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Random 5 Sunday – Family, Flea Markets and Pie

It’s Sunday and I was up early with the sunshine, sipping coffee, packing for my week ahead and thinking it’s about time for 5 Random Ramblings from my world.   Pour some coffee and join me, will ya?

1 )   A Family brunch yesterday had a host of familial layers all at the same table: Uncles and Aunts, Cousins and kids, Step-in-laws, son’s girlfriend and me.    Uncle Ron sat next to Hubbs who sat next to cousin Johnny who sat next to me.  Facing them was youngest boy, his girlfriend, an Auntie, Grandpa, a cousin and another Auntie ~ I nodded my head to the youngest ones to get them to look ~ and they caught it — all of the guys, various ages but similar in looks, structure, and all folding their arms up high on their chests, head tilted just so to listen to the  story being told.   The story-telling was being done by another cousin,  directly across from them, whose arms were no longer folded. Like them, when talking, his arms and hands were wide open and out as he drove home the point of the story, “and then they brought ME the mailbox they’d ran over like I’m supposed to go back and fix it!”  Laughter filled the restaurant and diners nearby looked our way, mostly with understanding, one with annoyance but many with longing.  Family.  It’s big and it’s noisy and it’s wonderful. Gotta love it!

2 )  Fall is here and glorious ~ colors are magnificent, the sky is blue and deep and wide and the air is dry and crisp.  It won’t last, I know.  But windows are open, supper is in the crock-pot and I’m loving every minute of it. Fall is my favorite season and I wish it could stay just a little longer …

Many scenes like this one right now

3 ) With Fall’s arrival comes the start of indoor trade shows ~ I remember going as a girl with Mom & Dad.  This is shopping I love — wandering around from item to item, chatting with people and trying new things.  The shows we attended were Agriculturally focused with cattle breeders, farm implements and a host of novelty items targeted to the wives and kids accompanying said farmer  ~  the latest & greatest “as seen on TV” gadget,  smoked meats, candles, jewelry, make-up, toys, knives, you name it.  One such event rolled into town this weekend and a friend and I decided to go — and yes we saw the latest & greatest “as seen on TV” gadgets, sampled smoked meats, smelled the candles, laughed at the toys and books and “man-cave” items and more.   The usual suspects were there ~ selling Cinnamon almonds, home-baked goods, and of course, knives.   I came home with jewelry, Avon hand lotion, a pie and some herb-flavored butter.   Fun!

Like this but with 20x the people ~ Shipshewana on the Road

4 ) Traveling this week to a corporate conference ~ I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues again.  I’m sure to learn a few things and I’ll do my best to avoid snakes (lipstick can’t cover fangs).  Over my working career, I’ve dealt with my fair share of Rats and Snakes and there’s always been a part of me that wants to ask this question, even though another part of me already knows the answer:

“Were you always such a snake,” the child asked, “or did you grow into what you are?”
― Dean Koontz, Odd Apocalypse

5 )  At the Flea Market yesterday I bought my friend and I each a sweet potato pie.  “Uncle Calvin” was selling them and promised the pies were his “Momma’s” recipe. That’s enough for me.

Before anyone freaks out about my non-sweets craving self enjoying a pie, I’ll share some perspective:

“The” pie .. next to my hand 🙂

Yep, I’ll scoop out the contents, skip the crust and enjoy every morsel.  It’s a taste and that’s enough for me.

So what’s new in your world? Had any pie lately?


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Fussworthy and not-so-much

Just this weekend, my blogging buddy Leah penned a thought-provoking post called “My favorite things and what’s up with that?”  I read it once and then read it again and lingered on how her thoughts have inspired mine.

So, Leah shared what she’s loving right now (Vitamin water, new music, eating outside and Instagram) and things she’s not so sure about (juicing, the book I wrote about the other day, and the Olympics.)

So with that, here’s my top 5 Fuss-worthy delights of late:

Walking barefoot in the yard.  Remember how, as a kid, we’d run around barefoot all the time? I do.  As a kid, the soles of my feet were as tough as leather; I could walk across gravel, straw and dry prairie grass without so much as a flinch.  Over time, my feet became soft.  Going barefoot in the grass and out on the patio takes me back to summer days of old.

Fireflies.  I grew up too far north for those little guys to live so I don’t have childhood memories of catching fireflies … but boy I do ever feel like a child when one alights near me now.   Magical.

Finding a new (old) tune on  Amazon.   I’ve rediscovered my country roots by downloading some vintage classics like Mel McDaniel’s “Lord have mercy, Baby’s got her blue jeans on.”  I know it’s corny as what but when I hear that song I can’t resist belting out the lyrics and working it just a little.

Color.  I’m not a confident decorator and have tended to favor neutrals and old standbys that I grew up with: country blue, rose and linen. But lately, the World Market look has tempted me with colors like paprika, lime, spice and robin’s egg blue.   And I don’t spend much, just a few $$ on a pillow or a new throw.  What a difference!

world market pillows;

Shopping my closet.   I’ve mentioned how exercising and eating healthier (translate not: being an idiot when I indulge) has brought about positive changes in my shape and size.  And that’s great, ’cause who doesn’t love to see results?  But sometimes, when we’ve been one size for a while, our minds forget what those other sizes felt  like.   And then come days when you think, “oh what the heck” and go for it. I pulled a top out last Thursday and paired it with an older wrap skirt and netted a ton of compliments. Why? ‘Cause it’s flattering, fits well and looks new.  And I hadn’t worn either in 8 years.

Put your blue jeans on and work it with Sammy Kershaw’s cover of Mel’s hit song:

And now to the “I don’t get what the fuss is all about” stuff:

The Olympics.  Leah, I am with you on this one. I hope all athletes do well and I will catch a highlight or two but I’m just not that into it this time.

TomKat.  Since when did a celebrity split = news?  Katie takes Suri to lunchThey eat!  And that’s a headline?  Please.

Expensive brand names. I’m sure it’s the farm girl in me but I find a certain satisfaction at snagging a purse on clearance for $12.00. I’ve never carried a $200 designer bag and I never will. Why? Because if I don’t have $200 to put in the bag, I don’t need no $200 purse.

Pilates. Tried it. More than once. Can’t. Do. It. Jessica Rabbit was not designed to move like that. The end.

Starbucks. I have never understood the appeal. When I have to pretend I know another language just to order a large coffee, I’d rather .. not.  Venti-latte blah blah blah makes me feel like Thurston Howell the III.  Luvveeee! Plus, it’s just not that good.

How about you?  What things are you having fun fussing over this summer?  Which could you easily throw by the wayside?

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