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Random 5 Sunday ~ Spring, Weddings and Anniversaries

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you!   Time for 5 Randoms from my world.  Ready?  Let’s go.

1 )   Spring.  I’d been away from the office for several weeks, returning last week to a stacks of mail and Spring  outside my window.   After (what felt like) a 10 month winter, Spring seems even brighter this year. And overdue.  Yes, it rained all weekend, but the rain washed away the pollen and, for the first time in a week, my eyes no longer feel gummy.    Farmer’s daughters have a hard time wishing away rain anyways.

**Hello Spring! **

2 )  Travel ~ as fun and adventurous as it was to be away ~ including staying an extra night because of flight delays (in a hotel, not the airport, yay), it’s wonderful to come home again.  With 3 days in the office last week and 1 more tomorrow, I’m nearly caught up.  On Tuesday I’m off again for a couple of nights and back home in time to slide into the long weekend.   This is the kind of travel I love~ by car, with stops along the way, the schedule is (mostly) all mine, structured enough to accomplish my objectives but with enough free time to take in the sights.  I’ll be winding my way north along the shores of Lake Michigan and back again.   And I won’t miss my desk one bit.

**Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.**

3 ) Companions– While visiting city officials and town halls I’ll have Dad with me.   See Dad, in addition to being a full-time farmer,  served his local Rural Municipality (R.M.) as a Councilor for 30+ years and this girl went with him much of the time.  I’d straighten the paperwork and make sure the coffee pot was full, watch how he listened, interacted, and worked the issues.  I learned from him how to relax and stand confident in what I know.   Although my present day role is much different from his, there’s much of what he did that comes with me.  And I still  experience a child-like wonder as I walk into a century-old City Hall, seeing the grooves in the floor from so many before me, smelling furniture polish and the must that exists in those cavernous old rooms.     I can easily spot the radiators still hugging the walls and, before long, enjoy a relaxed camaraderie with present day staff.

**A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.**

4 )  Anniversary –  This week marks 10 years as a U.S. Citizen.    10 years! Yes, 10 years ago I raised my right hand and, with 78 others (from 34 countries) took the oath of allegiance to the United States of America and stepped forward as a new American. It signified the end of one journey and the beginning of another.   It was one of the proudest and most emotional  moments of my life.  (more about my journey here.)

You see, someday I will be a citizen for 15 or 20 or 35 years and I’ll still choose to tell folks that I’m a “new” citizen. Why?  Because I don’t know how else to communicate the significance of it.    The choice of it.

We’re not perfect, this country, we’ve got our flaws.  Like most families, there’s bickering and divisions and  always someone willing to point out what’s wrong with us … but still … there’s a heart and soul about America that continues to inspire people to imagine a life here.

That’s me, holding the flag, during my swearing in ceremony; An Emjayandthem (C) photo

“The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight.”


3) The Royal Wedding – Unlike past events, I didn’t set my alarm, instead I set the DVR.  Snoozing till 8:00 I hopped up out of bed, poured a large cup of coffee, and turned on the TV.   For whatever reason, I just didn’t have the same interest in this wedding as I did for Diana and Charles in 1981 or William and Kate in 2011.   Maybe I was still trying to learn about the gal who’d bedazzled a Prince and, let’s be honest, some of the attraction was the hot mess certain members of her family had been, too.    The day was dazzling, the sky glorious, the hats large and the dress fancy.   Having the DVR recording allowed me to fast-forward through the speculative coverage by “new” Royal experts and get to the good stuff.  Yes, I cried when I saw the two brothers walking so confidently together.   I giggled at the cuteness of the little page boys and flower girls.   I teared up watching Prince Charles join her on her lone walk in, when the two of them said their vows, shared a kiss, and hopped into the Carriage to be swept off to their future.   I’ve cried at this and every wedding I’ve ever witnessed.  This was no different: in the end, it’s all about love.  I wish them well.

image from

**All you need is love … ** -Paul McCartney

So, how was your week?


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So, did you watch?

a shared look between HRH William and Catherine; image from

Over the past few days, I heard one question every place that I went (out with friends, to the grocery store, dentist and doctor’s office): So, did you watch?  The Royal Wedding of course!

Did I watch?  I rolled in every single bit of the Royal Wedding coverage that I could! Like with Diana and Charles’ wedding in 1981, I got up extra early and raced around the house, hours ahead of when I had to leave for work. Our youngest later told me, “Mom I heard you scurrying around; you sounded like a little kid on Christmas morning!” and indeed I was… I scuttled to the basement with a magnum of coffee and cranked up the volume as old dog and I snuggled in to watch it.

I didn’t expect to but when I spotted those two handsome and poised young men… I cried. I recalled their poise and heartache when we last saw them in the Abbey… at Princess Diana’s funeral. I cried because it felt wonderful to see the joy and genuine nervousness on their faces.  And, as a mother to two boys, I cried that their mother was not there to witness this milestone.

I cried when I spotted a smiling little lady dressed in canary yellow – the 85-year-old Monarch;  “Granny” to said boys.

I cried when I saw Kate’s face peeking out from behind her veil and when her father gently took her hand in his.  How daunting that moment must have been for them both.

I cried when I saw HRH William whisper “you look beautiful” to his beaming bride.   I cried again when his words took effect and her face lit up with joy.

Call me a sap and you’d be right.

Call me romantic and you’d hit the nail on the head.

Call me all of those things but know, that in the midst of a birth certificate kerfuffle, Bin Laden’s death, tornadic destruction and soaring gas prices etching worry lines on many a-face, I for one, enjoyed the brief respite that the Royal Wedding brought us.  It was fun to comment on her dress, the uniforms, the horse-drawn carriages, the crazy hats, the darling bridesmaids, the second kiss, and the clouds parting as they rolled into Buckingham palace.  In an electronic world where we’re bombarded by breaking news all the time and not much of it good, I loved watching two people steal moments of tenderness for themselves; a shared smile as though two billion people were not watching their every move. Of course the pomp & circumstance was spectacular… but it was those little moments of tender human emotion that made the Royal Wedding resonate with me.

So, did you watch?

(On 5/3/11, the very nice people at WordPress deemed this post one of their “best of 385,233 bloggers, 387,452 new posts, 449,667 comments, & 93,406,663 words posted.” I am humbled at the honour and hope you stick around to read more.  Thank you sincerely! MJ)

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If Diana had been here

Princess Diana with her boys, Prince Harry (c) and Prince William (r); image from

Tomorrow is the much-anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine “Kate” Middleton and, like many, I have been following along and will enjoy the coverage of what promises to be a spectacular day in history.
Much ado has been made about the guest list, the food, the various parties and, of course, what Kate’s dress will look like.
I can’t help but think about her.  Diana, Princess of Wales.
Fiercely devoted mother, master press manipulator, giver of hugs, sharer of a perhaps too much information.
I think about how she would have turned 50 this year and how stunning she would still be.
I like to think of her arriving at the Abbey in sophisticated, sleek yet understated attire, turning and giving a smile to all of us. 
I like to think Kate would have tried especially hard to please and impress her.
I like to think that she might have found love by now, with a super hot and titled Aristocrat sporting ears of normal proportions.
I like to think that, with her still with us, there’d be no Camilla.
Come to think of it, she will be there.  Prince William gave Kate her ring.  Her generous influence on her two sons appears ever-present.
The last time we witnessed Royal pomp & circumstance at the Abbey, it was for her funeral and whenever I see a photo of those flowers with the words “Mummy,” my heart breaks again.
It’s time for some love, some romance, some lightness of being.  Make room for Diana, for she will be there tomorrow.
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