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Random December Friday – Bats, Holiday prep, concerts and snow

Happy Friday!  I’ve been swamped at work, traveling, and double-booked socially. No time to write, and barely time to think.   Here are 5 random thoughts on a mild winter’s day:

1) “Don’t look up, we’re trying to contain the bat.”  Welcoming words as I entered a rural City office.  Arriving at a meeting I was met by two gals with brooms and determined looks as they shooed a bat down from the room’s cavernous ceilings.  Ahh – life in a small town!  They looked at me with trepidation and when I assured them I’m a farm girl and that Mr. Bat was simply looking for a warm winter home, they laughed and camaraderie soon followed.

2) Sissy and I talked last night and during our conversation it dawned on me that Christmas is 3 weeks from today. Other than presents purchased, I have nothing ready for Christmas. No decorating. No wrapping. No cards. No baking. Nothing.  The countdown is on, even if I don’t yet feel it.

kitten asleep

waiting for this feeling to come over me.

3) On Sunday, I’m taking an auntie to see the “Trans  Siberian Orchestra.” She’s so excited she can hardly stand it. I know I will be once I get there.  My inner lizard is harping that I really should be wrapping, baking and decorating but I remember when we paid for the tickets a few months ago, I thought “you’ll need this by then.”  I’m betting I was right.

4) Living in a Nursing Home, Mom doesn’t have room or desire for many “things” so I put together a packet of small treats – snacks, candies, nuts, hand lotion, wet wipes, Chap-stick, Word search books, Sudoku, a pen, and some spending money, etc.  When I told her last night that a parcel was on its way,  she giggled like a school girl.


5)  We don’t have any snow – the weather has been unbelievably mild here in West MI and golf courses are opening again today.  The roads are great for travel and people are moving about with ease. I think it’s the lack of the white stuff that’s contributed to my denial of the holiday’s proximity.  Because when I was a kid, snow only meant one thing:


Christmas vacation! Whee!!


How about you?  Encounter any odd scenes lately?  Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?  Any snow in your neck of the woods?  Do you have an inner lizard snarping at you, too?

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Hello, March

Breaking records for the coldest February since 1892 I’m happy to see March’s arrival.  It’s hard to believe Spring is only a few weeks away!

And with that I give you Plume the cat.  His attitude to snow is similar to mine — put your head down and get through it!


“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”~Proverb

Are you having Spring Fever, too?

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Random Five Friday


Christmas Eve, 2013

This was our tree Christmas Eve;  today it looks like it’s been strip-searched.  Still, I’ll leave it up for a few more days just to enjoy the lights.

Christmas has come and gone and, boy, did it go fast.  What I’ll treasure includes:

1. Looks.  The look on our Grandson’s face when we FINALLY got through to the Santa Tracker hotline Christmas Eve and he could ask the question he’d waited to ask, “Um, when exactly is Santa going to be in Michigan?” And their answer, “Well Santa has just crossed the international date line from the Arctic circle and is entering into Canada now, which you know borders the United States; our trackers estimate {{sounds of calculators, blips and bells}} him to arrive in Michigan in.. approximately 200 minutes.” The speed with which he launched himself to bed was incredible!

the grands readying for bed; Christmas Eve, 2013

the grands readying for bed; Christmas Eve, 2013

2.  Being together.  The boys, me and Hubbs, sitting by the fire and laughing but suddenly hearing small feet padding across the living room above and here came wee MJ, teary-eyed, “But Nana, we forgot to put out the Milk & cookies and Santa is going to be so very hungry after that long trip..”  And so we got cookies deployed and milk poured and off she went to fall asleep in my bed with the biggest smile on her face.

3.  Snow.  Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes swirling down from above.   All my peeps tucked into the nest and here came Christmas snow.  Magical.


Christmas snow 🙂

4.  Sounds.  Hearing snores from her brother across the hall, I slipped into bed next to a wee one who woke and whispered, “Nana, I love you.”  And as her small hand grabbed mine I smiled and cried in the dark, thanking my lucky stars that these little people know, really know, how much they’re loved.

5. Morning. Waking up to an eyeball and a giggle, a million questions and  exclamations of, “He came! Pops (on the couch) wake up! Santa came! Look at our stockings! He ate the cookies! The milk is gone!” and racing through the house to wake everyone up and share the news.

Hand-made blankies from Nana

Hand-made blankies from Nana

To celebrate Jesus’ birthday with one big party and hearing: “Can I open this next?” “Thank you Uncle H for the gifts” “This one’s from me!” “Nana this is so much fun” “Thank you Daddy, I love you so much” “Thank you Pops” and lastly, “we miss Frankie, too.”

Presents and presents and presents

Presents and presents and presents

Mini-Mousing it

Mini-Mousing it

I think Frankie and others were with us; see the Orbs up the stairs?

I think Frankie and others were with us; see the Orbs up the stairs?

A big breakfast together, a bit of time to play and then came time for clothes & boots, jackets zipped and off to Mommy’s for round two.  A big winter’s nap for the rest of us and what lingered .. was love.

The Hooligans lurking in my kitchen .. waiting for French Toast and sausage, bacon and eggs, ham and juice and ... and ... and

My two Hooligans lurking in the kitchen .. waiting for French Toast and sausage, bacon and eggs, ham and juice and … and … and

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
― Angela Schwindt

Care to share your Random 5 from Christmas 2013?

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Inside the snow globe

Call me crazy but I love snow.

Fresh snow.

Fluffy snow.

like Buttercream frosting all over the yard; an emjayandhtem photo

like Buttercream frosting all over the yard; an emjayandthem photo

Falling snow.

Drifting snow.

I love snow.

dollops of fresh snow; an emjayandthem photo

dollops of fresh snow; an emjayandthem photo

I love the promise of new snow, the strength in heavy snow, and the crunchy, crunch crunch of seasoned old snow.

I love snow.

We face the west; an emjayandthem photo

We face the West; an emjayandthem photo

One of the best things I love about snow?  When I’m inside the snow globe looking out!

How about you? Any snow in your neck-of-the-woods?

* * * *

“All seasons have something to offer” – Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

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