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Random 5 Friday ~ Summer, Strawberries and Silliness

It’s Friday & it’s time for 5 Random thoughts ~ here we go:

1 )  June 1st and our grand-kids last day of school ~ Summer break begins.  I don’t know about you but we had to go through most of June to make it to Summer Break.    Usually the end of school year involved a class trip and, on the way home, a stop at McDonalds:  Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-sauce-on-a-sesame-seed-bun – Imagine a bus full of kids singing that at full volume!  So good – and back when a fast food burger actually tasted like the commercial made it look.

2 )  Earlier this week, at a county meeting, I chatted with a Community official who has been a bit of a “Grumpy Grumperson” at prior meetings.  Not that day.  Seems she’s retiring in August, selling her house, bought an R.V. at a “old folks park” in New Mexico – she’s packing her books, Daisy, her 3 yr old German Shepherd, and heading out. Said she’s raised 4 boys as a single mother and its now her time — when someone asked what her kids thought her response was “the Best Western near me charges $49 a night … they can come see me and stay there.” And, she confided, on the way to the parking lot, that she’s not taking social security ’till she turns 66, in the meantime “I’ll live on coffee, books, my house proceeds and walks with my dog.”   🙂    The experience reminded me how freeing and necessary it is to take leaps of faith and to remember that ~ people – and their moods – are often just a reflection of current circumstances.

3 )  A couple of months ago I decided to invest in a personal cell phone ~ I was tired of being “on call” for my job, often muttering “I’m not a Fireman,” under my breath.  (Some of that was my own doing, I’ll admit).  So I enacted my own secret brand of mutiny and subscribed to cell service, transferred personal numbers over and asked my (short) list of contacts (family, friends, Dr., Dentist, etc) to please contact me at that number instead.  Yesterday,  while at work, I set my personal phone to airplane mode to save the battery and missed calls from Hubbs.  He called my work cell to ask – why do you have a personal cell?   Moments like this remind me how absurd I can be and how much like  her I am. 

4)  When I think of June I think of my 2 favorite fruits:  Strawberries and Watermelon.   Any “diet” will tell state that both are high in carbs.   Don’t care.  I’m not a big sweets eater but my favorite dessert always has been the one Mom made for my June birthday: Strawberry Shortcake – garden fresh strawberries, in their juice, with home-made whipped cream dolloped over Angel Food cake.  (Remember cake soaking up some of that “juice?” oh man!)   And while Watermelon wasn’t ready till mid summer – the start of June meant it was coming soon.  Family cookouts, birthdays, and barbecues were not complete without several slices of watermelon (don’t eat the green you’ll get a stomach-ache!!) and the juice running down our arms … we’d sit outside to slurp it down, wipe our hands on our shorts and run off into the summer night to play Hide N Seek or Kick-the-Can.  Pretty sure the carbs in both fueled us for hours ~ So many good summer memories, ahh!

5 )   Saw this on Facebook and it made me smile ~ are there 2 happier words than “Blanket Fort?”  Maybe “Summer Vacation!” 🙂

What’s new in your world?   When was the last time you laughed at yourself?

Happy Friday, peeps!

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Clan, Tribe, whatever, we need it

Thinking about a recent conversation with Hubbs, I’ve realized who my tribe is:  those whom I can speak openly with. You know the ones: the friends/colleagues/family members who do for you what you’d do for them: accept you, ask your opinion because they want to know, listen, stick up for you, check in on you and cheer loudest when you grow. Those ones.


There’s been a lot going on of late, Mom’s health is a little more stable but she has been hospitalized for several weeks and we’ve had some very close calls where we thought, “this is it.”  She came through that, thankfully, and now we’re starting to talk about next steps. She’s not strong enough to go home, at least not right now.  And that’s a tough reality to face. On a positive note, she’s bright and “with it” and knows what’s up: she’s still got a say and that’s comforting to me.

Little ones are adjusting to their Mom moving away. They’re with their Dad now, our boy, full time.   They’re adjusting but I know the whole household will have some challenges ahead.   We help where we can .. but still, this Nana’s heart is with them always.

First day of school and Daddy did her hair. An Emjayandthem(C) photo

First day of school and Daddy did her hair. An Emjayandthem(C) photo

Our nephew was seriously injured in a fall, he’s healing and will be OK, and we thank God he’s young and healthy.  It was the kind of accident that could have left him permanently injured or dead and just thinking about it makes us shudder.

Still, I look around, and while my tribe isn’t big, it’s good.  It’s cozy and healthy.  And when I’m with them – Hubbs, the boys, a few good friends, certain family members, and you, dear readers, I am reminded that the only answer most of us are looking for is the knowledge that we can live in our truth and eventually things will be just fine.

speak the truth

Who’s in your tribe?  Are you able to let your tribe in when you’re struggling? 

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They’re in our way for a reason

image courtesy of“Your most challenging relationship is also your greatest teacher.”

Do you have someone in your life whose habits or personality force you to speak up for yourself?

To find your voice and speak your truth?  Someone who keeps you on your “A-game?”

You know who I’m referring to because you can picture them now and you’re nodding your head in agreement.

You prepare for interactions.  You anticipate their next move and you might even rehearse conversations.

You’ve gone to battle with them –  in your head.

Again and again, I’m reminded that the people who frustrate me most are the ones who have the most to teach me.

Their behavior flashes like a mirror in the sunlight– and creates opportunities for self-reflection:  to be more patient, more accepting, and more open.

The loud reinforce the power of a softly spoken word.

The pushy make me ask myself, “just what are we rushing to and why do I care?”

The needy give me pause to ponder my own needs and how I’m expressing them.. or not.

The irresponsible prompt me to make more thoughtful choices.

And the selfish serve as a reminder of what I don’t want to be.

They’re in our way for a reason, I think.   Sometimes I can see the lessons; other-times I fail to see them until years later.

Remember …  it takes the sand irritating the oyster to produce a pearl.

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