me as I ride...



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Learning from yesterday, living for today

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Food, Art, Books, Birds and whatever...

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Connecting with People in My Path

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A Typical Blog. A Typical Woman. A Typical Take On Life. With An Atypical Twist!

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“I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.”

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Novelist, Traveler, and More

Life Is A Journey... Not A Guided Tour

My Journey From Merchant Mariner to Mother, and Spiritual Being.


Nancy Roman

She's A Maineiac

just another plaid-wearin' java-sippin' girl

I also live on a farm

Just another weblog

Wordsmith's Desk

some thoughts along the way

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

music, poetry, musings, photography and philosophy from a woman who found her way back home and wants you to come over for a hike and a cocktail.

these days of mine

Stop in and see what's happening during these days of mine

When I Ride...

How life coaches me as I ride...