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Exercise, Having fun and the “To Be” List

They say everything adds up and indeed it does.

In late June I started tracking my steps/normal activity + bouncing regularly on my Rebounder (indoor trampoline).  And no, it was nothing more than a realization that I was sitting too much and moving too little.

  • You won’t get the butt you want sitting on the one you’ve got!  😉

As background, I’ve been bouncing on and off since last Fall, but I finally committed to a regular schedule after joining a “Bounce Daily for 30 Days” challenge in a Rebounding Facebook Group {{ see, there can be good things in FB-land, not just political rants, recipes involving cheese or personality quizzes!}}

My beautiful bouncy Bellicon rebounder!

Since June 21 I’ve amassed 452K steps= 186 miles, and 18 hours of it is just from bouncing!

  • I like keeping track because keeping track keeps me accountable. I also like visuals, stats and bright colors.

But – as has been the norm for most of my adult career life, I get sucked into conference calls, long drives, last minute projects and fire drills … so when I finally arrive at home I’d come in all sloth-like.  I’d give hubby a passing “hi,” stumble my way through supper, slink into a book and head off soon for bed.

Kind of like our friend the Sloth below, moving at the speed of mud:

Not anymore.

With few exceptions, now, after work, I change into “home” workout gear (the not cute kind but no one sees so who cares kind!) – old jersey shorts, a soft tank top, sports bra and light runners (You can bounce barefoot but I have one wayward foot that pronates when I do. I call her Nancy. ).  I put my hair up, set a timer, crank up the tunes …. and work my way backwards – Example:

  • A Kitchen timer is typically set for 45 minutes
    • (When I started I could barely do 7 minutes. 45 mins is 6x that – SHAZAM!)
  • Before I know it the 35 minute mark comes around.
    • While I’m bouncing to Barry White, Al Green or Elvis Presley, in a blink there’s just 20 minutes to go.
  • 20 Minutes! Meh – here comes Tom Petty, The Temptations, Three Dog Night,  Mandisa or The Beatles
    • Soon only 7 minutes remain. …. what’s that you say?
  • 7 minutes? Heck that’s 2 songs . .. Rock N Roll!
    • Beep beep, timer chirps and I’m bouncing, sweaty, smiling and happy;
      • You’re welcome for the tour of the Olympic Stadium housing my mind games! 

But, here’s the thing – those little mind games work.

Every. Single.  Time.

Because rather than announcing that I’ll “get 20 minutes in” … like it’s a hill to climb on the boring old dreadmill (that I’d likely skip) instead I imagine myself at the top of the curving hill … bouncing my way on down.  Yay!

Rebounding is THIS MUCH fun!

While bouncing I experience the following:

  • Thinking, remembering and plotting
  • Losing myself in a song,
  • Laughing to a memory,
  • Gnashing through a mistake
  • Marveling at my endurance, coordination and strength
  • Smiling loudly, sorting stuff out, thinking ahead
  • Daydreams
  • Epiphanies ping-ponging past me

See, it was while bouncing that I glanced at my 2018 Vision Board — the same one my Inner Lizard had harped at me to take down.   I heard her biting remarks – it’s soooo stupid, nothing’s gonna change, take it down, it looks like a grade-school girl made it … etc etc etc.

Then I read it again.

And with my hair flying,  my face sweaty and everything I had in full bounce, I might have cried just a little when I recognized six key words I’d cut out of a magazine last December:


2018 Vision Board coming to life

So I ask you: is the exercise you’re doing fun?   Because if you’re not having fun I’m guessing you’re not doing it. Or you won’t be doing it (whatever “it” is) much longer.

It’s time to mix it up, I double-dog dare ya! And write a “To Be” list while you’re at it 🙂

*** What's on your "to be" list?*** 
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Cover the world with imagination

Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon.  A happiness weapon.  A beauty bomb.  And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one.  It would explode high in the air – explode softly – and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air.  Floating down to earth – boxes of Crayolas.  And we wouldn’t go cheap, either – not little boxes of eight.  Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right inWith silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest.  And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination.”  ~Robert Fulghum


Maybe ...

Sometimes …

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours finding $.69 and $.99 mp3 songs to download from Amazon. Oh the fun I had as one song took me to another … Yes there were tasks “to do” and no, they didn’t all get accomplished.  The smile on my face and the song on my lips was enough.

When’s the last time you did something that delighted you? What was it?

humming along now.

humming along now.


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R5F ~ All you need is love

It’s Friday.  Thank goodness!  And with that, here are my 5 Random thoughts :).

1. Why is it that a full work week after just a few days off feels like the longest week ever?    It’s like we jammed 10 lbs of potatoes into a 2lb sack, not kidding. Long days, lots of meetings and trips coupled with all the “to-dos” of this time of year left me reeling.

Made it to Friday!

Made it to Friday!

2. Text reminders.  It’s the end of the year so I’m jamming in Doctor and Dentist appointments while I can.  Now I receive multiple text messages to confirm my appointments and to remind me of my appointments, too. All so I can arrive early and wait for the Doctor or Dentist who is always … running behind.  Maybe the office staff should text them. Grr.

3.  Started Christmas shopping last Sunday and took today off to finish it.  I’m hoping for an absence of crowds and looking forward to lunch with a good friend whom I rarely see. And if we run over and the shopping doesn’t get done today, so be it. 🙂

Olive Garden - soup, salad and breadsticks - yum!

Olive Garden – soup, salad and breadsticks – yum!

4. Speaking of Christmas we had our office Holiday luncheon yesterday ~ about 20 of us went to one of those Hibachi restaurants where the chef cooks in front of you and tosses samples your way.  The food was delicious, the camaraderie was great but I’m not a seal and this girl is not diving for broccoli.

Just say no.  Photo from

Just say no. Photo from

5.  Reading the above, I’m sounding snarky. One of my employees recently introduced me to Willy Chirino, a Cuban-born entertainer who covers The Beatles with a Salsa-funk sound.   It was a great reminder that no matter the day, all we need is love.

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Two for Tuesday

Care to play along?  On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

Care to play along? On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

I’ve been on a theme-kick lately for my blog and I know why.

Life. It’s busy.  Work – crazy.  Home – a steady dose of “to-do’s.”

I rarely have time to stop, let alone think.  It’s coming, I know, but it’s not here yet.  Example:  At work, my team is 80 days from the end of a year-long project but 100 from the start of another.  Deep breath!

So, with that, here’s my 2-for-Tuesday:

1. We waited until the peonies were in full bloom to scatter old dog’s ashes.

This year's peonies are glorious! An Emjayandthem (C) photo

This year’s peonies are glorious! An Emjayandthem (C) photo

So now he’s in amongst the fleurs – because as a Ferdinand-dog, he liked to sniff them. He was sophisticated like that.  He’s also in the hedges and down along the patio where we grill, one of his all time favorite spots.   Chipmunks be warned, the gangsta is back!

Pet lovers will understand, others will think I’ve lost it, but having him with us is a source of comfort and yes, I still miss that silly old hound.

an impression of Mr. Bear's paw; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

an impression of Mr. Bear’s paw; an Emjayandthem (C) photo

2.  Saw this the other day and instantly the song was in my head.  Does that ever happen to you?

humming along now.

humming along now.


Happy Tuesday, peeps! I’m off to the State Capital to hobb-knobb with the big dawgs :).

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Silly love songs

Ever hear a random song that takes you right back to your youth?

There’s many that do that to me. Dr. Hook’s: “Only Sixteen.”  The Carpenter’s “Close to you.” Peter Frampton’s “Baby I love your way.”

But one that catches me singing along every time, is this one:

And what’s wrong with that? I need to know? Cause here I go …. again ….

What song(s) take you back?

P.S. Did Linda have a gullet (girl-mullet)?

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Four hundred children and a crop in the field

Poor Kenny; ole Lucille picked a fine time to leave him, didn’t she? Except for the fact that the song lyrics were actually, “four hungry children and a crop in the field.”

I remember riding my 5 speed along a dirt country road, my face in the wind, braids in my hair, and belting out all the popular hits of the time.  I loved to sing, and I still do, except that, most of the time I had the words … all wrong.


“There’s a Bathroom on the right”  oops .. it’s really “There’s a Bad moon on the rise…” (Bad Moon Rising, by Credence Clearwater Revival AKA CCR)

Who could forget “The girl with Colitis goes by..”  Um that’s the “Girl with kaleidoscope eyes,” from the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (later sang by Elton John.)

Speaking of … I remember crooning “Hold me closer, Tony Danza!” except that the words were actually,”Hold me closer Tiny Dancer” from Elton’s “Tiny Dancer.”  Oops.  Hey … who wouldn’t want Tony Danza to hold ’em closer? I’m

Tony Danza .. hubba hubba (image from Facebook)

just saying …

In hindsight, I committed many a “Mondegreen” (for more, click the link).

It doesn’t happen as often now .. but still I still feel a pinch of embarrassment when I realize that a song I love and have been singing along to ….I’ve been  singing with the wrong words all this time.  Somehow though, I am sure I’m not alone.

Here’s some vintage Kenny with the lyrics to back me up; an interesting side note, my parents took us to see Kenny Rogers and the First Edition in concert.  I think I was around 8 or 9.  I remember reading every detail in the programme, how much I enjoyed the concert  (“Something’s burning…and I think it’s LOVE..!”) and how handsome I thought he was .. for an “old” man.  Ha!

How about you?  Ever realized … 10, 20, 30 years AFTER the fact that the song you’ve been singing along to doesn’t exist as you sing it?  🙂

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You say it’s your birthday …

This is how old I feel today (that's me in about grade 4); an emjayandthem photo

and it is! It’s my birthday today! Whee!

And, at 48, I still love birthdays.  Mine & everyone else’s!

I know, I know. It seems childish but .. isn’t that the best part?

Last night, our youngest boy asked, “So Mom, when you’re older, do you still get excited about birthdays?” And I thought for a second, laughed and replied, “Of course!”   He countered with “Yeah that phone’s gonna ring all night long!”

And is that a bad thing?

I think not.

We went on to speculate how sad it would be to be all alone, to have no one who remembered, or cared enough to say so. The look on his face told me he couldn’t agree more.

Growing up, birthdays were a time to gather the family, have a wienie roast, a handful of chips, maybe a pop, and a big slab of home-made cake with iced cream on top.  Having a summer birthday meant a party near the end of school (we didn’t finish up until around now at my Canadian school).  It meant longer days and nice weather and Grandma and Grandpa visiting, he in a buttoned down shirt and she in a pretty pantsuit and jewelry. It meant Aunts and Uncles, cousins and friends and a $5 spot in a card. It meant three legged races, running through the sprinkler and opening presents wrapped in tissue paper.

You say it’s your birthday … and it is. 🙂

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